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Hatred of President Bush is a Sickness!

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Bush Hatred. Where Does It Come From?

I thought the conservatives hated Bill Clinton with a hate unmatched in the annals of time… ‘til the Libs latched onto George Bush! I must tell you, I have never, in my entire life, experienced such hate by the Libs for one of their fellow men.

The hatred of the Left for George Bush causes the hatred between the Jews and the Arabs to pale in comparison. The Left’s hatred for Bush is far past being the normal dislike of someone so totally opposed to your views. No, the Left’s hatred of Bush is pathological. It is a sickness.

Now, hold on! Before you start tearing me to shreds. I’m going to give you the new term for the illness.

Some are calling it: “Political Paranoia Disorder”. Some shrinks are prescribing anti-depressants for it.

The disorder is not currently listed in the
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. But there is a rumor of a movement afoot in the Senate to have it included.

Ok, Ok! So my tongue is firmly fastened in my “LEFT” cheek. If you want to enjoy a fun read we recommend “The Swift Report”. You’ll find it at:

In the meantime… back here in the REAL world, the hatred for Bush drips from the web logs of the left. It oozes from the editorial pages of the nations leftwing newspapers. It flows smoothly from the earnest tones of the talking heads on the 24-hour news channels and the half-hour offerings, of what is loosely termed as news, on the broadcast networks. It flows like venom from the fangs of a snaked being milked for its poison. That description is apt, because it is poison. Hatred at the level the Left maintains for our President is dangerous. It is lethal. Not to those it is directed toward… but at the bearer, the carrier, if you will. That kind of hate eats one’s soul from within.

And then, there is the hypocrisy of it all. I mean, the Left preaches love, and tolerance, and how wrong it is to judge another’s behavior, or another’s life style, or another’s religious belief. It’s all lies. It is a camouflage made up of lies and distortions to cover-up the seething, roiling, hatred for anyone, and anything, which does not fall into line with the Left. Don’t believe me? Look at what happened to Joe Lieberman (now an Independent!) in Connecticut.

Now, I’m not going to climb up on this soapbox and proclaim to you my lily white hands in so far as dislike and disdain for the leaders of the Left are. Nosiree! I don’t like them. I’m disdainful of them. I see them for what they are. That ability to see through their fa├žade has come from years of experience working with politicians, and campaign managers, and workers, on the local and state levels.

Since it appears to be “Confession Time”… I confess that I could not stand Jimmy Carter! I loathed Bill Clinton, so much; I thought he was a very good candidate to be the Anti Christ! So, I don’t bring purity to the table. Not by a long shot.

But, here’s the difference… I do not proclaim to be tolerant. I do not claim to be un-prejudiced. I do not claim to see the good in everybody. No, I cannot claim that… and not be a hypocrite! And therein lies the difference between the Right’s dislike, disapproval, disdain, and, dare I say it… hatred, for the Left. We do not claim to be anything other than what you see. Well, the vast majority of us, anyway!

Plus, Dear Reader, when the Left’s hatred for the President places the security of the nation in jeopardy, then that behavior becomes dangerous to all Americans. The safety of the country is at stake.

We are at war. The left will not admit we are at war, for to do so would, as they see it, lend credence to the President’s actions to try to secure the safety of Americans. They cannot bring themselves to do, even that little thing, even though, they know that in NOT doing it, they place the country in serous, maybe even fatal, danger.

That is why so many Americans now view the Left’s behavior as a sickness, a mental disorder. Even animals, in the wild, will not place their own home in jeopardy. But the American Left will, and does, on a regular basis.

The American Left’s self destruction is assured. Even adherents of the Left’s political doctrine, for many years, are repulsed by the modern day bile and venom spewed by the Left’s purveyors of hate. They are drawing back, and some even withdrawing from the Party, which gives succor, and a home, to the “Looney” Left, the Democrat Party. Many “Old Timers” in the Democrat Party are horrified at the antics of today’s’ modern Democrats. They know that what passes for the Democrat Party today bears little resemblance to the Democrat Party of yesteryear. And they are troubled… deeply troubled.

Here in the American South, where even the Democrats are conservative, the embarrassment of “long time democrats” is very evident. They are reluctant to admit their membership in, or association with the National Democrat Party. That fact is going to hurt the Democrat Party at the polls in November of 2008… and beyond.

I have no idea how this will all shake out. But the future of the Democrat Party is questionable. It cannot remain a viable political party, not in America, if it continues upon the direction it has recently chosen.

As to the left’s venomous hatred of Bush… I have no answer. It doesn’t even make sense.

As long as the left continues to present candidates, for the office of President, of the caliber they have been, since John Kennedy, they will continue to lose that office. Americans had much rather be embarrassed by a president whose slaughtering of the English language is colossal, rather than by a President whose sexual escapades in the hallowed halls of the White House and even the Oval Office itself bring shame and disgust to America. As long as the Left offers up candidates similar to their most recent offerings, they will continue to lose elections.

And finally, as long as the Democrat Party allows their Past Presidents to make fools of themselves by denigrating America at home, and abroad, especially on foreign shores, they will continue to lose elections. Somehow, the Gentlemen’s Agreement” between serving Presidents and Past Presidents to keep quiet after leaving office, about the policies of any current administration, has been broken and tossed to the wayside. The Party guilty of being the first, and so far the only political party to do that is the Democrat Party. I remain convinced that had our founding fathers, gentlemen all, even thought that society would sink to such depths of depravity, I feel confident that provisions to outlaw such behavior would have been written into the constitution right from the beginning.

The two past presidents of the two worst presidential administrations in the history of the country are roaming the world casting aspersions upon the current President… and America itself. I must tell you, dear reader, that conduct may sell in Europe and on other foreign shores, but not in America. It is seen as childish and even bordering on seditious behavior.

The Democrat Party used to be considered worthy adversaries. No longer. One has respect for a worthy adversary no matter how much one may disagree with him. The Democrat Party has squandered the right to be considered “worthy”.

The Left’s hatred of President Bush is doing little damage to the President, or to the GOP. But it is doing immeasurable damage to the Democrat Party.


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After six years of spin, lies, deficit spending, and a complete disregard for our constitution, it is time for a change!