Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mr. Obama. Taking America into Harm’s Way.

Mr. Obama. Taking America into Harm’s Way.
Not Everyone Is Happy

J. D. Longstreet
Is the partying done yet? Is the trash picked up off the mall? Has everyone sobered up? Far more important is the question: Has the defecation hit the rotary oscillator yet?

So many questions. So much uncertainty. So much fear. Yes… I did say F E A R !

See, not all of us were celebrating as Mr. Obama took the Oath of Office. Some of us are genuinely frightened at the prospects ahead… prospects, which do not bode well for the United States and the people who populate these states.

See, there are 58 million of us who voted against Mr. Obama. Did you get that? I said 58 million Americans voted against Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama got 53% of the vote across America. See how close that is to ½ the electorate? So, when you fan away the media’s smoke… we are right where we were before the election… so far as the common man and woman of America is concerned. We STILL live in a country equally divided, roughly 50/50, about the direction the country should be taking.

Now, you would never know that from all the hoopla in the Mainstream Media about “healing”, and “hope”, and “change”, and all the “feel good” “warm and fuzzy”, “group hug” rhetoric, right out of the 60’s “hippie culture” spouted by the talking heads on TV and the gushing of the leftie writers in the printed press. I must tell you folks… to an old southern conservative, like “yours truly”, it is sickening. I could not watch it on the television for fear of vomiting.

Hey, and while we are at it… can we agree that America is no longer a “racist country”, like every other country on the face of the earth? No, you say? And, why not, pray tell? We have been told, all along, by the bleeding hearts in the Mainstream Media that if Obama were elected it would end racism in America!

Well, of course, I knew it was BS then… and it is BS today (BS=Bovine Scatology). But you know, there are actually people walking around on this earth who actually believed that stuff? Yeah! No kidding! That ought to scare you to death! I know it rattled my cage with gusto!

It is absolutely amazing how simple-minded the American voter really is. But, we can take comfort that only half, at best, of the American electorate bought that Utopian nonsense. Remember, only 53% of us voted for Mr. Obama. The other 47% still have their wits about them… and they will be, eventually, the people who save America from the Socialists, the Old Hippies, the Eurocrats, the Neocomms, (Neocomms=New Communists) and the plain ole “Air Heads” who populate the two chambers of our legislative wing of government. (Speaking of Air Heads… have you looked into the eyes of some of those people with their vacuous smiles plastered, permanently, to their faces? You really ought to. If gives new depths of meaning to the phrase: “The lights are on… but nobody is home.”

I am an old “states righter” who believes that the best government is the government that governs the least. I also believe that the smaller the government the better. I believe we should starve government into reducing its size by cutting taxes to reduce the amount of available funds the government can use to enlarge itself. I believe, as did the men who founded this country and drew up the Constitution, that the Federal Government was/is to be the agent of the states and is to take its orders from the states… not the other way around… as it is today. Like President Reagan, I believe government is the problem and not the answer. I believe Mr. Obama is dead wrong, absolutely wrong, in his stated desire to grow the government to right all wrongs in America. It will only create more wrongs.

I believe Mr. Obama is about to take the US into Harm’s Way… and he has no clue. He is a Commander-in-Chief who will have to be taught how to salute. And HE is to COMMAND the mightiest military force on the planet? YES! Does that not scare you?

And the bailouts: When do you and I have to pay it back? Huh? Oh, yeah! They forgot to mention that, didn’t they? Yep, you and I, the American taxpayer, AND our children and grandchildren, some yet unborn, will be required to put all that money back into the Treasury’s coffers.

Oh, well. We finally have that “Nanny State” 53% of the electorate wanted. Yep! You finally have a government that can give you everything you want. But, by the same token, you also have the government that can take everything you have!

I was in the Artillery when I served the country in the US Army. One of the first lessons I learned, as new artilleryman, was to always remember that as soon as the enemy is within range of your guns… YOU are in range of THEIRS! There are no “gimmes.” There is “No Free Lunch.” Somebody MUST pay. Want to know who is going pay for all the “FREE” stuff you are expecting to get from the US Government under Obama’s reign? Just look in the mirror!

No, some of us are not celebrating. Some us are sincerely worried.

J. D. Longstreet


© j. d. Longstreet


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Anonymous said...

Sorry sir the federalists, which more than a few of our founding fathers were, wanted a strong central govenrment as to not have 13 countries... (only 13 state at the time). We that supported Obama believe we should not be in the business of torture, eavsdropping and spying on fellow Americans. You guys want big government when it comes to that kind of garbage, and butting in to who can and can't get married, what medical procedures a person can get, what science can and can't do. Sounds like you guys are the big government crowd. We can not survive as a nation with all this deficit. I think budgets should be cut, all of them including the pentagon's, and the top rate should got to around 60% to pay down this deficit before our nation goes bankrupt. The national debt sir is the biggest threat to our country at this time. Look at what some of our founding fathers said about debt and banks in general.... If you love this country, get it out of debt!