Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How Would Jesus Vote?

How Would Jesus Vote?

First, I don’t think He is registered! He is no longer a resident. Plus, He is an illegal alien. If He showed up at a polling place He would immediately be arrested and placed on a psychological hold in the nearest hospital. Add to that the fact that the Democrat Party has a Messiah, already. His name is Obama.

Seriously, I watch the Obama campaign and the wild-eyed campaign followers with a shiver up my spine. It resembles a religious movement more than a political movement. I have noticed that those around him seem to be more from the “save the world” crowd than from the crowd which has “seen the elephant” meaning the crowd with experience, in life and in politics. It is scary to know that this guy may well be the next American President. It also frightening to know how easily he will be “rolled”. There is simply no evidence he is strong willed enough to withstand the folks who actually run the government of the US… not the Congress, not the Supreme Court, and certainly not the occupant of the Oval Office… but those who stand in the shadows and pull the strings of the US government and governments world wide.

OK, so you think ole Longstreet has slipped a cog, huh? You think my natural paranoia is acting up again, huh? Well, both points are open for argument, but I think the best reply to both is that Ole Longstreet grew up about 35 years ago and began to see how the world REALLY works.

I see Obama as a puppet. He will be manipulated, by those shadow people, to be… and to do… anything they want. And they want a lot. I mean, for all intents and purposes, they own the world. To reach their goals they NEED people too dumb, or too naïve, to be a problem for them. Hey, … look at Al Gore. I’ll let you decide which category he would fall into, but he is, far and away, the best puppet they have at the moment… in this country.

I look at Obama and I think: is he REALLY that dumb? Or, is he so smart he is able to make us THINK he is that dumb? Frankly, I don’t know the answer … yet. Unfortunately, I may not know the answer until it is too late and he is in the Oval Office!

Back to the question concerning Jesus’ vote: I don’t think he would vote. Why would he? He already knows who will win the election!

If you were to ask me Jesus’ reaction to the candidates, from both parties, I’d refer you to the scriptures. In particular… the scripture found in the New Testament, in the book of John, the 11th chapter, the 35th verse. Look it up.


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frank said...

Jesus, sir would vote for no man.... He stuck his thumb in the eye of the Jewish political system, that is why the scribes and pharasies turned the jews against him... He threatend their power hold over the people, plus he spoke of giving money to the poor and helping each other rather than using it to support the corrupt leaders of their faith.

Yakki.Psd said...

Obama is not the Democratic voter's messiah. He does however,have a charismatic quality,has worked to help our nations veterans during his tiem as a Cognressional Senator. He has a fine record as State's Senator for Illinois as well.

I'm voting for him. He's the only option I can see in the present candidates. McCain turns me off,and has for quite some time. Any man who will face down what he did in 2000 from his own party,then continue to lick their feet is no man I want as President. Hillary Clinton is one I've never had much support for. Not because she's a woman,nor because she's a Democrat. Simply because she brings a history of baggage that will be used to further divide the country. She is the only rational second choice for me,however.

I simply hate that there are no decent Republican candidates this time around. And I cannot vote for Ron Paul,as I do not agree with many of the things he advocates.