Saturday, February 17, 2007

Non-Binding Resolution Fails in US Senate!

The non-bind resolution against the war in Iraq failed in the US Senate Saturday, 2-17-07.

There were 56 votes in favor of the resolution and 34 votes against it. 60 votes were needed for it to pass.

Conservatives take note: The Republican Senators voting for the resolution were: John Warner of Virginia, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, Susan Collins of Maine, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Gordon Smith of Oregon, Olympia Snowe of Maine, and Norm Coleman of Minnesota.

Remember these names! Rememebr what they have done! Be sure that our troops know of this... and who, EXACTLY, voted FOR this resolution in both the US House and the US Senate.

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anthony said...

I don't quite understand...

voting against the war on a resolution that has no power means you hate your country and the troops at war?

Longstreet said...

"I don't quite understand...

voting against the war on a resolution that has no power means you hate your country and the troops at war?"
Anthony: It is a slap in the face to the troops and to the country. Plus, it gives "aid and comfort to the enemy!"

I hope you now understand.

Best regards,


Frank said...

Now onwards and upwards with a binding one that ties the hands of W. and possibly strips him of role as Commander in Thief! It's time to get this incompetent clown out of Washington.

Longstreet said...

"... and possibly strips him of role as Commander in Thief! It's time to get this incompetent clown out of Washington."


Gee, Frank. You guys gotta figure out a way to get around that little roadblock called the Constitution first. He IS the Commander in Chief...not the Congress. Plus, if he decides to operate under the War Powers Act, which is federal law, woe be unto the Left.

Frank said...

Plus, if he decides to operate under the War Powers Act, which is federal law, woe be unto the Left.

he is completely incompetent and dishonest. His whole darn regime is. I can't believe the assult he has taken on the constitution of this country, and you still defend him. He lied about why we went to Iraq in the first place him and that "New American Century" nazi group. Maybe congress shouldn't fund it, bring our troops home and let the mercinaries (Black Water) and such do it for free. And let Kelogg group (subsidairy of Haliburton) do it for free as well.... No more war prfiteering by radical right wing facist corporations. Old friend do you really think he is doing a good job, on any issue, or are you just that partisan? It might help if you stop watching all that corporate media crap and watch some independent reporting for a change.

Longstreet said...

Whoa! Carefull picking on the Home Boys, now! (HA) Black Water is home based just a few miles from me. They are hired to do the job we don't have enough military people to do.

Frank, you have followed this site enough to know that I have disagreed with this President on a number of things. A LOT of things, in fact. But I will tell you this... given what I know of the man now... and given the same choices I had in 2000 and 2004, (Gore and Kerry) I'd vote for him again, in a heartbeat.

I DO NOT disagree on the justification for the war. What I disagree with him about, in reference to the war is: I have felt from the git-go that we have not been nearly agressive enough. We should have hit Iraq with everything in the arsenal including nukes. Made an example of them. You come after the US and you will wind up a pile of irradiated rubble. A wasteland.

I do not believe in "Nation Building". We suck at it! I'm not interested in winning hearts and minds. I'm interested in winnig a war. I don't care how we do it... just do it. I don't flinch from torturing the enemy to get the information we need to end the war in our favor. I understand, and I KNOW, the enemy will, in fact, torture our people and have. Whatever we do to them to win this war and bring our troops home victorious and secure the safety of my family and yours... is justified in my book.

Halliburton is only one of two or three companies, worldwide, which provide the services they provide. We had a choice of either using our military to provide those services and taking more men "off the line", out of combat roles, further weakening our already miniscul military, or hiring the job done. The Government chose to hire Halliburton... I believe... the ONLY American company offering such services.

So far as watching and listening to news from Independent Sources,there simply is no such service offered from any broadcast or cable network or print media in existance today. ALL color their reporting depending upon their political leanings. I filter thru news sources, on the Internet, and do the best I can to locate sources which will provide a fairly close semblence of unbiased reporting...but I have yet to find ANY which is totally unbiased.

Frank, I live in a world where black is black and white is white. I don't kid myself into believing, or thinking, that I can sift thru all the nonsense fed us by our government, or our media today. I learned early on, in my broadcast career how the public will is shaped and formed and I vowed never to conform to anyone's will... but my own.

Don't misunderstand. There are times when I make faulty decisions. When that happens I have no one to blame but myself. That mindset got me into all sorts of hot water while I was in school and the military. I carried it over into my life after service and continue to do so today.

I work at being hard for others to catagorise.The one thing I hold to is my conservatism. I did not come from a conservative background. When I went out on my own, I quickly saw that the world did not operate as the liberals preach and dream of. Life is real and very unforgiving. That is why I became a conservative. I came quicky to the realization that for a people to continue to exist they must play the hand they are dealt by Providence and ignore the dreamers on the left forever preaching of a Utopia which has never, does not now, nor ever will, exist. I learned to meet life head on. No quarter asked and none given.

When I leave this life I will do so unapologetically expecting to receive the reward I have earned, whether it be good or bad. I am simply incapable of living any other way.

That is why the posts on this site are provocative and, hopefully, thoughtful. I hope that whether you agree with me, or not, you will leave this site actually thinking about whatever we have discussed here. It is all I can offer. And, I assure you, I will continue to "call them as I see them". Occasionally, you may agree with me. Most of the time you will not... along with the majority of readers. That's fine. I'm not here to convert anyone. Each man and woman will have to chart their own course. I laid mine our decades ago. It has served me well.

As always... best regards!