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Is Barack Obama the Messiah???

Is Barack Obama the Messiah???

The fanatical religiosity with which Obama’s followers are swept up would certainly seem to point to their acceptance of Obama as “The Messiah”. Those of us who have our feet planted on solid ground and know “in whom we believe” know it is bunk, but for those of the liberal persuasion, who do not have their lives grounded, Obama is something for them to grasp onto, and cling to, as a Savior. And they are doing it. No matter they are making perfect fools of themselves in the effort, but… you see… that is what happens to religious fanatics.

And religious fanatics are dangerous. Example: Islamofacists!

There is an article, by Jerome R. Corsi, over at World Net Daily, you should read. It is entitled: “Is Obama the Messiah”? You’ll find it at:

For those of you who know little about oratory, allow me to share a little of my experience from my 50 plus years of public speaking:

There is a rare power in the spoken word. It makes no difference the language. If the words are strung together and presented by the orator with passion and sincerity, and “something more”, those words a can be moving and titillating and motivating… and a force for good, or a force for evil.

Now… about that “something more”… I think it is charisma. I say: “I think” because truly… I don’t know.

The definition of Charisma is: “divine favor”. Sometimes it is also defined as “gift”. Nobody knows “exactly” what charisma is. But whatever it is… it is powerful. When charisma is combined with the art of oratory… the oratory is elevated to realms of godly uttering. (Sorry to say… yours truly is not burdened with charisma… thank God!)

Now. Here is where it gets dangerous. If an individual is given the gift of the ability to orate… and the second gift, charisma, and that individual is inclined toward mischief, he can use those two gifts to get anything he wants, or go anywhere he wants, on this planet. He can mold and fashion a crowd of listeners into weeping lambs or raging wolves with an appetite to devour the world (as did Hitler).

I learned, while still in High School, how to work a crowd with the spoken word. I can remember feeling a power I rarely felt as a boy, when I was before a crowd of people speaking and holding their attention and taking them to emotional highs and lows and watching their eyes follow every gesture every body movement I made. I quickly learned that making every person in the audience feel that I was speaking directly to them, and ignoring everyone else in the auditorium, was the way to work a crowd. As I said, it is a rare feeling of power. To this day, I am more at ease standing before a crowd speaking, than I am in the crowd listening!

Where am I going with all this wandering?

I am attempting to shed some light on the reason the crowds flocking to hear Obama seem so attracted to him and seem so worshipful in lavishing their attention and praises on him. They can’t help themselves. It is truly a form of mass hypnosis. He has the rare ability to mesmerize an audience with his oratory and his charisma. So, to sum up, what you are seeing is, indeed, a form of worship.

So… is Obama the Messiah? Of course not! (Some may think he is A messiah!) What he IS… is a guy who has learned how to get what he wants using his gift of oratory and his charisma. That’s all. The problem is, those two gifts tell us absolutely nothing about the kind of man he is. Nothing! What we do know, from history, is that quite often many great orators have led their followers into destruction.

There is one thing I failed to include in the above passages. The really great orator, one with charisma, also carries a great responsibility… the responsibility to use his gifts in a responsible manner, never taking advantage of his audience. That is disrespectful. Don’t coerce them; don’t use them as a tool or a weapon. Too many times, down through history, it has been done and great calamities have ensued.

Obama is good. Often he is better than good. He is NOT great. Compared to the great orators of history he is a dud. But… here in America, where we have lost the ability to communicate to audiences, when a person comes along who retains that ability, he, or she, is immediately elevated to a position of prominence. It is a dangerous practice and one that can quickly lead to all sorts of mischief, for nowhere is it written that the great orator must be a person of great principle, or of great character.

How, then, do you know? How can you tell the difference? Listen to the words he speaks. Take no notice of the WAY he speaks. When his words hold no substance, save for the ability to inspire good feelings, then beware! You may, indeed, be listening to a huckster.


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Frank said...

And religious fanatics are dangerous. Example: Islamofacists!
You forgot to add all the bible thumpers that follow the republicans. Why is that sir....
Those overzelus crazy "christians".

I have heard nobody but drazies on the right proclaim such nonsense. you just upset because that wing nut Thompson is out.

Longstreet said...

You forGet yourself, sir! Please recall that I dropoped Thompson, like a hot potato, the instant he refused to defend the Battle Flag of his Ancestors! To put it as clearly as I am able... if Thompson were still in the race, and HAD SECURED THE NOMINATION, already, I would not vote for him.

Oh, by the way... those crazy "bible-thumpers" founded this nation. Ain't history grand?!

Best regards!


Frank said...

Oh, by the way... those crazy "bible-thumpers" founded this nation. Ain't history grand?!
Only your revisionist history.....
Washington refused communion at his inauguration, Jefferson, the architect of the "Establishment clause" of the constitution said ina letter to the Danburry baptists that it clearly builds a wall of seperation betwenn church and state... Some radical baptist after the "Civil War" said that the war was this nation's punishment because the founding fathers refused to declare us a Christian nation... Also they left abortion legal. Jefferson considered Jesus a noble man but did not practice the superstitions of Christianity...... The first article says clearly there is to be no religious test to hold public office... You right wing guys need to LEARN American history instead of rewriting it.... Shoot the people didn't even vot for President until 1913, the senate did, the founding fathers knew that the Churchies were not smart enough to vote for president.... The bible thumpers are just a bunch of moonbats that should get the heck out of this country, go somewhere and start their own country, if they don't like our real history. (move to Vatican City and follow the Pope) atleast if they did that they would be following Christ's church and not some heratic.

Longstreet said...

A couple of things, and then I'll back out graciously (I hope) of the conversation and allow others to participate.

My reference was to the Puritans. Sorry, I didn't make that clear. Plus, I should have said "country" rather than "nation". My bad!

Lastly, I have yet to see, or read, anywhere in the US Constitution, a phrase which would lead me to believe in the mythological wall between church and state in America. Now, I realize I am walking a fine line here. So let me be clear: I could support seperation of church and state if it was actually a part of the constitution. It isn't. Plus, the reason the Congress does not clarify that, with an ammendment, is simply because they know that an ammendment to establish "seperation of church and state" would never be ratified in this country. So, as a result, they bolviate that if already exists. It doesn't.

Hang in there. We'll survive!

TexasFred said...

Look at Obama, he won’t put his hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem or during a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance…

When he is making public appearances, when he is doing political advertisements or when he is involved in a debate, he WILL NOT wear an American flag pin on his lapel…

Obama claims he loves America, Obama claims he is the one that can and will bring ‘change’ to America but he can’t tell you what that ‘change’ will be, he claims to be ready to lead from Day 1 but he’s not even done with a 1st term in the Senate, what prepares him to lead anything??

This individual is a disgrace to America, the flag and the people of the United States of America and anyone that can support this ‘empty suit’ is as hollow as he is, to the American Dems, ask yourselves, is that the guy you really want in the White House?? A guy that won’t even make a half-hearted attempt at patriotism??

Barack Hussein Obama, WRONG for America…

Frank said...

When he is making public appearances, when he is doing political advertisements or when he is involved in a debate, he WILL NOT wear an American flag pin on his lapel…
What the heck does some stupid lapel pin have to do with patriotism? How amny people put hteir hand on their heart for the national anthem? He says the pledge in the senate with his hand on his heart, this is all right wing crap. We have a "president" who wants to gut the constitution, and has ruined our credebility and you don't think that is unpatriotic? I see.... Texas must really be "A whole nother country". A shameful one at that.