Friday, February 23, 2007

Democrats Plan to Desert US Troops now in “Harm’s Way” in Iraq!

Democrats Plan to Desert US Troops now in “Harm’s Way” in Iraq!

Is you husband serving on active duty with the Us Military in Iraq? Is your son, or your daughter, serving now in Iraq. Are your father, or your brother, or your sister, or your mother, currently serving with the US military in Iraq? If so, know this: The Democrat Party is going to cut off funds for the war and deprive your loved one of the equipment and munitions he, or she, needs to fight a war, including the food they need to stay alive!

Oh, they won’t do that, you declare! Oh No? Watch what happens over the next few days and months. In a few days a 100 million dollar supplemental appropriations bill will come up for consideration by the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee. Democrat John Murtha heads the committee. Chances are extremely good that the funds will be turned down, or they will be burdened with such restrictions, in order for the President to get the money, that it will be tantamount to refusing the funds.

Within hours of my writing this post, I had to update it. The Senate dems began their attack on the US Military, in the field, in a combat zone, in Iraq. Learn how this under-handed attack is going to be played out at:

Then in the next few weeks and months you will see more and more bills coming out of the Congress to force the President, who is the ONLY legal Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces, to pull US troops out of Iraq. Now, the thing is, this President is NOT going to pull US troops out of Iraq! And he shouldn’t.

Here’s the bottom line: After the Democrat’s gavel falls... every single death of an America serviceman, or woman, can be laid at the foot of the Democrat congressmen and congress woman, and senators, in the US Congress. And… we will never let them forget it!

We are headed for a show down between the Commander in Chief and the 535 "idiots" in the US Legislature who think they have the knowledge, and the constitutional authority, to command US troops in the field. Now, remember, this is the same group of people who fled the Capitol building when a florescent light bulb popped! Brave folk, these Congresspersons.

The Looney, Pacifist, Cowardly Left is in control of the Democrat Party. These are the Socialist, the Marxists and the limp-wristed “scardy-cats”. I doubt there is enough testosterone, in the entire lot, on the left side of the aisle in Congress, to grow a beard on a 12-year-old boy!

But they will pronounce, “They support the troops”! That is a bald faced lie! It is impossible to support the troops and treat them in the manner the democrats have stated they intend to treat them. In effect, they will be sending men American men and women to their deaths. All in the name of POLITICS!

If I had my way, the US Attorney General would charge every Democrat, and Republican alike, who votes to cut off funds, in any way, to the US Servicemen and women in the field with Sedition and lock them up in the Stockade at Leavenworth!

The insanity of what they are doing and what they are about to do will leave scars on this country for decades to come.

Many of us laughed at the non-binding resolution passed in the House, and canned in the Senate, as a piece of garbage from a spineless left wing. But, I’m here to tell you, that was only the opening shot!

America is facing black days ahead. We have a group of cowardly socialist in charge of the US government and they are intent on the destruction of the US as we have known it.

Got your gun yet? Better hurry before they are sold out! Soon, it will be every man and woman for themselves!


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Frank said...

1.) the funding cut will bring them home.
2.) if we weren't so busy over-paying the black-water and haliburton types we'd have plenty of funding for our troops.
3.) why does our government pay for munitions and armor? Can't we conscript those companies to supply it to us for no fee as a right to do business with us, and if the companies refuse throw the CEOs in prison for treason.

Longstreet said...

The troops aren't coming home until Geo. Bush leaves office. He'll get the money by hook or crook, but he WILL get it. Remember, Reagan got the money.

Reference forcing private business to manufacter goods for the Federal government at the private business's expense: ... that is against the law in the US. First, we'd have to trash what's left of the Constitution.

So far as Halliburton, and Black Water and all the other private contractors, ... they wouldn't be necessary if we had a million and a half to a two million man standing Army. During the Clinton years the military was starved and reduced in size to roughly 1/3 it's original size and now we are paying the price. SOMEBODY has to do the job those guys get paid to, do. The military could do it cheaper but it would thin the ranks of the combat forces even more.

Frank said...

We could absorb Black water into our military instead of having a private military force that doesn't take the constitution into account when on a mission (Remember the black water idiots confiscated firearms from civilians in New Orleans, if they came to my door, as tresspassers, I'd give them my ammo first). We should, and I know Clinton helped black water get in existence too, but we should outlaw private industrial/military compunds in our nation and to some sort of mandatory military service for everyone from age 18 to 22. with everyone's (even politicians' children serving tours) that way we ALL have a vested interest in making sure the threat to our nation outways the sacrifice that will be paid.

Longstreet said...

The guys in Black Water are, far and away, retired Military. They have alrady served their time in uniform.

I support mandatory military service for men and women. It should be 3 to 4 years active duty tho, with them remaining in Ready Reserve until they are age 46.