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J. D. Longstreet

We knew this day would eventually come. And now it is here and we have the wrong person in the Oval Office to deal with it.

The UN is demanding that their rules and regs take precedence over the US Constitution. See, that’s what happens when you sign a democratic nation onto a socialist organization and join the company of a slew of representatives from countries ruled by tin-pot dictators. There is a parable in the Bible that speaks of this sort of thing. It is an old, old expression which, if I can paraphrase here, goes something like this: “A little leaven… leavens the whole lot.” In other words… a little evil in a group makes the entire group evil. Or said, yet, another way, “one evil person in an organization makes the entire organization evil.” In today’s vernacular it means, simply: “ guilt by association.”

We have no love for the UN. In fact we’d like to see it disbanded, the building torn down, and the land it was sitting upon plowed under and sown with salt to prevent anything from growing there.

One of the reasons we pushed so hard for the election of a conservative president in 2008 was because we feared a liberal president would submit the US to UN rule. And what do you know? We got a President who bows to the king of a desert full of sand dunes… and, oh, yeah, oil.

Many conservatives warned of the dangers of the election of a liberal President and pointed out this very possibility… that the election of a liberal President in 2008, was to be avoided unless, of course, the people of America were in favor of the US being run by the UN!

Well, that day has arrived and I have absolutely no reservations in predicting that the current president of the US will fold to the UN like a cheap suit.

So what has brought us to this sorry place in history? Well, a few days ago, the U.N.'s top anti-torture envoy said the U.S. is obligated by a United Nations convention to prosecute Bush administration lawyers who allegedly drafted policies that approved the use of harsh interrogation tactics against terrorism suspects. The “convention” he is speaking of is “The U.N. Convention Against Torture.”

In the spirit of full disclosure, allow me to explain my own stance on the US using torture on terrorists. If torture will get us the information we need to stop an attack on Americans anywhere in the world, and keep American families safe, I have no problem with it. We are dealing with people who would slit the throats of your children and stand over their bodies and laugh!

Alright, here is the crux of the current matter: The UN wants to prosecute those Bush Administration Justice Department officials who wrote memos that defined torture and who assured CIA officials that their use of certain tactics was legal.

I have to ask… is our President going to allow another entity to try US citizens for expressing an opinion? An opinion asked for by their employer, the President of the United States? Oh, yes! There is the implied threat that if the US does not prosecute those lawyers and other experts for giving an opinion they were asked to give by their President, they will be tried by another entity “abroad”, which is simply another way of saying they intend to try US citizens in a court of law in another country for something they did, which the accusers believe was a crime, in THIS country! Now this is where a REAL Commander-in-Chief would begin rattling sabres and mentioning that three letter word… WAR. Yes, this is where Obama should be saying: “Look, you try dragging one of our citizens before a court in any country charged with a crime they committed in the US, if, indeed, it was a crime, then we will use the full might of the US military to stop you, your country, and the UN, if necessary.

And NO, we’re not going to hear that because our socialist president believes in “global governance”… or a one-world government, which sublimates the US constitution to the United Nations.

Exactly what the UN Representative is saying is that the 145 other countries who are co-signers of that particular UN Convention have an obligation to arrest any of those accused, if they are found within their jurisdiction, and return then to the US, under arrest, IF the US guarantees it will try them. If the US does not agree to try them then those 145 countries have an obligation to try the accused themselves. Is that clear enough for you? You can read the entire story HERE.

One can say what one will about the Bush Administration, and Lord knows there was a lot I did not agree with them on, but there is one thing for which I will be forever in their debt, and that is for keeping my family, and my country, safe from any more terrorist attacks after 9-11.

It seems to me that for the current President to allow any sort of condemnation of the men and women who did everything they could to prevent further death and destruction on America’s shores is nothing short of ingratitude to the nth degree. Not to mention the damage it does to “trust” among presidential advisors in the future when asked to give the President a frank and honest opinion on, well, ANY subject. How can advisors EVER trust the President, or the Congress ever again? The honest answer is they cannot.

This matter is a “Pandora’s Box” best left unopened. But an inexperienced President with, unfortunately, a “Messiah” complex has opened it and now it cannot be closed.

As we have noted before in this column, the UN seems ever ready to undermine the only nation keeping them afloat monetarily, rushes in to accuse the US of every kind of evil, because in our opinion the UN is jealous of the superpower status of the US. How utterly ridiculous! How very like the UN!

The UN, as we have said often in this column, is hopelessly broken. It cannot be repaired. The UN is finished. I, for one, bid the UN “goodbye and good riddance”. I would happily stand on the docks of New York Harbor and wave, gleefully, as the ship bearing the entire UN entourage, slips eastward over the horizon. What a wonderful thought.

In the meantime, the US, it seems, must continue to do the UN’s job as they are completely incapable of taking care of themselves… let alone policing the world’s trouble spots.

Many Americans are growing extremely tired of financing that nest of ne’er do wells and we’d like to see it fold up and go away. It is long past time for the US to pull out of the UN and allow the demise of that sad, arrogant, impotent, and disappointing organization.

J. D. Longstreet


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