Monday, February 12, 2007

US Preparing to Attack Iran in Weeks???

US Preparing to Attack Iran Within Weeks?

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that sources in DC are saying the US is preparing to attack Iran this spring. Administration officials continue to deny the US has any plans for attacking Iran.

For the story at the J. Post… go here:

I sincerely hope this report is true. If we do not knock Iran to her knees right now, the entire world will pay in numbers to horrible to imagine.

We have been at war with Iran for years. It is one of those “shadow” wars we occasionally hear about and then... all reports seem to fade into the background. We have reports that US military personnel are confronting Iranians, head-on, in Iraq , and have been since early on in that war. I tend to believe those reports. For more on this, you may wish to see the article titled: "US Releases Photo Proof of Iranian Weaponry & Personnel in Iraq" at the "Gateway Pundit" at:

If the US does strike Iran, as we suspect the US will, it must be done during the Bush Administration. There is no doubt that should a democrat win the office of the Presidency, they will not have the stones to do what must be done… defend America at any cost. They haven’t the capability to grasp that necessity.

These are extremely dangerous time we live in. America is split between two factions. One faction wishes to save America and the other doesn’t care whether America is saved or not. That puts Group one in the awful position of having to carry the burden of Group two, on it’s back, as it attempts to successfully defend America. It has also created a loathing among the members of Group one for the members of Group two. Group one sees Group two as "parasites" on the American society. Group one has scars from the actions and inactions of Group two, which will never heal. Since Group two is incapable of defending itself, it stands that at some point in the future Group one will simply dominate Group two… and silence them.

What’s the point? Simple. The members of Group one are going to do what they must to secure America, no matter the howls of protest from Group two. So buckle up. It is going to be a rough and loud ride!


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Frank said...

Once the people in Group 2 get tired of having their children fight and die for the whims, lies and profits of the people in Group 1, Group 1 will have to send their children to go do it, instead of running around drunk and on dope and you will see a better level of diplomacy.

Anonymous said...

U.N. resolution 1737 deadline: 02/22/2007

God bless Our Troops and their Families!

Longstreet said...

Just so we are clear: What the UN says, or doesn't say. What the UN decrees, or doesn't decree, what the UN resolves, or doesn't resolve, has no weight here. The UN, itself, is irrelevant on this site as it has proven itself to be worldwide.

Best regards,