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An Honorable Nation Doesn’t Do This!

An Honorable Nation Doesn’t Do This!


Those of us who served in the United States Military, in any capacity, during the Vietnam War, swore we would not stand by and see this nation do to it’s Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, ever again, what it did to them by Washington’s micro managing a war, thousands of miles away, causing needless deaths of American troops, and finally, by Washington’s cowardly, dishonorable, act of forcing a US retreat from that theatre of war. US forces won every battle, yet, they were forced, by the civilian government here at home, to abandon the field to the enemy. 54,000, plus, Americans died needlessly. Hundreds of thousands of Southeast Asians died in the war and in the months and years after the US tucked it’s tail between it’s legs and crawled under the porch.

The US Military went into a deep depression after that debacle, which lasted until the First Gulf War. The Armed Forces had been politicized. For one brief, shining, moment, in the ‘90’s they threw off that blue funk and cleaned Saddam’s clock. The American Left, aided and abetted by the Left Wing Media, could not allow America to have a strong military for long, however, and the campaign to destroy the US military began, in earnest, once again. And they have nearly succeeded in gutting the military might of this country.

Today, we stand at the brink of committing, quite probably, the most cowardly thing this country has ever done, at least, since Vietnam. The Left has managed to castrate America. We are about to demonstrate, for all the world, that America’s word is worth nothing, that America cannot be counted on when the going gets rough, and that America is, indeed, a paper tiger. Do not deceive yourselves, our enemies are watching and they are taking notes. They now know that what they suspected is true! Make America bleed and she will run!

There is no solid Conservative leadership in our Congress or the White House. In fact, there is virtually NO leadership, of ANY kind, in Washington. And, to make matters worse, there is no STRONG LEADER among those offering themselves as candidates for President… from either party.

So, where are the leaders America needs? Oh, they’re here. Only… they will not offer themselves for public office simply because they do not wish to be tainted by the foulness of our political system and they do not wish to associate with those persons of low reputation we have in political office in the nation’s legislature. Add to that the fact that they do not want their lives, nor the lives of their families, destroyed by the Mainstream Media’s sneering criticism, and cynicism, and mud slinging. Politics, which used to be an honorable profession, has been dragged down to it’s lowest common denominator by the current crop of serving politicians. As a result, honorable men and women will have nothing to do with politics, especially national politics.

The two main political parties in the US have melded together and now… there is virtually no difference between them. Conservatives are leaving the GOP in droves. The Republican Party took our votes and sold us out. What we have in Washington now is a hodge-podge of Leftist, Socialists, Marxists, Centrists, and so-called Moderates. The Congress is a pathetic, testosterone challenged, mess! It is so bad… it is dangerous to America.

Which brings me right back to where I began this article.

Look, I’m from the "Old School". I still believe that HONOR means something. I believe that honor, above all else, is important for a man or woman to have and to cherish. It is a “Good Name”. It is a “Good Reputation”. It requires that one strives attempt to do the right thing, at the right time, and for the right reason. Unfortunately, these days, one has to define honor for the Baby Boomer Generation. Somewhere, along the way, they apparently decided it wasn’t worth the effort it takes to maintain one’s honor.

Now look at the “leaders” in Congress. They stroke each other by referring to each other as “the honorable gentleman” or “the honorable gentlewoman”, etc. Pin them down and they can’t even define it!

And THAT, dear reader, is what has led us to this moment in the illustrious history of this “once-great nation”. Simply put: Honor is everything. Without honor… you have nothing. And, that is what we have in the US government... nothing!

Honorable men, and women, would not insist upon shaming the worlds’ most elite military. Honorable men, and women, would not insist upon shaming this country. Honorable men and women simply would not do that. Yet, that is what they proudly pronounce to the world they intend to do!

And I do not see it getting any better in the future.

So… what now?

We can’t see the future. We can, however, draw some conclusions about where this country is going to wind up. It is fair to say, I believe, that we are no longer a “super power”. We do not deserve to have the title. We will not accept the responsibility that goes with it. We are no longer a world leader. We have decided to cede leadership to spineless “has been” countries and to spineless, gutless, socialist organizations such as the United Nations. A super power does not ask permission of other countries, or any single organization to protect itself. But, somehow, today, those people who hold the positions of power in this country have decided they do not want the responsibility and they have allowed it to pass to those far less able than the US.

We are quickly becoming a second rate power, politically and militarily. We are definitely a nation in decline. We are a leaderless nation. We are stumbling around like a blind giant doing more harm to ourselves than to our enemies. China will soon overtake us as the leading super power in the world.

What a shame, what a waste, and...what a disappointment we must be to Providence.


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Frank said...

Congress isn't retreating. Remember "Mission Accomplished"? Well they just want to hold Bush to that. We can't and shouldn't police Iraq's civil war. What never should have happened was we never should have went there in the first place. Iraq had Nothing to do with 9/11, no WMD, no ties to terrorists, nothing can justify us going there in the first place. When the report on Iraq's WMD programs got to the UN security coucil, before they were ever opened, it was taken to Washington and over 8,500 pages were removed, pages that inplicated the US (Regan and Bush 1) and american companies in the selling of weapons to Sadam to begin with. The only reasons we went to Iraq was to get our troops out of Saudi Arabia, because that is what Osama demanded after 9/11, if Bush wouldn't have capitulated to Osama, a mad man of our own creating then we'd have events like 9/11 again and again until we did get our troops out, and to help all the war time profiteering companies in this countrty, Haliburton, Honeywell, GE, Lockheed Martin, etc.