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The Obama Campaign: A Medicine Show! More Cult than Campaign!

The Obama Campaign: A Medicine Show! More Cult than Campaign!


I keep coming back to this: The Obama campaign has gone WAAAAAY past politics and has become a religious movement! It’s downright scary. I have said in at least one previous article that the look I see on the faces of crowds at Obama events is the same look of ecstasy I saw, in the news reels, on the faces of women and men in the crowds at Hitler’s speeches. That is an unhealthy thing. In fact it could prove, once again to be damning for a nation. Just ask the Germans!

You should read: The “Audacity of Selling Hope”… by Charles Krauthammer. You’ll find it at:

Perhaps I am older and as a result smarter than those obvious airheads who follow the Messiah Obama, but, for the life of me, I cannot fathom how any thinking, reasoning, human being can be THAT DUMB! Alas, I underestimate the job our government schools have done on generation after generation of American young people. Indoctrination in socialism and communism is “de regur” from the daycare centers to the Universities. As a result we have a couple of generations of Americans who don’t know who they, are, don’t know from whence they have come, and have absolutely no idea where they are going. They are lost. They are twisting slowly in the wind as targets for any conman who comes along. And he’s here to reap the harvest so meticulously sown for him by the Government’s Public Education system.

What, exactly, is Obama promising? Nothing. Well, not exactly “nothing”. He is promising hope for… well… hope! And let’s not forget “change”. Look, change for change’s sake, is well, nothing. I mean changing from the electric chair to the gas chamber to lethal injection, as means of execution is… well… change! The end result is the same… death. But, hallelujah, it is CHANGE! Come on folks! Get real! You are following a Pied Piper!

The only thing I see coming from an Obama Administration is ruin. There will be massive disappointment. There will be, as Charles Krauthammer says: “A rude awakening”!

There is an interesting Article over at American Thinker entitled: “The Obama Cult of Nonthreatening Personality”. We recommend it. You’ll find it at:

Obama’s cult movement resembles the biblical description of the movement of the Anti-Christ. WHOA! I’m not referring to Obama as the Anti-Christ, I’m simply stating that if one searches the scriptures one will fine alarming parallels between the story of the Anti-Christ and the Obama Cult. There is enough there that it frightens the bejeebers out of religious folk. Nowhere is it written that the Anti-Christ must be a “white guy”.

Again, let me emphasize… I am not calling Obama “The Anti-Christ”. I want that clearly understood.

There is something more than just “passing strange” in the fact that human beings will latch onto another human being, with the same frailties as themselves, in a quest for salvation. In the case of those attaching themselves to Obama, I daresay they cannot tell you from WHAT they are seeking salvation.

The human mind is a fragile thing. It is easily taken control of from outside the individual to whom it belongs. The right words, the right phrases, and the right implications and… whamo!!! … you’ve got them eating out of your hand!

If you are unfamiliar with what can happen to people who allow themselves to be swept up in a charismatic movement… then I recommend you look up “Jim Jones” and “Jonestown”. Just plug it into Google and read what you find. We have seen the catastrophe such movements have had on the human society, the world over, many times in the past. You would think, these days, we would be far too sophisticated to fall for such mind traps. But, no! If anything we are much weaker, now, as individuals and as individual thinkers. That makes Modern Man an easier mark and easier prey for those who seek power, fame, fortune, etc.

And it makes me suspicious.

If Obama does manage to get the nomination of his party, expect the Republicans to hit him hard on the “cult” thing. Just so, his empty promises will be dissected in public view as well. His pacifism and his extremely liberal record will be laid bare. Can he stand that kind of scrutiny? We don’t know. Equally as important, though… can his followers stand that kind of scrutiny?

These are all good questions and the answers will be coming sooner rather than later.


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