Friday, February 16, 2007

Vile, Putrid Nonsense! US Military Equal’s Terrorist Mercenaries

Vile, Putrid Nonsense! US Military Equal’s Terrorist Mercenaries

If you are sick and tired of the Leftist agenda on the campuses of Academia in the US, then you will really want to grab something to chew on whilst you read the following. I ran across this at the Little Green Footballs site and my blood pressure spiked!

If you are a red-blooded American, you’d better sit down before you read this!

If you dare… go to:

Reading such claptrap makes me wonder if it isn’t about time we pressed the federal government to cut off funds to academia. I mean… they can go on teaching their unadulterated crap… but not on our dime! If a student opts to attend such a university, he, or she can do it without federally backed scholarships and without grants of money from the federal coffers.

I, for one, am so incredibly fed-up with the “hate America crowd”, including the Democrat Party and their support of such bovine scatology, that I want to puke!

If there was even the tiniest bit of doubt in your mind that America is on the decline, then this should give you pause and… cause you to rethink your position.

It is reports of this type which make me yearn for judges such as that depicted in Edward Hale’s 1863 novel” Man without a Country”. If you recall the story, Philip Nolan is on trial for treason. During the proceedings, a flustered Nolan exclaims, "Damn the United States! I wish I may never hear of the United States again!" The judge solemnly grants Nolan his "wish," sentencing him to spend the rest of his life on a Navy vessel, where no one will ever be permitted to mention the United States in his presence, and from which he will never be allowed to return to his native soil. Thus is Nolan's fate sealed for the next 60 years. He dies aboard a US ship out of site of the US mainland.

Where is that judge when we need a slew of them??? Heck, I’d even vote to raise taxes… if the money was ear-marked to build ships to hold these “Hate America people” in international waters for the remainder of their lives.

This is NOT the America so many young Americans gave their lives defending. This is NOT the America our forefathers founded and this is NOTthe America the Greatest Generation risked everything to defend and secure. I don’t recognize what America has become. We have gone from being a glittering jewel of freedom and liberty to a glittering jewel of ignorance, self-indulgence, and pathos.

Pitiful! Just pitiful!


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