Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fidel Quits as President of Cuba!

Fidel Castro Resigns Cuban Presidency

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I have to admit, right up front, that this story makes me feel really OLD! I saw Castro come into power and I am watching him leave power. I was one of those guys, in uniform, who sweated those 13 days when the US and Russia went eye to eye over the Russian missiles in Cuba. Every jet overhead made every one stop what they were doing and gaze skyward. The Muriel Boatlift when Castro opened the doors of his prisons and poured the baddest of the Cuban bad onto the US southern shores, once again duping a very “dense” man known as Jimmy Carter, our then President.

Frankly, I was hoping that at this point, or shortly after Castro’s death, (I mean hours) the US would invade Cuban and liberate that Island and make it, at the very least, a US territory like unto Puerto Rico. I don’t think that will happen now, unless the South Carolina National Guard happens to be available one weekend.

Look, the US needs that Island. How many times is the opportunity going to present itself and we stupidly take no action, or give it back after we have possession of it?

Cuba is closer than our backyard. Look where Granada is. We cleaned that rat’s nest out down there. Granada is in our backyard. Cuba is more like our back porch!

OK, so, Fidel’s younger brother, Raul, is taking over. Younger??? He’s 76 years old! Maybe that gives us a little time to get our “D” boys, here at Bragg, ready for some, uh, investigatory work in this prospective US territory. A little surveillance, a little map making, some photos, some target marking, etc., etc..

Anytime a dictator steps down, is removed, or whatever, it is good news. But, you’re not going to know that as the US Mainstream Media fawns over Castro for the next few days. They can’t help themselves for, by and large, they are socialist liberals themselves and actually admire Castro! Now that liberalism has been diagnosed as a mental illness those poor folks need to go in for treatment at the earliest opportunity.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the exiting of Castro and await the invasion, shall we?!


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TexasFred said...

Many years ago, in a life long past, I was at Gitmo, on business, and I was still a smoker back in those days, and I had some really great Cuban cigars, I mean awesome, and as a 'perk' we were able to bring a few back too...

Well, my son still likes cigars and he had a chance to try a Cuban cigar a while back, pretty much the same circumstances, and he was mightily impressed..

Since I quit smoking almost 6 years ago I don't care what happens to Cuba...

Longstreet said...

I STILL smoke cigars! INVADE!!!! Times awasting!

Hope you're feeling better, Fred!