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Do Conservatives WANT a Democrat to Win in 2008?

Do Conservatives Want a Democrat to Win in 2008?

Conservatives in the US have begun to look at the 2008 election with a new perspective. Before I go on, let me make it clear I am speaking of CONSERVATIVES… not the GOP! What is this new perspective? Well, we are beginning to think that maybe we ought to just get out of the way and allow a democrat to win the Presidency in 2008.

Jonah Goldberg had a column on this very phenomena a few days ago. Even before I read Mr. Goldberg’s column, I had been hearing these whispers among conservatives.

To read Mr. Goldberg’s column go here:,1,7498846.column?coll=la-opinion-rightrail&ctrack=1&cset=true

Conservatives have begun questioning the wisdom of having a GOP or Conservative in the White House after November of 2008. Why? Well, for practical reasons.

The US economy is due for a crash. Maybe not a big one… but a sharp “correction” in any event. We don’t want the blame for that.

Then… there is the more sinister aspect to this approach by conservatives. It is common knowledge that the Democrat Party does not believe the War on Terror is real. For whatever idiotic reason… there it is! As they tool along in their rose colored world, the terrorists are praying to Allah that the Dems win in ‘o8. If, and when, the dems DO win, America’s major cities, will come to resemble Baghdad with the daily car bombings, and mall bombings, and school bombings, and, well, you get the idea.

Conservatives feel that it’s about time the Democrats were mugged by real life. And what is coming down the pike for them is totally unexpected by them. As Mr. Goldberg said in his column the Democrats hate George Bush more than they hate the terrorists. A wake-up call is overdue! As it now appears that US troops will be forced from the Middle East, by the whining democrats, the terrorist attacks in the US are bound to increase tens of tensfold. We conservatives had rather not have a Conservative in the White House when that happens.

Can you imagine how incredulous the Terrorists were when it finally dawned on them that knocking two buildings down and killing 3,000 Americans didn’t even slow the US down! If we are honest with ourselves we will admit this is the truth.

The terrorist struck symbolic targets on their last attack here in the states. (Financial, Government, and Military) They won’t make that mistake again. They have learned that to get America’s attention, they must take their attacks to the American people where they/we live. And they will.

The Democrat Party is not equipped to deal with that. Having avoided reality for as long as the Democrats have, when the inevitable attacks come they will be overwhelmed them.

Conservatives have begun to think, and speak, about these things among themselves. There seems to be some general agreement that maybe a wakeup call is in the offing. Further, conservatives are beginning to accept the idea that even thought attacks on American soil will hurt us, it will be a passing interruption and it just might cause the Democrats to actually face the very real threat, facing America, which they have denied for so long. When that happens, Americans can then confront her enemies with a united front as we have in past wars, save for Vietnam, where the dems learned how to deceive themselves about war and the results of wars unwon.

Me? I’m torn. Like most conservatives I want the Democrat Party to wake up and recognize the Damocles Sword hanging over America’s head. I want them to realize that their hatred of George Bush is harming America at home and abroad, but… I also see the good that COULD come from a slap in the face by reality for the dems.

In the meantime, America will chug along her somewhat less than merry way. Oblivion is the word of the day. The 9-11 attacks are a distant memory and rapidly approaching the status of “myth” for many. Reports written about it for our children’s history books will be so glossed over by political correctness that the true horror of what happened will simply no longer exist.

What have the terrorists learned? Well, for one thing they have learned that a single large attack on America is like a pinprick on the behind of an elephant. It smarts, at the moment, but is quickly forgotten as the elephant continues on its way. Another thing they have learned and, quite likely, an even more important lesson, is that the Democrat Party is on their side. The Democrat Party, whose beliefs are based entirely on emotion, is easily led and easily turned, by the terrorists, to be what we have come to know as… “Useful Idiots”.

What have Conservatives learned? We have learned that maybe we ought to step aside and allow the dems to get mugged by real life.

What have the Democrats learned? Nothing… yet!


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Frank said...

As it now appears that US troops will be forced from the Middle East,
Funny, England pulling troops out is said to be a sign of victory, (By the Bush administration itself). Then I logically conclude that a troop surge is a sign of defeat, to follow the same line of thinking.
What have the Democrats learned?

