Monday, February 26, 2007

Israel to Overfly Iraq to Strike Iran?

Israel to Overfly Iraq to Bomb Iran???

Open warfare with Iran is just over the horizon. We can’t see it yet, but it’s coming.

The British newspaper “Telegraph” ran a story over the weekend in which it said that Israel was in negotiations with the US to allow Israel an air corridor over Iraq so Israeli jets could attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

You’ll find the story here:

You know, it is difficult for the western mind to understand the fatalism of the Iranians, especially the Iranian leaders. They are not stupid men. Ignorant of the western mind, perhaps. But certainly not stupid. Yet, Standing beneath a steel hailstorm of bunker busting bombs, probably nuclear bunker busters, certainly smacks of stupid!

There is going to be a strike on Iran. As sure as the sun rises in the east, it’s coming. It will probably be a joint effort of Israel and the US. (In some manner and in some configuration of troops, combat, and air and naval assets.) Iran has had this attack coming since the Carter Administration when they overran our Embassy in Teheran and took our diplomats hostage. (Hey, I’m a Southerner! We have long memories… and where slights have been committed against us we NEVER forget!)

So, now that Iran will be fortifying her western border with Iraq, where will the Israeli attack come from??? The Iranians must be pulling their hair out wondering the same thing. My guess is from the sea. Right through their front door. The US has two carrier task forces (or groups) on station in the Gulf even now. So, it’s not like the IAF will not have back up. The US Armada will know those aircraft in the dark sky overhead with no IFF squawking are Israeli aircraft. If the Iranians switch off their IFF the Israeli’s have only but to turn theirs own. The US fleet will have foreknowledge of the coded signal those squawk boxes will be sending. In all likelihood the US fleet will open fire on the Iranian aircraft surmising that they are under attack. That’s called “self-defense”!

I’m sure all this has been worked out and planned and even rehearsed. But, most likely, the IAF will do something completely different and totally unexpected. They are past masters at the art of surprise attacks and black ops raids. I have received eyewitness reports of IAF aircraft, fully loaded with the munitions one would need on a bombing mission, sitting on the tarmac of friendly airbases around the Med. Obviously, the IAF is rehearsing SOMETHING!

Iran is due no more warning. It is time to stop talking to Iran. They are only buying time with all the talk. It’s time now for action.

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