Thursday, February 15, 2007

MORE USless Dollar Coins!

Back on December the 14th of 2005, I posted the article below. Today the US Government released those dreaded new presidential dollar coins on the US Public. I truly hope the budget at Treasury has enough residual to lease more warehouses to store those uncirculated coins along side the Susan B, Anthony and Sacagawea duds! By the way, the new coins released today are the same size and color as the Sacagawea coins. Longstreet

Oh, No! More Dollar Coins!

The US Treasury is about to find themselves in need of more storage space for dollar coins. Most of the Susan B. Anthony dollar coins, and the Sacagawea dollar coins, are stacked up in warehouses the Treasury Department leases for that purpose.

The US public has told the US government, flat out, twice now, that we do not want, nor will we accept a dollar coin for any purpose other than as a collector’s item. But, the airheads in Congress and the Treasury Department still foist the cussed things on us.

Now comes word that in 2007 the Treasury Department will release a whole new set of dollar coins. These coins will have the images of the 37 dead Presidents of the United States on them.

Reports say that Treasury plans to release the dollar coins much as they did the 50 state quarters, four at a time, until all the Presidents are used up. Again, collectors will snap them up and citizens will get them to give as gifts to grand children, and such, and that will be it. As soon as that particular market is flooded with dollar coins the remainder will need space for storage alongside the other dumb ideas to come out of Treasury and the Congress.

Look, men carry coins in their pockets. It is not uncommon for a man to get almost a pound of coins in his pocket in a matter of a few days. It’s heavy. It’s a pain to carry that extra weight around. Does the government really think men are going to add to the pocket burden with a dollar coin? Its nuts!

I’ll be returning those coins back to checkout clerks, and banks, as soon as I come into possession of them. I’d rather have quarters than a single dollar coin in my pockets. When possible, I’ll ask for a dollar bill in return.

These new dollar coins signals an attempt, in the not too distant future, to retire the one-dollar bill. I sincerely hope that retirement of the one-dollar bill will be vigorously protested by the American public.



Frank said...

I think the point is to get people to "collect" them, heck i have a couple of each type, but the rest I take and get bills for, $50.00's or $100.00 's. Back on point, using these to take money off the market..... The treasury department could pay me to spend errr store them.....

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with dollar coins IF they're attractive!

These things look like arcade tokens.

Come on U.S. mint, you can do better than that!!!!

Make me PROUD to have something like these coins in my possession.

Anonymous said...

I've used the GW coins. The writing on the side makes it simple to identify. Funny thing is, these coins have actually helped me reduce my change, although this is really due to the fact that I now have a dollar to pay closer to the exact amount of the purchase! For me, I am currently enjoying spending something different. I'll see how I feel in a few moths or by the end of the year and whether I still enjoy it.