I have learned that a Democrat defeated Germany, Italy, and Japan in less time than a Neo-con could defeat some insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq. I've also learned that a Catholic Pope could negotiate the end of communism (after a major nuclear catastrophy) in the U.S.S.R., be debriefed by the C.I.A. and a right wing idiot (Reagan) can take all the credit. Oh sir I have learned..... I have also learned of the Iraqi law to put control of Iraq's oil fields (and profits) under control of Exxon Mobiile, BP, and Cheveron for the next 35 yrs. if this scam law gets passed by a duped Iraqi Parliment. I have also learned that we can pay private soldiers 10x's as much as a memeber in the armed forces and those private "soldiers" get the best armor in the world why our real warriors are reinforcing Humvees with plywood and their families qualify for food stamps and our Commander in Thief's budget cuts funding to the V.A. And lastly I have also learned that to a mass of morons teh Roe V Wade question is the most important thing to them adn Rome fell after She (Rome) stopped throwing those type of lunatics to the lions.

Longstreet said...

Frank, those were REAL democrats. Heck, Harry Truman was/is one of my favorite Presidents! This crowd now are not REAL democrats. They are Socialists. Heck, they won't even deny it! We fought a 40 year Cold War with Socialists. Now they are in charge of our government! Haven't you noticed???

When the democrat party adopted the socilaist platform, the republican party, in effect, became the OLD democrat party. The GOP remained that way until recently when the socialist began to make inroads into the Grand Old Party, too. Now, we have a Leftist Party in charge of the government while the minority Party is "moderate to leftist". Where's the difference??? I guess you have noticed that Conservatives are abandoning the GOP in droves. If we have to, we will form our own party and go after the government thu the ballot box. I'm ready to begin that new party today!

One thing is for sure... and history has proved it time and again: socialism and freedom cannot exist in the same place at the same time. It's like "matter" and "anti-matter". There will be an ungodly explosion.

I like you, Frank, and I don't want to see you hurt. But this crowd in DC, that you are supporting now, are going to bring the country down around their ears and ours.

You're a smart guy. Do some digging... and check the past history of socialism. It's dangerous, Frank, extremely dangerous to a free people.

Best regards, ole friend!


Frank said...

You're a smart guy.

Thanks.... that means alot......
I don't quite understand the whole socialist thing though, I always thought socialist nations had no free enterprise, the government owned the businesses. I don't see anyone saying that, Dems. just want to ensure certain things, like clean air, clean water, safe working conditions, over time pay, a decent liveable wage, things to promote a strong middle class which in turn helps both upper and lower class people's, instead of trying to just take care of the top while taking social programs from those, who no fault of their own, are at the bottom, while shifting the tax burden on those in the middle. If those in the bottom can get assistance (education, career training) to get decent jobs to get in the middle, and those in the middle have a little more diposable income, they will purchase goods and services from those at the top and fill their coffers and some spill over will help those at the bottom and middle in turn. More of a symbionic relationship or "Trilateral" existance, rather than a "Hurray for me and screw you" mentality. If that is socialism, sorry, but like a lepoard I can't change my spots.

Longstreet said...

Using the power of Big Government to attain those ends is the problem. Like Reagan, I believe government is not the answer, it is the problem.

I am of the opinion that the federal government ought to be miniscule. The states should run their own affairs with the federal government looking after such things as security. After all, it was the states who created the federal government in the first place. It was to have been sort of a benign overseer. The states were not to be subject to the overseerer as each state was sovreign exercising supreme authority within the boundaries of their states. As we see, that is not what has happened. The federal government rules over all 50 states and they do so under the guise of a benvolent dictator. They claim to exercise their power (power which they assumed, power which was not granted them under the Constitution)for the "welfare of the people".

As a conservative, I want the US to return to the original Constitution. I'm what has been called an "originalist". Return the Federal government to it's small, unimposing, position and allow the people of the states to be free to make and enforce their own laws and live as they like.

An example: The pro-abortion/pro-life issue would not be an issue at all. Some states would allow abortion and some would not. If someone in a state which did not allow abortion wanted one, that person could travel to a state where abortion was legal and have it done. It would not be one of the defining issues of our day.

Seems to me we have tied ourselves into a Gordian Knot with the all powerful Federal government. Now we have two major political parties continually vying to see which one will run all 50 states! Does that make sense to you, to anyone? Whether it does, or not, that is what we have.

As a conservative that just grinds on me. The US has become the country our ancestors fled from!

Using thr power of the Federal governmet to force a kind of equality on the people... is socialism. It pre-supposes that a certain group of people are more knowledgable about the people's wants and desires... and their needs, than the people themselves. Without fail those who have that power have assumed it. The US Federal government has quietly, slowly, and inevitably, assumed that power. The US is now, indisputably, a "Welfare State" and is absolutely on the road to 100% socialism.

This is what troubles me. That's why I will fight socialism as long as I am able.

Best regards,