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Netanyahu ~vs~ Obama, Iran, et al ... by: J. D. Longstreet

Netanyahu ~vs~ Obama, Iran, et al

By: J. D. Longstreet

Finally there is a man in power in a nation on this planet with the intestinal fortitude (the guts!) to make darn sure Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon. I speak, of course, of Benjamin Netanyahu the new Prime Minister of Israel.

The question being asked, even whispered, around DC, the European capitals, and in Israel itself is: “Will Netanyahu attack Iran?” Well, Netanyahu, himself, has said the following: "I promise that if I am elected, Iran will not acquire nuclear arms, and this implies everything necessary to carry this out,” Sounds like he will attack Iran to me. Good for Bibi!

Politicos the world over are “pretty much” satisfied that Netanyahu, as Israel’s Prime Minister, certainly brings Israel closer to war with Iran. With Ehud Barak by his side in the venture, and with the conclusion by both men, that sanctions against Iran will not work and diplomacy with Iran is worth absolutely nothing, the only option left, it seems to this scribe, is force of arms. A military attack. With the socialist, Obama, at the helm of America, that leaves Israel as the only nation on the planet with the cajones to do what should have already been done and that is a military attack to either take out, or set back, Iran’s nuclear aspirations.

Reports, coming out of the Middle East, say that European governments are already making plans and, in some cases, even practicing getting their citizens out of Iran in the event Israel does attack. There are some in the media and in the various diplomatic communities of European nations who feel that unless the US OK’s Israel’s attack on Iran, the attack will not go forward. I have news for them. Unless Mr. Netanyahu has had a complete change of personality in the past few years, he will not allow Obama’s cajoling, or threats, to deter him from a mission he sees as absolutely necessary for Israel’s survival.

Everyone knows, or should know, that Israel cannot survive a nuclear attack by Iran. Not for very long, afterwards, in any event. Considering the high degree of Antisemitism against the Jews in Europe (even after Hitler’s death camps and 6 million dead Jews) Europe cannot be depended upon to save the Jews or even lend a hand in saving the Jews, and, considering also the Obama administration’s quite obvious favoring of the Islamic nations that have sworn the extermination of Israel, Israel has little choice but to hit Iran with everything she has… including her own nuclear arsenal, if necessary, just to insure Israel’s survival.

Everyone who has studied the coming operation are fairly certain it will be a suicide mission for the Israeli forces taking part in the raid. The Israeli Air Force can get TO Iran, but those aircraft crews surviving the raid have a slim, if any chance, of getting back to Israel. Israel’s fighter/bomber aircraft can’t carry enough fuel, and the ordinance necessary to do the job, and get back without refueling. They are short on tanker aircraft for in-air refueling and reports say the US will not loan them enough tankers for the raid. Unless Israel has managed, in their inimitable way, to, somehow, get hold to some extra tanker aircraft, those planes and pilots will go down before ever regaining the borders of Israel.

If the Israeli attack planes choose to take the shortest route to Iran it will take them through Iraqi airspace. The question now is whether American aircraft will be ordered to shoot down the Israeli planes en route to and/or from Iran. The bomber aircraft will be shepherded by Israeli fighter aircraft flying cover for them. They may find that they have no choice but to take on the US planes in air combat over Iraq in order for, at least SOME of the Israeli bombers to get through to Iran. God forbid such a scenario should occur, If it does… I feel certain contingency plans for that eventuality have been drawn up and rehearsed by the Israeli Air Force.

Israel is fighting for her life and, in my less than humble opinion; she is also fighting for the lives of many a European family, not to mention American interests all over that region. It is my deeply held conviction that Israel has every right to exist as a nation and she has every right to remove a threat to her continued existence. If Obama orders US forces to fire on Israeli aircraft he will answer to God for his actions, first and foremost, and to the American people many of whom see Israel as, quite possibly, the only real friend we have in that part of the world.

As an American, I am deeply embarrassed that my own government would dare leave it’s client state, Israel, alone to carry out what will likely become a suicide mission for those brave Israeli pilots and aircrews without America’s assistance. It is unconscionable. Yet, it appears that is exactly what will happen. A few US tanker aircraft aloft, and loitering at some strategic coordinates along Israel’s route to and from Iran would save at least SOME of the Israeli pilots and aircrews and allow for a longer time over the target for the bomber aircraft. In short, it would make the mission far more successful and just might negate the necessity of a second, or even third, strike against the Iranian nuclear facilities.

In any event, this is a mission that must be undertaken. If Israel does, in fact, make the raid, the world will be in Israel’s debt for a very, very, long time.

J. D. Longstreet

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