Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is the Fairness Doctrine coming to the INTERNET?

Is the Fairness Doctrine coming to the INTERNET?

We have warned of this as a possibility for a very long time now. It seems we conservative bloggers are giving the lefties a hard time and, anytime that happens, they bring down their mailed fist in an attempt to destroy anyone who disagrees with THEIR socialist philosophy.

You can read the latest on this at World Net Daily
HERE. Oh, and you naughty people who send those angry e-mails must have hurt some lefties feelings, ‘cause they want to make you stop! You are a really mean person, bullying people, and all!! So they have an answer for that, too. That is to refuse to allow you to send an angry e-mail for 24 hours. That’s covered in the same story at World Net Daily. Click the link above and see what we are going on about.

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