Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Coming Battle between Barry and Bibi

The Coming Battle between Barry and Bibi
J. D. Longstreet

The Obama Administration is preparing the battlefield for the coming battle with the new prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. We warned weeks ago that this battle was just over the horizon and it appears the folks in the White House and the left-wing State Department of the US understand that they now face a man of conviction in Bibi Netanyahu. When pushed, Mr. Netanyahu pushes back. Look for a lot of shoving in the next few weeks and months.

Obama knows he is about to “lock horns” with Netanyahu over Netanyahu’s refusal to support the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. The Obama Administration is frightened by the prospect that Netanyahu may go directly to the US Congress in an attempt to gain support there for his refusal to submit to the Obama “Two State” policy (The State of Israel and the State of Palestine). If Netanyahu can withstand the coming “Obama Storm” it will make Mr. Obama look unable to control a client state of America and will lower his stock worldwide.

Obama says his Two State Policy is a must for his plans for Middle East peace and he intends to press Mr. Netanyahu to standby all the commitments made by the governments preceding that of Mr. Netanyahu’s in Israel. Obama insists that Netanyahu accept the principle of a Palestinian state; plus, Obama insists that Israel freeze settlement activity; as well as evacuate “illegal” outposts; and, to top it off, Israel must provide economic and security assistance to the Palestinian Authority. In other words, Netanyahu is expected to bow down and kiss Obama’s feet in full view of the remainder of the world.

Netanyahu is not about to do that.

The US government has yet to understand that a Palestinian State and “peace in the Middle East” are contradictions. One must be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see this. The so-called Palestinians don’t really want a Palestinian state. No! They want Israel gone… whatever the cost may be.

What does Netanyahu say about all this? He has called U.S. backed peace talks a waste of time while at the same time refusing to commit to the same two state solution that other Israeli leaders have. And, Netanyahu has said this: “Right now, the peace talks are based on only one thing, only on peace talks. It makes no sense at this point to talk about the most contractible issue. It's Jerusalem or bust, or right of return or bust. That has led to failure and is likely to lead to failure again.... We must weave an economic peace alongside a political process. That means that we have to strengthen the moderate parts of the Palestinian economy by handing rapid growth in those area, rapid economic growth that gives a stake for peace for the ordinary Palestinians." He has advocated time and again, an approach based on economic cooperation and joint effort rather than continuous contention over political and diplomatic issues.

Back in January of 2009, Netanyahu said he would continue the policy of the Israeli governments of Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert by expanding settlements in the West Bank, in contravention of the much-touted Road Map, but, he has promised not build new ones.

For the moment, he is holding his cards close to his chest on the issue of a Palestinian state. All the while he is being pounded by the US, the EU, the UN and sundry other countries that don’t get it!

But what about Iran’s vow to wipe Israel off the map? Well, Netanyahu has this to say: "It’s 1938, and Iran is Germany, and Iran is racing to arm itself with atomic bombs.” He said that there is only one difference between Nazi Germany and the Islamic Republic of Iran, namely that the first entered a worldwide conflict and then sought atomic weapons, while the latter is first seeking atomic weapons and, once it has them, will then start a world war.

Iran is making a fatal mistake if they do not believe Israel, under Netanyahu, will not attack their nuclear facilities. Netanyahu is a former Captain in the Saveret Matkal, a sort of “special” Special Forces unit of the IDF. That should speak for itself.

While Bibi is preparing to do whatever it takes to protect his country against annihilation by Iran’s nuclear weapons, the Obama administration is busy drafting some sort of policy which would distinguish between Iran's so-called “right” to have nuclear technology, including uranium enrichment done under international supervision, and the actual building of a nuclear weapon.

The folks in Eastern Europe should be calling Bibi and offering any assistance he needs rather than pounding on him to bow to pressure from the Obama Administration over anything.

When you look at these two men, Obama and Netanyahu, and consider their qualifications and their backgrounds, it is mere child’s play to choose the real leader.

J. D. Longstreet



Faultline USA said...

So very, very true! "When you look at these two men, Obama and Netanyahu, and consider their qualifications and their backgrounds, it is mere child’s play to choose the real leader."

Frank said...

I think we could and should have a 2 state solution. If Netanyahu doesn't want to partake we could oust him like we did Sadam. We don't need hardline terrorist leaders anywhere in the middle east. there are a lot of moderate Isrealis who see the oppression of the people in Gaza as wrong. We could stop sending Billions to Isreal every year to help balance our budget and we could then classify the I.D.F. as the terrorist group that it is and target it for removal. We just need to see if Obama has the stones or not.

Frank said...

You might say make comments about Obama and Change in your pocket, but my taxes went down under him. My only gripe is he is too moderate, but far better than Bush 1 or 2 and definitely better than the traitor Regan (not hard to do Regan was the biggest POS next to Bush 2), selling us out to Japan and stating the globalist movement. I think he may even be better that Clinton in time.