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Environmentalism vs. Socialism

(This Post First Ran in December of 2005!)

Environmentalism vs. Socialism


Many Americans, unwilling to "go along to get along", are withstanding tremendous pressure from the political Left which demands they/we embrace the HOAX of "Man Made Global Warming"! We have arrived at the conclusion that Global Warming is a crock. The fact that we have reached this conclusion just irks the living daylights out of the Socialist Left.

When you place environmentalism beside Socialism, and consider them, they are virtually the same.

Each wish to control society, especially a capitalist society. Socialism hasn’t gone away, it simple moved to a new home, the environmental movement.

REAL scientist will tell you the climate is warming, slightly, simply because the sun is warming. Whoops, there goes the global warming hoax.

That Kyoto Treaty would have creamed the economy of the US. Even Bill Clinton knew that!!! The Congress had the good sense to turn it down, flat…even while Clinton was still in the oval office.

Now, if you know anything, at all, about running a business, you know that the cost of doing business is passed on to the consumer of the products that business produces.

So, when the “Greenies” scream, that Big Business will not pay the price to upgrade their equipment to meet the extremely high standards for clean air they endorse, just know that that claim is a crock, too. If you know business, you know the business will not bear that cost, but the consumers will bear that cost. When the consumer refuses to pay that increased cost, production is cut back. When production is cut back, jobs are cut back. It is a vicious cycle and, Dear Reader; it is a cycle, which would take us back to the Great Depression in just a few short years.

If these “Greenies” had the sense God gave a gnat, they’d know their demands would crash the US economy… unless, of course, that is exactly what they want. I choose to believe the latter.

So, look again at the environmentalist movement and compare it with the Socialists. Then decide for yourself if you really want to support a movement bent on the destruction of the US.

It would be near impossible to decide which is the more dangerous to the US… Environmentalism, or Islamofacism. Both want our destruction.


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