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Circling the Wagons ... J. D. Longstreet

Circling the Wagons
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
I find it totally impossible to feel empathy or sympathy for the democrats who have assisted Obama since the idea of America's first black President fueled their passion back in 2006 and 2007 and buoyed them through the Presidential Campaign to victory in 2008 and again in 2012.

The democrats richly deserve what they are about to get.

There's going to be a tremendous backlash in America over Obamacare. As the 2014 elections approach, dems are becoming evermore concerned over their chances in those mid-term polls.

Look.  Americans are PO'ed.  In a big way. too.  Plus, these are the Americans who actually vote, not the those who raced out to vote, many for the first time in their lives, (and likely the last) to elect America's first black President.  Been there, done that.  It's in the past.  This is a new day. Anything could happen.  And that scares the dickens out of the Democratic Party.

The dems circled the wagons early on to protect their President.  But they forgot a very important aspect of wagon circling.  Anything that happens inside that wagon circle is THEIR problem.  THEY OWN IT!  They OWN Obama.  They OWN Obamacare.

The dems also own, the Benghazi affair, the IRS Scandal, the NSA scandal, the fiascoes in Syria, in Egypt, in Libya and wherever the next one pops up. And yes, there will be a next one -- count on it!

Americans who vote in the mid-term elections are, as we said, people who pay attention.  And people who have paid attention for the past five years are angry.  

There has been a great deal of activity within that circle of wagons these past five years -- all of in encompassed by democrats.  The democrats and the Mainstream Media (but I repeat myself!) have spent a vast proportion of their time, treasury, and talent  covering for our first black President.  See, he insists on being a Marxist.  While the democratic Party and the Mainstream Media (again -- I repeat myself!) are not at odds with Mr. Obama's Marxism, they'd just as soon he didn't wear his Marxist colours openly. But, try as he might, Obama's true passion has won out and now the entire country knows Mr. Obama is a Marxist.  Heck, the WHOLE WORLD knows it.

I mentioned that Americans are angry.  I must admit, that is an understatement.  There is an undercurrent of anger/rage across the American topography today that is approximate to that, which rocked these shores in the mid 1800's.

Our government is tied into knots.  I would argue it is a single Gordian Knot which may have to be defeated in the same manner the original Gordian Knot was defeated.  As I write these few words Congress will be arguing whether to defund the abomination called Obamacare or shut the entire US government down.

Look.  It's ALL B.S.!  They ARE NOT GOING TO SHUT THE GOVERNMENT DOWN! At the very worse, some PARTS of the government may be closed for a while. But do not think for one minute the federal government will stop functioning.  Altho, I must tell you, one of the few times I really feel safe these days is when the Congress is in recess, or the President is out of the country (or both!).  So --  maybe a government shutdown wouldn't be so bad after all, huh?

Here's the unpleasant bottom line on getting rid of Obamacare.  It cannot happen until we get a republican controlled government -- both houses of Congress and the Oval Office must be firmly in GOP hands before any realistic attempt at repealing Obamacare can even be considered. 

Defunding is only a stop-gap measure -- and -- even it it were to pass, somehow, there are enough dedicated funds in the treasury, funds already set aside to operate Obamacare, that the "Program from Hell" would start up, October first, as planned, and, to the chagrin of many millions, as if nothing untoward had happened. That's one of the OTHER dirty little secrets nobody in DC wants you to know.

For several years preceding Obamacare passing Congress into law, many conservative commentators, including yours truly, made every attempt possible to wake up the American electorate to the danger(s) of socialized medicine. All to no avail. We told you clearly and concisely what to expect, when to  expect it, and from whence to expect it.
I'd be lying of I said there wasn't a near overwhelming urge to proclaim:  "We TOLD YOU SO!"

Speaking of lying:  The never ending tsunami of lies emanating from the Obama Administration has reached a near tipping point with the electorate.  The lies told by the President himself (just about Obamacare) have now become legend and one would not be surprised if Obama went down in American history as the lying-est president ever -- at least through 2016.

It's as though there is a fountain head of deceit located in the White House and from it enormous torrents of lies cascade twenty-four hours a day, every day.

The more discerning Americans choose to question everything and believe no one.

Then there is Mr. Obama's weakness as a leader.  He really is not suited for a leadership role of any kind, let alone President of the US.  We have just seen that amply displayed --for the world to see -- in his mishandling of the Syria debacle. The folks on the left will tell us we are mistaking his deliberation for dithering.  No.  We are not.  He finds it darn near impossible to make a decision. Plus, he is risk averse. 

But he is so SMART, they insist!  REALLY?

Look.   If members of the American Political Left share anything in common, it is their belief that they are intellectually superior to everybody else.  I have known many American leftists in my lifetime, some as friends, and every one of them shared this trait.  Why, they will even tell you of their intellectual superiority and boast about it.  They are, at all times, the smartest people in the room.

Well, I am just a dumb ole country boy from the foothills of the Carolinas… but… as dumb as I am, I know a fool when I see one. 

The beginning of foolishness is the belief that you are the superior of all people in wisdom.  It assures that you will fail, and fail “hard”, at some point in your “stellar” life. Mr. Obama comes across as one of those intellectual leftists who have been “educated beyond their abilities."

The brilliance of the left is counter-loaded with naiveté. 
It is that naiveté that nullifies their self-proclaimed brilliance and leads them -- and the nation -- into so much trouble when the left is in power in the US government.

Saint Paul wrote to the Christians at the newly formed church at Ephesus, which would be located in modern day Turkey, the following: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."  Ephesians 6:12

Nothing has changed.  The battle still rages.  The problem is, as I see it, we have lost sight of who is, exactly, the enemy. 

See,  there is Good and there is Evil in this world. Evil doesn’t give a darn how smart you are.  In fact Evil will use your “smartness” against you.  A truly smart man/woman knows better that to ever attempt to negotiate with Evil. Evil doesn’t negotiate. Evil does what it pleases until Good smacks it down… hard.  Even then Good must be ready to smack Evil down again and again and again ad infinitum. 

Our friends on the political left have become blind to evil as a result of their adoption of "moral relativity," or as we call it today, "political correctness."  They can no longer clearly discern, nor define, who and what the enemy is. THAT leaves America truly leaderless in an increasingly evil world.

Combined -- all of this has placed America in dire peril.  The US is in more peril today, this hour, this minute, than she has ever been -- and we have no leader to speak of.

ALL of this is clearly seen surrounded by that circle of wagons the democrats formed some five years ago. The content of that circle has grown exponentially over those years and is now clearly seen by the majority of the electorate.  And this is worrisome to the democrats.

But they continue to win, because they have figured out that a UNITED minority can win against a DIVIDED majority.   Not to mention that the Republican Party is totally  leaderless and in danger of self-immolation.

The next three years in our nation's capitol will be akin to a blood feud.  Frankly, I can accept that because we will be fighting for the survival of freedom and liberty, for the survival of the US, period! It's going to get down, dirty, and ugly.  And, if we are lucky, the fight will remain rhetorical and lack the introduction of weapons of combat into the fray.

If we are not lucky, well, an uncontrolled downward spiral will ensue and the USA will be no more.
The democrats have chosen.  They have circled their wagons and formed a "static" position.  Static positions are most easily defeated by simply by-passing them and pressing on toward final victory.  Those circled wagons can be mopped-up once the larger struggle has been won.

That circle, however encapsulates all the vulnerabilities of the democrats.  They are clearly visible.

There will be no excuse for allowing "those people" to remain in power after November of 2014.

© J. D. Longstreet

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