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We Warned Putin Would Outsmart Obama ... J. D. Longstreet

We Warned Putin Would Outsmart Obama
Revisiting "Russia's Syrian Trap For Obama" (July 2012)
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

It's not that we conservative commentators are smarter than anyone else, because we most certainly are not. It is, I suppose, because we pay closer attention to current events, especially political current events, that we sometimes see/sense future events before they happen. 

Sending a tenderfoot President like Obama into the "lion's den of world politics" was a REALLY dumb idea.  He was sure to be eaten alive.  And he has been.  His name spoken around the globe illicts snickers from all quartersTHIS is the naive Socialist/Marxist, with the golden tonsils, America elected -- then reelected -- so they could feel good about themselves -- and - vanquishing racism on their shores. (I say "they" because I didn't vote for the man either time.)   The realty is that we don't feel a darned bit better about ourselves than we did before Election Day 2008 and racism in America, well, racism is even worse than  it was before Obama was elected President.
A badly informed, youthful, electorate did not have the depth of knowledge or perception needed to understand that there is a world out there, beyond the oceans on either side of us, that doesn't give a wit about what makes us feel good.  See, those folk live in the REAL world where survival -- just trying to survive from day to day -- is, indeed,  very real.

And -- there is this: Any one elected to be President of the US MUST be qualified to handle both domestic and foreign problems.  In Obama, we got a man who has proven unable to handle either.

Obama may have been an adequate community organizer, but dear reader, America is NOT a community.  Thinking of America that way is a Marxist/collectivist perception. It is NOT real. Trying to deal with America and the world as communities has proven to be disastrous.

One does not have to be a genius to foretell where Obama is going and what he is going to do, or how he will react to certain stimuli.  He simply is NOT that complicated.  What he is -- is a narcissistic Marxist and they are among the most predictable people on earth.

Based on our experience, we told you -- over a year ago -- (July 2012) -- that this Syrian trap was going to snare Obama.   It was clear that with his narcissism, his naivete, his arrogance, he was setting himself up to be eaten alive by Putin.  Mr. Putin, complete with his Cheshire cat smile, simply lay quietly in wait and then pounced at the appropriate moment. 

Actually, it was quite beautiful to watch. All Putin had to do was prepare for lunch. 
Obama did the rest.

From the standpoint of the American public it was a comedy of errors on the part of Obama and the Obama Administration.

Back in July of 2012, I wrote the following:  "Currently Russia and America have narcissists at the helms of both countries -- Obama in America and Putin in Russia.  Both are would-be dictators. Putin, in Russia, will probably be successful. 

Syria is a mess.  The Obama regime (Our narcissist) for some reason yet to be clearly defined to the American people seems to have some sort of vested interest in seeing that the Assad regime in Syria is dumped and a purely Islamic government is installed to rule Syria under Sharia/Islamic law. Now, Obama is never going to admit that, but, all things considered, that is the most likely outcome if, and when, Assad is shown the door -- or taken out the door on a slab.

Russia does not want to lose its warm water port privileges in Syria and it sure as heck does not want to lose such a valued customer for Russian arms, etc.  Plus, the Syrian situation allows Putin a shot at the world stage where he can flex his muscles in the spotlight for all the world to see.  He LOVES that!

Putin is not about to miss the opportunity to give Obama an opened palm slap right across the cheeks and he sees the Syrian situation as his means to accomplish that.

Putin sees an opportunity for a little pay-back (for the Russian version of defeat in Afghanistan) and he is laying it on very thickly. 

Putin is a punk.  A former KGB officer, he is skilled at what he is doing.  Obama is, well, frankly, I don't know WHAT he is beyond being a socialist/Marxist community organizer who would dearly love to make himself dictator of America.  I don't think he has thought much beyond that.  Putin doesn't think so, either.  That's why he is so sure he can make Obama look like a fool in the Syrian Situation.

My money is on Putin.

It is clear to Putin that Obama is in over his head in foreign affairs. It would seem that Putin and American conservatives arrived at the same conclusion rather a while ago ... "
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In closing last year's commentary, I made the following observation:  "For the US -- Syria is a set-up, a tiger pit, a trap.  Unlike most traps, this one has huge flashing neon-like signs warning the US of its dangers.  But -- with America's boy-king, Obama, fixated on securing reelection for a second shot at fundamentally changing America into a western Socialist/Marxist dung heap, there is every reason for Americans to worry that we will soon be entangled in yet another Middle Eastern Islamic blood feud in which both sides hate us before, during, and after the dust settles."  Source: 

And so, America's wondrous journey with Obama continues as we lurch from one scandal to another, from one blunder to another, from one debacle to another, from one crisis to another. 

Only three more years to go.

© J. D. Longstreet

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