Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is It Possible To Be Rid of the Clintons?

Is It Possible To Be Rid of the Clintons?
Just for those of you in the ivory towers of the Mainstream media and similar towers for the Republican National Committee and the Democrat National Committee… you should know that out here, in the hinterlands, we are not talking about a McCain win, we’re not expecting a McCain win, and we’re not planning for a McCain win. Actually, we are counting on an Obama win. So far as we are concerned, the election is OVER! McCain lost. The Republican Party lost, big time, in the House and Senate and the Oval Office. It is a done deal. Many conservatives out here will not even bother to go to the polls and vote come November. Why should they? As I said above… they are convinced… as am I… that the election is over. The remainder of the campaign(s) between now and November is a “kabuki dance”.

OK, OK, settle down…. this is not pessimism. It is realism. The Republican Party has done a DUMB thing and they must pay the price. And they will…. and, sadly, so will the country!

The democrats have played their little game with Hillary long enough now. The old timers in the party were scared witless, for a few months that, somehow, she would pull it out and win the nomination. You see, the truth be told, the democrats are nearly as frightened of Hillary as are the republicans. These days there is actually hope, on both sides of the political spectrum, that American politics will FINALLY be rid of the Clintons! Even the super delegates seem to have gotten the word, do not cast your vote for Hillary at the convention.

Now, “this ain’t my first rodeo” and it will come as no surprise to you that I have deep reservations about a Hillary loss. The “Clinton Machine” always seems to have an ace in the hole they throw down at the last moment. I warn you… if Obama has a weakness, a skeleton some place, in a locked, secure, closet… they will find it… and expose it. “Obama on a Pedestal” could very well have feet of clay. As this never-ending campaign continues watch for the attempts to destroy Obama’s campaign. They are coming, rest assured… and they will be vicious!

So far as the GOP is concerned, the Republican Party may never recover from the 2008 election. Weeks ago, Rush Limbaugh warned that if McCain or Huckabee got the GOP nomination it would change the party forever. He was absolutely correct. As I write, a conservative party is in the formation stages. Conservatives are determined to have a home of their own and end the relationship with the GOP, which did not want them in the first place… only their vote every four years. Enough is enough! We have been told to sit down and shut up and take what was offered us, by the GOP, beginning with the George H.W. Bush nomination. We have done it... up to now… but no longer.

If you have paid attention to the numbers of votes cast in the primaries, so far, it is obvious that democrats are turning out and republicans are not. That SHOULD tell you something. We’re not interested in the “nominee-to-be”… John McCain. It should also tell you we are not interested in the ”new/old” direction the GOP is taking. The blue bloods and the country club set have retaken command of the GOP. That’s sort of the equivalent of changing captains on the Titanic... after the iceberg!

Of course, as I alluded to above, the Clintons could still pull out of their tailspin… but it is certainly looking doubtful. Those super delegates Clinton was counting on to throw the nomination to her are abandoning ship in rather large numbers and at an ever-increasing speed. That is BAD news for the Clintons. On the other hand it is great news for America. To be rid of the Clintons is remarkably akin to removing an anvil from the neck of a swimmer. Having the Clintons, (forever) hovering in the shadows of the US government, is a dreadful nightmare and one from which, I HOPE, we will soon be delivered.


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Frank said...

Not scared sir! Tired, she is no Bill, don't get me wrong, if I could have Bill back I would vote for him in a minute! What next Hillary, then Jeb, Then Chelsea, then one of the Bush Skanks? Tired of the same old same old..... I say let some new blood in, i personally liked Kuccinich or Edwards, but Obama will do just fine.... And no more crusty behind the ears Republicans please...... 8 years were 8 years too many, I wish we could go t a 1 party system, the Liberal party, The U.S.A. would then be the greatest, freest nation in the history of the world.