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Bush is to Blame!

(This Post first ran in October of 2006!)

Bush is to Blame!

Did you know that George Bush was responsible for the great flood? I mean the flood with Noah, and the Ark, and the animals. Oh, yeah, it was Bush! Where was FEMA then, huh?

While we’re at it, let’s take a look at all the problems this President has brought upon the world since 2001.

There was the world’s worst earthquake, ever, in 1201 in Egypt and Syria. Over a million people were killed. We now know that Bush was behind that trembler.

Here’s one that will sound familiar: In 1228 the Netherlands suffered flooding in which some 100,000 people died. The cause, some dykes broke, or Bush blew them up, so the sea could inundate the Netherlands… you know, like in New Orleans!

And then there was the Black Death in Europe between 1347 and 1350. Up to 33% of the entire European population died as a result. Could it be that Bush had the CIA release those rats with the infecting fleas into Europe? Why, that scenario fits right into the template of the left as they blame Bush for everything going wrong in the world today.

Lets look a little deeper:

Right here in America between the 16th and 18th centuries millions of Native Americans died as a result of small pox reportedly brought over by the Europeans. But, we KNOW it was Bush and the Neo-cons who were behind it. Oh, yes! And then… he did it again between 1775 and 1782. 130,000 Americans died of the same disease… small pox. We must ask… was Bush behind this, too? Of course he was!

Remember hearing your grandparent’s talk of the great influenza epidemic (pandemic) that covered the entire world in 1918. Un-Huh! It was Bush.

In 1958 there was the “Great Famine” in China. 20 million Chinese died. Most likely this was because Bush and the neo-cons cut off the food supply and managed to destroy the rice crop. Those neo-cons are devious, you know!

Lest we forget, there was Hurricane Katrina, which, as everyone knows, was entirely Bush’s fault. Why, the story has been all over the Internet as to how the President actually steered that storm into New Orleans and had the dykes blown up so as to flood the city! It’s common knowledge!

And, we must not forget the terrorist attacks on the US, and US interests, around the globe. Every thinking person knows it was Bush’s fault because he dared to fight back and made the terrorists mad, made them angry. Add to that the war in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Bush made ‘em even madder and so, of course they have to fight us and blow up our planes and our sky scrappers.

And then there is the most recent North Korean Atomic Fizzle. Now we all know the blame for this episode can be laid directly in front of Bush’s door. Why, if he had only talked to that poor, short, dumpy little fellow with the potbelly and the bad hair, this would never have happened. Even with the technology given North Korea by Carter and Clinton. No, No, none of it is their fault; it’s all Bush’s fault!

(pause) (take a deep breath)

Now, I’m aware just how ridiculous all the above sounds… and IS, in fact. I’m being absurd.

For a reason.

If you listen to the Left of the world, in America, in Europe, in Asia, in the Middle East, in the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and amongst the sand dunes of Iraq, THIS is the message we are hearing from them. It is a drumbeat of blame for one man.

And it is utterly ridiculous… just like the above.

So, next time you decide to blame the President for some tragedy, or other, for heaven’s sake… listen to yourself. Listen to the infantile whining from the Political Left. It’s pitiful, folks. Just PITIFUL!.

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