Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Russia Returns to Her “Hate America” Position Again!

Over the centuries the relationship Russia has had with America has been sort of like a yo-yo… up and down, or even left to right… and back again. It is a unique Russian cycle, which goes like this: Love America! Hate America! Love America! Hate America! … ad infinitum! We have just entered Russia’s latest “Hate America” phase.

Vladimir Putin has just told the world, in no uncertain terms, that once again Russia is the adversary of the United States. Was I surprised? No. In fact I was stunned that it took so long this time to enter the latest Hate America phase.

Why now? Why does Putin think it advisable to show his true “Hate America” colors at this precise moment in history? I think the answer is simple. Half of America itself hates America, or says it does, in words and deeds. Putin must feel that with that kind of assistance from America, itself, he can rise to become the new dictator of Russia. And he is well on the way. Go against this guy and you may have a serious accident!

I read a syndicated columnist over the weekend that described Putin as a Mafia Chieftain… a Godfather, if you will. After thinking about it for a few moments, I agree. As a former KGB agent, Putin has all the skill he needs to get his way in a country as backward as Russia. Add to that the natural National Paranoia of Russians and you have a situation perfect for a “strongman” to take over and do with it what he will. Putin is that man.

The columnist also ask the question: “Does this mean another Cold War?” Well, I certainly hope not! I am convinced the America of today does not have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to, let alone overcome, Russia a second time. Besides, so many of the national leaders of America would support Russia, over the US, that America would not have a chance.

So… what does the US do? What stance do we take with this New “OLD” Russia? Do not trust them, period! Russia is not trustworthy. If we haven’t learned that by now, then we are doomed.

Yes, the Bear is loose in the forest again! The US needs a man with the stature of Reagan and the intestinal fortitude to loose the Eagle at the precise moment to, once again, geld the Bear. Unfortunately, there is no such personage on the American stage today.

As a matter of fact, as I peruse the American political spectrum, I see no giants at all! The Congress has taken on the appearance of a kindergarten or daycare center with unruly children running the place. Where are the grown-ups? They are nowhere to be found!

America’s enemies are lining up, as is Putin, to take advantage of this weak period in America’s existence. America’s economy is strong, it’s military is strong, but it’s government is limping along, badly weakened by leftist now in control. Worst of all, America’s will is weak. Most of the remainder of the world has no use for a weak-willed people. Like a pack of wolves they will move in with continuous attacks from the periphery until they find a route to the throat of America. Our current national leaders seem bent on laying the nations throat bare to our enemies.

This then is what happens when a country, such as America, has frightened amateurs running the Congress. And make no mistake about it… they are deeply frightened and in “way over their heads” in international politics. Remember the disgrace Jimmy Carter brought on the US? Prepare yourself for more.


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