Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Democrat Socialist go after the Radio and TV Stations!

Democrat Socialist go after the Radio and TV Stations!


It begins! The Democrat’s move to capture the airwaves of America and bend them to their socialist way of thinking is under way, officially.

If I were still in broadcasting, I’d cash in my chips and get out as quickly as I possibly could. I tried to operate a broadcasting station under Democrat domination of the government, and especially the FCC, and frankly, it was like having the Kremlin looking, constantly, over my shoulder.

Go here for the story on the first clash of the Democrat government and the GOP FCC:


The Democrats will not stop until they control the broadcast media in the US and run them as propaganda outlets for their socialist agenda. It’s what they do! God help any broadcaster who will not toe the socialist line!

Look for the return of pirate stations and a major move to satellite radio by those broadcasters with the financial means and the inclination to do so. In the meantime, small community broadcast stations will be a thing of the past. They simply cannot survive in the climate created by the socialist Democrats. And THAT is what they want!

The free flow of information is a thorn in the flesh to the socialist Democrats. Information is power. The common people must be denied that power and kept in the dark so the Democrat socialists can continue their skullduggery in the shadows.

It truly seems the façade the Democrats hid behind, during the campaign season, is crumbing even faster that I had anticipated it would. Their true colours are being seen, little by little, everyday.

It would behoove all Americans to pay close attention. For it is these Democrat socialist who will rule us... until the Islamofacists take over.


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Frank said...

You are misled or you misread the article. The Dems. want to force the FCC to keep a limit in how many media outlets can be owned by 1 company in a particular market...... How in the heck is that socialism, when fewer corporations own media, the information you'll get will be limited and views will be limited..... A freeflow of multi-sourced and multi viewed information is key to the protection of democracy! Also they want to protect the "Public Access" channels in areas, so that the will have a "Must Carry" status in the areas they serve..... That too is a protection of people's access to their (the public's) airwaves. I suggest that if you were a broadcaster you really check into this sir. This has nothing to do with socialism, again you are mislead, you could video tape a SCV meeting, or a re-inactment event and air it cheep if not for free on public access, you could get time and start your own news show, the Dems. want to protect you right and ability to do so. Media consolidation (clear channel for one) in itself is the biggest threat to democracy.

Longstreet said...

Oh, I'm not misled, I assure you,. I had those people looking over my shoulder for thirty years! I KNOW what they are capable of.

You have heard me bemoan the Mainstream Media shilling for the Democrat Party many times. Now, I'll give you a glaring example of it. Buried deep in the story was this:
"Democratic Commissioner Michael J. Copps told Dorgan that the FCC needs tougher requirements for broadcast outlets seeking license renewals and more detailed descriptions of locally produced content that would serve "the public interest."

That's the killer. But you gotta dig down about three quarters of the way thru the article. That is code for "The Fairness Doctrine"! And believe me, there was nothing fair about The Fairness Doctrine, either to the broadcast community or to the listeners and viewers.

No, Frank I can remember when one was only allowed to own ONE station in a Market, Period. You could not own a TV station and a radio station in the same market. You could not own a newspaper and a radio, or TV station, in the same market.

Much of the deregualtion came about at the point I was retiring, or after I retired.

Keep an eye on this. It will affect you. Once the FCC is forced to bend to the will of the Democrat Congress, and the stations forced to comply, or lose their licenses, you will see a huge migration away from the broadcast spectrum and towards subscription satellite radio. The FCC does not regulate them... yet!

Best regards, ole friend!


Frank said...

I watch NOW, it's a news show on PBS on friday nights.... They did a show about a month ago on Global Warming and human effects of it..... It was showing what scientists have recently said was banned from their reports, banned or censored by the Bush administration cronies, well the following week after their show the host David, came on and said that due to the fairness doctrine as and addition to the views expressed on the previous show they just wanted to say that, at the time of the broadcast man's contribution to global warming was not accepted by all scientist and that if the show seemed to endorse a speific view they apologized..... Fairness doctrine seems to cut both ways, and I remeber hearing Rush tout that he was "equal time".

Longstreet said...

There is no Fairness Doctrine at the moment. It was repealed in 1989. I can only surmise that the bosses, at PBS, got their butts chewed on, by their bosses, the government. PBS is a government owned and operated network. Our tax money pays for it. Plus, what other people wish to donate.

I personally have no use for PBS.

The day the government cuts off funding for them, and allows them to sink or swim, they'll go under.

There is no justification for PBS, anymore. The channels such as History, Discovery, and a host of others, do what PBS was designed to do and do it much better.

Anonymous said...

It would only be logical that since you oppose opposite views being shared on MSM shows that deal with certain topics that the MSM infact can't be all that liberal or you would want the opposite side to be told.

Longstreet said...

Anon: That is not the point, and you know it, sir!

The point is that WITH the Fairness Doctrine NEITHER side will be heard! The Broadcasters simply will not schedule controversial programs for that reason. They can't sell them, nobody listens to them, and it cost the hell out of them to make the time available for ONE program, let alone a second program, or a third, with a different viewpoint on the same subject.

The FCC does not mandate programming. They set the parameters and it us up to the broadcaster/licensee to see that he complies with those parameters with programming of his choice. The Fairness Doctrine is hedging on censorship. Government mandated programming! That's another reason Broadcasters hate it!