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Watching History Unfold ... J. D. Longstreet

Watching History Unfold
Obama's War Mongering
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


For one to say: "These are perilous times," in reference to our current position on the time continuum, would be a vast understatement. 

With a military spent and degraded, the US stands on the cusp of a THIRD WORLD WAR, which will -- win, lose, or draw, likely finish America for good.

Our President is insistent upon involving the US in the "trigger conflict" which will, undoubtedly, set the wheels in motion that will spark a regional conflagration drawing in the remaining nations of the world due to the strategic location of the shooting war itself.

To make matters worse, our national legislature, the Congress, appears ready to endorse the President's war mongering.  Frankly, I had thought they had better sense.  But I now believe I was woefully wrong.  They really ARE that dumb.

The argument that Obama's war will be short-lived and have a narrow strike zone and limited scope is all unadulterated Bovine Scatology.  The moment the first American bomb strikes Syrian soil it's:  "GAME ON!"  The proverbial powder keg will explode and all hell will break loose all over the world.  That includes inside the contiguous United States, as well.  This time it is entirely likely that America will have war on its own shores.

If you have ever, as an adult, taken a fall, you know there is a split second when your mind suddenly grasps that your body is going to fall and strike the hard floor and there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it.  In that same instant your mind begins preparing for the painful aftermath, which it is now certain is forthcoming.  All of this takes place in an instant.

That's where this scribe is in assessing Obama's coming war in Syria -- or should I say: Obama's war in the Middle East, or even Obama's Third World War?  The frustrating inability to do anything to prevent it is palpable.

It's as though the United States is on a pre-planned excursion into Hell, itself, and the American people, like blind lemmings, are marching right along behind their Luciferian leader into the jaws of perdition having been easily convinced the heat they feel is only the rays of a friendly sun.

The systematic dismantling of the United States by the marxocrats is nearly complete now.  Only one thing remains:  Destruction of America's military might.  That, too, it appears, is approaching an advanced stage. 

Consider the following from David G. Bolgiano in an OP-ED piece n the September 1st edition of the Fayetteville Observer of Fayetteville, NC, the home of Ft. Bragg:

"There has been a systemic winnowing of steely eyed killers from our military's senior-leader ranks. In their place are effete politicians with Harvard Kennedy School of Government-like credentials but lacking true, close-in killing experience. Under such leadership, the lives of suspected al-Qaida and Taliban are valued the same as our own young men and women.

This misguided approach to fighting a counterinsurgency fails, as Winston Churchill stated, to "decline utterly to be impartial as between the fire brigade and the fire." This raises a serious overarching question, "Why fight?" If the current crop of leaders and lawyers were running the show back in 1944, the entire E Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of "Band of Brothers" fame would have been court-martialed. Moreover, we would now all be speaking German." 

Mr. Bolgiano goes on to say in his excellent article: "Unfortunately, ill-informed and untrained lawyers have created an unnecessary legal bogie monster by substituting fuzzy notions from human rights law for the sound doctrine of the law of war. We now conduct war by such silly notions as "warrant-based targeting" and "minimum force." The enemy has become quite adept at using this tactic of "lawfare" to make us much less combat-effective.

Many commanders are afraid to use force when their own troops are under attack."
  (Emphasis by underlining --MINE.  ED) SOURCE:

Through decades of scripture study I have wondered, as I am told many of you have as well, why the US (or American army) is not identified amongst the other armies of the great nations of the world in the scripture covering the final battle, the Battle of Armageddon. 

Could it be that THE US ARMY WILL NOT BE THERE  because -- there will be no United States in existence to send an army. 

For old-timers, like me, watching history unfold today is akin to watching a review of things past. 

One of the things one learns as one grows older is that history does, in fact, repeat itself. The old adage that those who refuse to learn the lessons from history past are doomed to repeat the mistakes their forebears made -- is also true -- and in spades!

Who would have thought that a few pistol shots resulting in the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria on June 28th, 1914 would lead to not one, but two, world wars?  With brief respites, the nations of the world were at each other's throats for the next 30 some-odd years.

If Obama gets his way, the US will be interfering in a civil war in a nation in which there are no vital national security interests for the United States.  None.

Are the people of Britain, France, and Germany smarter than the US?  Each have said "no" to standing with Obama in a war which is undoubtedly the "initializer" for a greater conflict. 

The American people have cast their lot with the peoples of Britain, France and Germany.  BUT -- the LEADERS of the American people seem ready to defy the American people, the lessons of history, and even common sense, to involve the United States in a conflict that (I BELIEVE) will ultimately lead to the collapse of the US and it's final break up into a number of smaller nations.

Somehow, the American people have come to view electing a President as equal to electing a prom king or even a student body president.  It has become a popularity contest. And THIS is the result. A leader who, when he deigns to lead at all, tends to lead the nation toward defeat and destruction. 

Today America resembles an out of control "Merry-Go 'Round," or carousel, accelerating faster and faster with no way for the riders to get off.  The ONLY option is to hold on and wait for the crash.

©  J. D. Longstreet

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