Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Were Those Russian Bombers Not Shot Down?

Why Were Those Russian Bombers Not Shot Down?
Only now are we learning that Russian “Bear” bombers overflew US ships, including at least one carrier, over the weekend. Read the story here:

Now, this was an obvious provocation on the part of the Russians who are back to their “bullying” ways again. Russia has been, in the past, the biggest bully on the planet. The ONLY treatment for a bully is a sharp punch in the nose! That is why the US Navy should have shot those two Russkie bombers down and sent a message to Putin, “send more and we’ll shoot them down, too”!

There is one trait, at least one, the Asiatic military and the Slavs’ (meaning the Russkies) military use in common. That is to wait until the US has it’s attention diverted to some other trouble spot of the world and then pull some stunt, or other, they know they cannot get away with under ordinary circumstances… unless, of course, there is a democrat administration in the US. They are counting on the democrats winning the November election to make their moves. And move they will… shortly after our new President is sworn in. I expect a move in the Balkans almost immediately. Then I expect some sort of mutual protection pact between Russia and Iran soon afterwards. There is a reason the Russians are probing our military.

May we suggest that you read "US Assessing Russian Flyovers" at:

Look, Putin is flexing his muscles. The old KGB hack is plagued with an inferiority complex the size of his country! He and that little sawed-off jerk in Iran are like two peas in a pod.

No amount of cajoling, or jaw jacking (meaning diplomacy) will work with these two bullies. The only way to treat them is to knock them flat on their posteriors and dare them to get up. That is my recommendation to Mr. Bush.

Oh, sure! He’s going to take my advice… right? Ain’t going to happen. No, we’ll play along and get our noses rubbed in our own feces and urine by those two “toughies” until we get a commander-in-chief with the testosterone to do what should have been done all along. Problem is, by the time we get around to it, The Russkies and Iranians will have grown so powerful, militarily, that we will have a major bloodletting on the battlefield.

Therefore, my recommendation is that we pop them, right now; before they are more than the pipsqueaks they are… and get their attention.

Putin is planning something. A reader tipped me off some time back. He is flush with Petro money and a rich Russia is always a threat. They dream constantly of empire. The NATO forces we have in place simply are no match for the Russkies anytime they wish to roll over them. If I am right, that will be sooner, rather than later, and it will be in the Balkans.

In the meantime… shooting down a couple of Tupolev 95 “Bear” Bombers would send a message of our own.


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TexasFred said...

Surely they don't suffer from 'little man syndrome'??

I had that once, 2 of my buddies were so tall, one was 6'5" and the other was 7'1", only time in my life I ever felt 'short'...


Longstreet said...

Surely they don't suffer from 'little man syndrome'??

HA! You mean Mr. Pootin... er... I mean, Putin?