Thursday, January 01, 2009

What’s In A Name? Just About Everything.

What’s In A Name? Just About Everything.

J. D. Longstreet

I know, it’s a little thing, an inconsequential thing, and yet, it bothers me. Actually, as I used to say: “It bugs me.”

I mean, of course, the MsM’s insistence on dropping Mrs. Schlossberg’s husband’s name in favor of the use of her maiden name Kennedy. Yes, I am speaking of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg.

So what am I complaining about now? You have already guessed it … the MsM’s bias toward Carolina Kennedy Schlossberg to replace Hillary Clinton as the Junior Senator from New York.

Now, it takes no great Olympiad feat of intellectual strength to deduce their bias. All one has to do is watch how they are trying, almost desperately, it seems to me, to cover it up.

I have seen a number of stories on how tough the press is on poor Caroline. Yeah, right! I am convinced it is all a sham. The MsM WANTS poor Caroline to have that seat. No doubt about it. And, I’d bet, right now, she will get it. No others need apply.

Notice how often the name Kennedy is repeated over and over again. One must remember when the press dropped a woman’s last name in favor of her maiden name as that woman sought the very same seat in the US Senate. That was with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Remember how they dropped her last name, Clinton, for her maiden name Rodham. For different reasons, granted. That was to put as much distance between her and her playboy husband, Bill Clinton, as was humanly possible.

The MsM is falling all over itself to promote Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg for Hillary’s seat in the US Senate.

There IS a notable difference, this time, however. What is it? Well, a little research will show that Ms. Kennedy/Schlossberg did not change her name when she married Mr. Schlossberg. She kept her maiden name… Kennedy! It’s as though she may have suspected that somewhere in her future she might have need to fall back on her father’s name.

Ok, so… just for the heck of it… who IS Caroline’s husband?

His name is Edwin Arthur Schlossberg. He was born July 19, 1945. He is the founder and principal of ESI Design. He is an internationally recognized designer, author and artist. Schlossberg specializes in designing interactive, participatory experiences, beginning in 1977 with the first hands-on learning environment in the U.S. for the Brooklyn Children's Museum. Schlossberg continues to work in the field and publishes frequently on the subject. Schlossberg is the author of Interactive Excellence: Defining and Developing New Standards for the Twenty-first Century.

Schlossberg's multidisciplinary design firm, ESI Design, is based in New York City and has produced award-winning interactive experiences for both institutional and corporate clients. His signature projects include:

  • Best Buy - Concept Stores
  • Ellis Island - American Family Immigration History Center
  • Playa Vista
  • Pope John Paul II Cultural Center
  • Reuters Spectacular at 3 Times Square
  • Sony Plaza and Sony Wonder Technology Lab
  • World Financial Center Breezeway Media Walls
  • World Trade Center and World Financial Center Informational Kiosks

All four of Schlossberg's grandparents were Ukrainian Jews born near Poltava, Ukraine, who arrived in the United States at Ellis Island.

Schlossberg is a graduate of Birch Wathen Lenox School and Columbia College of Columbia University. He married Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, on July 19, 1986. They have three children:

  • Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, born on June 25, 1988 in New York City, New York (named after Caroline's grandmother Rose Kennedy)
  • Tatiana Celia Kennedy Schlossberg, born on May 5, 1990 in New York City, New York (named after Edwin's former colleague, the lithographer Tatiana Grossman, and after Edwin's grandmother)
  • John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, born on January 19, 1993 in New York City, New York (named after his mother's maternal grandfather, John Vernou Bouvier III) (nickname Jack)

They live on Park Avenue in Manhattan. (All the above, on Mr. Schlossberg, courtesy of Wikipedia)

It’s that darned Camelot hallucination all over again. The press created that myth and they have come to believe in it completely. Never mind that the term “Camelot” (referring to the Kennedy Administration) was not used during the actual administration of JFK, only after his death! And, like the original Camelot, it never existed. JFK and Jackie’s marriage was a joke. His administration was pathetic, and though it is not politically correct to say so these days, he was practically hated in the southern states of America. There were no major accomplishments to point to from his days in office. About the only notable thing was his kick-off speech that ultimately caused the planting of the US flag on the moon in 1969. But, never mind. The MsM created the myth of Camelot and it covers a LOT of missteps, mistakes, and errors in judgment made by Kennedy and his henchmen, the so-called “best and brightest”, with whom, the press of the sixties never tired of telling us.

In any event, the MsM seems to see a chance of reviving that myth and they’re going all out to get sweet Caroline in that seat, even though she is severely under qualified for a Senator’s seat in the US Congress. But, hey, we’ve got the least qualified President ever, so why not have another unqualified Senator?

You know, I have come to believe the only other group in this country so out of touch with the American people, as the US Congress, is the Mainstream Media. And they wonder why they’re going broke!

J. D. Longstreet

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TexasFred said...

I don't care what name she uses, no matter how disingenuous it may be..

And the MS never mentions the fact that she has NO qualifications either, other than the Kennedy name, and that just doesn't cut it for most folks.

And, the MSM is about the only fan the government has anymore, just wait until The Obamanation takes office, it'll look like a *love fest*...