Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Global Warming Police Are Comimg!

The Global Warming Police ARE COMING!

It had been only a matter of time. Now Jacque Chirac of, you guessed it, France has called for an “international authority” (Read International police force!) to enforce Global Warming advocates demands. Now, before you shrug this off… understand that 45 countries have already signed on to the idea for the Worldwide Police Force, which would, theoretically, have authority, which crosses international boundaries. That means they would have the authority to force the US, and any other country, to comply with the UN’s Global Warming demands.

Now, I know this sounds very much like a joke. Coming from the leader of France, one’s first inclination is to howl with laughter at the arrogance of such a proposal. But, here’s the thing: these people are serious! Crazy… but serious!

We recommend you go to The American Thinker's site and read the article spelling out this fruitcake idea at:


So, now they want to force us to take part in, quite probably, the largest hoax ever played on mankind! Unfortunately, the crowd we have in Washington today is playing right into their hands. We have a group of globalist in our government who would subjugate the sovereignty of the US to the UN in a heartbeat! Never deceive yourself. That is what this is about. Paranoid? You think? Hell, when the rest of the world is out to get you… paranoia is just damn good thinking!

It is unfortunate the US has one of the worse educated populations on the face of the globe. The public education system has failed the people of this country. Add to that the near total disregard for the affairs of the world, and you have a recipe for destruction. A population, which is ignorant of world affairs, will buy anything sold to them in an authoritative manner. I know this, because as a former producer of broadcast advertising, I came to know just how easy it is to guide Americans in the direction you want them to go. All you have to do, is sell yourself as the “Man with the Plan”. You never have to spell out what the plan is. It is enough for them to THINK that you HAVE a plan. They’ll buy it hook, line, and sinker, every time! That’s what has happened with the “Man Made Global Warming Theory”!

US Science has posted a huge sign at the entryway into their community. It reads: “Independent Thinkers Need Not Apply”!

Americans must understand that the threat to America from the advocates of Man Made Global Warming is far more dangerous than Global Warming ever was!

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Opinionnation said...

that is amazing!

hopefully, we don't have a socialist UN-loving global-warmer for a president in 2008 and beyond.