Monday, February 11, 2008

The Democrats Will Take Us to War Against Iran!

The Democrats Will Take Us to War Against Iran!

If America doesn’t attack Iran before November of 2008, it won’t happen until we are attacked… again.

The US has allowed itself to be pushed into a corner on the Iran issue until we have only two options now. One, either allow Iran to have The Bomb, or bomb the hell out of Iran! All other options are off the table.

The third option of assisting in a “rebellion” inside Iran, to overthrow the ruling Mullahs, was usurped by rogue agencies within the US government. So that is no longer an option.

Now lets adjust the lens a bit… and there... we can see that if the Democrats win the presidency in November, we will have war with Iran.

“Oh, no”! You say. “These are the peace loving democrats! They certainly will not start a war with Iran!”

Wanna bet???

Oh, the dems are not going to fire the first shots, you can count on that! In fact, Iran (and all US enemies) are counting on that! No, Iran will break out of the paper wall we have around them now, with impunity, because they know the worse the dems will do is assign more lawyers to fight Iran. What that means is… Iran will make demands and we will give them whatever they want… until the well is dry… and then… we will wind up in a shooting war with Iran.

The dems don’t have the stomach for combat. There is nothing worth defending, especially their own country, and their own countrymen, so they cannot be counted on when the defecation hits the rotary oscillator.

This country needs a president strong enough that within one hour of taking the oath of office as President, the bombs begin to fall on Iran’s nuclear facilities! Do you see Obama, or Hillary, being that strong? Don’t make me laugh! Why, weeping in public surely will put the “fear of God” into America’s enemies, right! Good grief!

No, my friends, the Democrats are appeasers. It’s what they do. Appeasing an enemy causes more wars and more deaths than any other act of commission, or omission. Churchill said: …appeasing is simply feeding the alligator in hopes that he will eat you last!” That’s what the dems do. They can’t help themselves. It’s in their genes. They are not warriors.

Sure the dems will pound their collective chests and huff and puff at America’s enemies, but when the chips are down they simply don’t have the backbone to face up to our enemies by putting the nation’s treasure and the nation’s blood on the line.

Iran, of all nations on the face of the earth, knows this. They learned if from arguably the worst president this nation ever had, well, one of two anyway! I refer, of course, to Democrat Jimmy Carter. He who would protest at our enemies by exclaimed “this is unacceptable” then he would go right ahead and accept it. Carter is the root cause of the War in Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon to be in Iran. His actions, and his inaction, during his presidency in the 1970’s, planted the seeds that have germinated and grown into full-blown wars… with more yet to come.

And while I’m at it, a certain Democrat candidate’s husband has set us up for another war in Kosovo. It’s warming up, even as I write, with paranoid, restless, Russians positioning themselves for an easy take-over in that part of the world. Soon it will be Americans and Russians toe to toe, once again, as we have been since we tossed them out of our northwest in the early history of America. We have fought Russia all over the globe and the fight continues in Iraq and in Iran and even in Afghanistan.

For now, though, we need to keep our attention on Iran. For that is most likely where the balloon will go up next. Speaking of the war balloon, the democrats are uneasily holding the string to that balloon. The “thinking democrats” know it. They are doing everything in their power to keep that fact from their anti-war supporters…. until after the election.

Just remember… whoever wins in November, will inherit a war in progress. How that war is managed, after that, will be the deciding factor in how our national enemies attack us in the future. It is extremely important that we not show any weakness at all. If we do, it can only lead to more devastating attacks on American soil and a breakout of Iran, in the Middle East, and a spill over of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq to Iran and Israel... and God, Himself, only knows where else.


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Frank said...

I know you'll find this interesting, why aren't we bombing these companies headquarters and seizing their assets?

Longstreet said...

I know you'll find this interesting, why aren't we bombing these companies headquarters and seizing their assets?

"cause we are a capitalist country... and have been since the founding. It's OK to make a profit... a huge profit in this country. It is understood, at least it used to be... before the socialist seized our Pubkic Education System and our Universities, that "The Business of America is ... Business!". It is the founding principal of this country. It has made us great, kept us great, and stoked the engine of freedom amd liberty the world over. Without Big Business America would fold like a cheap suit almost overnight.

Best regards,


Frank said...

Did you read the article? these companies are funding terrorits and you say it is ok as long as they make a profit doing it.... Ubsurd!

Longstreet said...

Yeah, I just read the article. I also either read the same article, or a similar article, within the past couple of days is the newspaper.

Look, It is a fact that US business, with the blessing of the US government, sold the steel and the scrape metal to Japan that was used to bomb and kill US service pesonnel in tne Second World War. It is the way the world works. That does not make it morally correct. It is just they way it is. It's the way "the game" is played.

Ask yourself how many of the employees of the companies who work in the plants and offices of those businesses doing business in the countries who sponsor terrorism, are reportimg to the CIA, NSA, DIA, etc, etc. That, too, is another fact of life.

It ain't pretty. It ain't fair, but neither is life. I mean... look at how many millions of US dollars are GIVEN to terroists every year, by the US Government, so they can use it to blow the hell out of Israelis and Americans. That's YOUR money and MY money.

The point is the whole ball of wax is corrupt. There is no escaping it. You have to learn to make you way in this life as best you can and avoid as much of the crap as possible.

Hell, I don't even like THIS answer to your comment! HA!

Have a great day!


Yakki.Psd said...

Well,after reading that article I don't know.

Longstreet sir,I am reminded by that article,and you opinion regarding same,of the past 8 years in which over half of the American Citizenry....proud American brothers and sisters were wrongfully accused of aiding the enemy in the most flippant fashion.

To see now the core of Conservatism's onus,the business world which tehy embrace,to actually be aiding terrorists through their sales,is dumbfounding. Added to that,the recent debacle with Former Republican Senator(and UN rep) Marc Siljander,it strikes me as so hypocritical what was done to Democratic and independent American voters.

And done gleefully and maliciously.

Just makes me sad,sir.

Yakki.Psd said...

The point is the whole ball of wax is corrupt. There is no escaping it. You have to learn to make you way in this life as best you can and avoid as much of the crap as possible.

By the by,this was a very astute and wise comment sir.

I applaud.