Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Conversion by Force!

Conversion by Force!

So, you are an “unbeliever”, too??? Dear, dear, me! What are we to do with you? How about re-education camps… you know, like those in communist countries. Would that change your mind?

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not! You see the Marxist movement has fond a new home… in the Global Warming Community. Now, those of you, my age, remember how citizens in Communist countries suffered under Marxist dictators. We recognize what we are seeing today from the Man Made Global Warming Crowd. Marxism.

Don’t believe in Global Warming? How dare you! Don’t believe in Man Made Global Warming? Why, that’s treasonous! Happen to believe that the earth’s weather is cyclical with warming and cooling periods? Where did you get such garbage?

These days, those of us who won’t “go along to get along” with the Global Warming crowd are referred to as “deniers” and “Unbelievers”. I prefer the latter, as I firmly believe that environmentalism is the latest resurrection of the religion of paganism and those who worship at the alter of Global Warming are, in fact, adherents to the pagan religion. (Where’s the tar and feathers? Where’s the rail?, the pitch fork crowd roars!)

Since the advent of Political Correctness it has been unacceptable to call a “spade a spade”. In other words, to call it as you see it. So, for anyone to say, openly, they believe the Global Warming “stuff” is a crock, is Blasphemy!

So, you do not think Environmentalism is a religion? Well, lets see what a religion is. Webster’s second definition says the following:

2 : a personal set or institutionalized system of
religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices

There it is! Compare what you know, and what you see, about the environmentalist community today, with the definition above… and decide for yourself.

Now, I subscribe to the Christian Faith. And, I have to tell you my personal faith will not allow me to embrace environmentalism... because, I believe it is paganism. I believe it is the worship of nature rather than the worship of Nature’s God! If I am correct, then that is a diabolical sin!

Happily, I am not alone. There are others who are raising their voices as well, against the purveyors of this new religion. Alan Caruba is one. Alan’s articles can be read here, on “INSIGHT on Freedom”, and at “The National Anxiety Center” at
www.anxietycenter.com .

Another voice, refusing to be squelched, is Christopher Adamo at “The Conservative Voice”. In fact, we highly recommend that you read his latest offering entitled: “Global Warming: A Liberal Orthodoxy” at the following address:


I am completely convinced that Global Warming is nothing more than another tool the Political Left is using to crush the individuality out of humanity and force us to accept their Utopian Dream of a socialist society even though history teaches us socialist societies always collapses of their own useless weight.

Yet, the Liberal Left, like lemmings, follow each other blissfully down that path, with their eyes firmly fixed on a distant rainbow... until they plunge off the cliff into nothingness. I, for one, do not intend to follow.


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VicSells said...

I like your outlook on the war in Iraq. "war was declared on America..." That keeps things in perspective. Keep it up!