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What do we know about Obama’s church? Huh? Not much… right? Well, the good folks over at Faultline USA have undertaken to give us a glimpse into that… uh… church. It’s a real “eye-opener”. It will also raise the tiny hairs on the back of your neck.

We urge you to go over to Faultline USA and read it for yourself. Follow the links they point you to… and you’ll come away with a MUCH better understanding as to why Obama’s church seems to be no problem for the Mainstream Media while Romney’s Mormon faith is.

You’ll find the Faultline USA article here:


To say this is a little scary is an understatement.

Obama recently spoke with the Concord, N.H. Monitor. He said:
"I've always said that my faith informs my values, and in that sense it helps shape my worldview, and I don't think anyone should be required to leave their religious sensibilities at the door," Obama went on to say: "But we have to translate those concerns into a universal language that can be subject to argument and doesn't turn into a contest of any one of us thinking that God is somehow on our side."

Ron Strom has an excellent article at World Net Daily entitled: “Obama's church: More about Africa than God? Chicago congregation has 'non-negotiable commitment' to 'mother continent'. You can read the entire article at:


If you are still somewhat dubious, I recommend you read the article at Newsmax entitled: “Obama's Church: Cauldron of Division”. The article is by Jim Davis and was posted back in August of 2007. But, hey, I warn you, you might want to sit down with a glass of cool water before you read this article. If you are not upset now you will be when you finish it. You'll find this hot article at:


Now here’s the thing…. so far Obama’s opponents, both republican and democrat, have been treading lightly around him. Why, because he is a black man and nobody wants to be called a racist and the pols all know that word is already “locked and loaded” by Obama’s people and they are ready to open fire at the least offense. But, realistically, when the going gets rough, and we get down to the short rows… (Can you tell I’m from an agrarian part of the country???) The gloves will come off and what you have read, on the sites we have pointed you to, will be used. It is powerful stuff and when it hits… it is going to definitely do some damage... a LOT of damage to Obama’s campaign.

I am wary of anyone who seems to be just a little too ‘slick”. Just a little too, well, all things nice. Call it what you will, it is my natural paranoia, I suppose. Mr. Obama has struck me from the git-go as an “empty suit”. What’s worse… he struck me as a “blank slate”, an intentional blank slate. Follow me here: Presented with a blank slate each person will draw upon that slate whatever one wishes. That scares the heck out of me. It is the ultimate con game.

As a former advertising man, I follow Mr. Obama’s speeches with utter awe. He speaks and manages to say… nothing. That, my friends, is an art form. It is a difficult art form to learn. I know. I learned it… and I used it… for thirty years!! You say enough to suck in an audience… and you imply… but you never, ever, get definite. You promise this… and you promise that, but you are never definite with the promise. In effect, what you are doing is “promising a promise”! THAT is what I hear when I listen to Mr. Obama speak. It is chilling to watch the enraptured faces in the audience. I saw, in the news reels, the same facial expressions on the Obama crowds that I saw on the faces of pre-World War Two Germans. It is frightening to say the least.

I would leave you with this time-honored warning. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it!


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Frank said...

You righties are nuts, first Fox said he went to a Madrassa, and said he was a Muslim, that wasn't true so now let's start this crap..... You know the more "Christians" I meet the more I am becoming an Agnostic in faith, I will be moral, and live a maoral and good lifestyle, I believe Jesus was a real man, with great Liberal ideals, and I will strive to be more like him, wether or not it has any real implications at the end of my life. This is just a P.C. racist type of attack, you know I would never attack Condi or Powell, although Powell has seen the light politically, based on race or gender (in Condi's case), although I might have problems with the political message..... Attack the message not the messanger.... (kinda like Love the sinner hate the sin) and no faith in and of itself is a sin, but like i said this is a smoke screen, I say try it with an open mind for 4 years, see if he can unite a fractured nation. Clinton, even after all the political attacks by right wingers approval rating was never, never, as low as the Clown we have now! We are supposed to have checks and balances (until Bush eroded them) to keep radicals from going too far astray.

Yakki.Psd said...

Actually Longstreet,those rumors about Obama's church and religious offiliations have been proven false. The man is a Christian and does not attend a seperatist style church.

The only thing I've seen about his church that could be construed in a negative light is the Pastor of said church telling Rudy Guilianni to "screw himself" or something or another.

After reading what went on to cause such an outburst,I can hardly balme the pastor,myself. I would have been jsut as offended if the situations were reversed,and would most likely have been nastier with my comments towards Rudy.