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US Citizens have No Constitutional Right to Vote!

From October 2006
US Citizens have No Constitutional Right to Vote!
As a citizen of the US, you have NO Constitutional Right To Vote for a Presidential Candidate… period. The right to vote has been left to the states by the founders of the country and the framers of the Constitution. It is a “states rights” issue and it should remain that way.

There is a very strong possibility that your state has given you a “right” to vote in that state under the terms of that state’s constitution, but the federal constitution does not. It is a settled matter… settled by the US Supreme Court.

Now, that brings me to the current debate over whether states have a right to require an ID for voting purposes. Georgia said it does, and passed such a law. A judge in Georgia overturned the law saying that it would disenfranchise some voters who are otherwise qualified.

Now wait a minute! A couple of things jump immediately to the fore, here! First of all, the Voter ID is to insure that citizens of the US, ONLY, get to vote in state and/or federal elections. A voter ID will not disenfranchise anyone who is a citizen.

Look, we are being overrun by the invasion of illegal aliens. An invasion our federal government seems to show little, if any, interest in stopping. Those illegals are draining out state treasuries and putting a serious “hurting” on our federal treasury, as well. Now a judge wants us to allow them to vote?

OK, OK, he’s not saying allow illegals to vote… or is he? Because… that will be the end result of not being able to identify a “would be” voter as an American citizen and, therefore, eligible to vote.

There are those, of course, in Congress with whom illegal aliens casting votes would be perfectly acceptable. You see, they have identified those illegals as potential voters for THEIR party.

So far, we allow them entry into the country, illegally, we support them while they are here, by free schooling, free hospital and medical services and a number of other federal and state programs which are supported by taxpayer money collected from legal citizens of these states… and now they want them to be allowed to choose the governing body of this land… a land, I might mention, they hope to reclaim as their own!

What’s wrong with this picture?

Just about everything!

Voter ID’s would reduce some of the voter fraud at the polls.
When I walk into the polling place here in my hometown, I am greeted with by my first name. But, I would be happy to present a card with my picture and proof of my citizenship and voter registration on it to anyone at the polls. In fact, I think NC should pass such a law at the earliest opportunity.

If the US House of Representatives has its way… ALL 50 states will be required to institute a voter ID card program by the year 2010. A few days ago the House passed HR 4484 which would not only mandate that voters show such a card, when they show up to vote, but would mandate that ALL states issue such cards upon confirmation of a voter’s citizenship.

I have to tell you, I like it. Oh, to squelch the argument that some citizens can’t afford to purchase the cards, HR4484 mandates that states must furnish such cards to anyone who can prove they can’t afford to buy one.

This is NOT a poll tax. Poll taxes are illegal in the US.

Both of my states’ Senators favor the bill and will likely vote for it when it reaches the Senate.

Now we can fuss and cuss about this, but think for a moment… none of this would have become necessary had the federal government done it’s job and secured the borders of this country and instituted a reality-based immigration policy. Immigration should be stopped, immediately, except for those seeking political asylum in this country as a result of political persecution in their own countries until we can get control of the flow of illegal aliens into our country!

As a rule, I am against the federal government involving themselves in the way states run their elections. So, what we have here is another of our “state’s rights” falling due to the incompetence of our federal government.

But, as long as judges overturn laws passed by states, which are well within the rights of the states, then the Congress must overrule those judges with federal law, which secures the rights of states to run elections the way they choose… as the US constitution intended.


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Frank said...

I don't think there has ever been anyone convicted of voter fraud.... It is all smoke and mirrors to disfranchise people of lower incomes. There was a voter rights act passed and it should be expanded on. It is the cornerstone of our democracy and everyone should be able to do it hassle free. In 04 I brought some "protection" with me when I voted and I accompanied my newly registerd girlfrind to her polls aswell, just incase I had to pursuade the republican challengers into allowing us to vote......

Longstreet said...

All that comes under states rights. How you vote, where you vote, when you vote, if you vote... it's left to the states. That's why there are so many primaries on different dates... and... it is generally a mess. I'd like to see a national primary and have the whole nation, all 50 states hold primaries on the same day... and be done with it. Then have a six weeks, max, campaign period. (That's not going to happen, though.)

Yakki.Psd said...

I'm fairly certain the voters rights act trumps states rights issues on voting in a national election. They are legally two seperate areas.

I wouldn't mind a one day primary in all states though. We'd certainly get a better idea of the citizenry's opinions that way,instead of dragging it out.

Fx Avatar said...

"As a citizen of the US, you have NO Constitutional Right To Vote for a Presidential Candidate… period."

Not really. Again, it depends on your state. This is a union of states, not a federalized dictatorship. As a citizen of the State of Missouri I DO have this right.

Missouri Constitution Article VIII, Section 2 reads "All citizens of the United States, including occupants of soldiers' and sailors' homes, over the age of eighteen who are residents of this state and of the political subdivision in which they offer to vote are entitled to vote at all elections by the people". It does NOT say any state ran election, it says in all elections by the people.
Now, as your blog seems to be focused on the requirement of State given ID's, I have to say I am torn on this one. I am one for stronger ID systems. Personally I think your DNA, fingerprints, hell, even a retina scan should be attached to your birth cert (for new borns, skip the retina tell you get the DL) and to your drivers license. This would stop ID fraud since these things can not be changed as easy as a photo ID. And everyone that is found as a illegal by ISS and kicked out should be placed on a black-list. It would also serve to for a more detailed database to search for aliases when someone is found to be a Illegal, flag the DNA/FP/RS in the system so that if a match is found by a state ID getting issued, they would know the illegal is back in the us and trying to get a new ID.
At the same time, I understand that there are those that are too poor to get a car. They ride the bus to get around and some do not even go to school (cross my fingers and hope for homeschooling).. These people, the idea of getting there ID created is hard at best.. some are even scared of it (again, not the smartest crayon in the box, but still is a crayon).