Friday, February 01, 2008

I Told You So... 16 Months Ago!

Here's a little something I wrote, 16 months ago, in August of 2006:


"The GOP is Going to Foist McCain upon GOP Voters!

I’m convinced the GOP is making a huge mistake and one which will cost them the Presidency in 2008.

The mistake is John McCain.

Now, here’s why I feel this way:

I believe the GOP believes that Southerners disapprove of Hillary Clinton so much that they will go to the polls, hold their noses, and vote for McCain. It’s not going to happen.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Conservatives are over joyed that democrats seem bent on choosing Hillary Clinton as their Presidential candidate. It’s looked upon as a gift from God. But the GOP negates the entire gain they make, with Hillary’s candidacy, when they choose McCain as the GOP standard bearer.


Two reasons: McCain insulted the South on his foray through here in the 2000 campaign. We haven’t forgotten… and we do not intend to support anyone, no matter who it is, who “dis-respects” the South.

The second reason is… we don’t believe McCain has the temperament to be President. We feel he will keep the country consistently in a state of turmoil. We don’t like that.

We won’t vote for Hillary, either. We just won’t vote in the Presidential election. I’m assuming that all states have the Presidential race separate, on the ballot, as it is here in NC. One can simply jump right over the Presidential race and complete your ballot while leaving the Presidential race unmarked. If McCain is the GOP candidate, that is what I plan to do and I urge my fellow conservatives in the South, and elsewhere, to do the same.

If Hillary and McCain are the two Presidential candidates in ’08, we can expect the lowest turnout, likely, in the history of the US. .

If Hillary can win with just the states, which voted for John Kerry, she will be the next President of the US.

In the case of the GOP, their mind is made up. It’s going to be McCain. Trying to talk to the Party leaders is about as easy as getting an audience with the Pope. Maybe getting in to see the Pope is easier. I learned a very long time ago that the party leaders, of both the Democrat and Republican parties, could not care less what you and I, the lowly voter, wants or thinks. The less they hear from us the better they like it. When they want us to have an opinion… they’ll give it to us.

Well, the GOP is going to hear from Conservative voters in November of ’08. It will be a very loud message and one the GOP is not going to want to hear.

We are not going to vote for McCain… no matter whom the democrat candidate is. Period!


As Mr. Limbaugh, himself, would say, "I told you so!".

I read, just yesterday, an article which says there is a move afoot to draft Gingrich as a candidate. What worries me about that is the fact that the democrats are ASKING US TO DO THAT! It is a BIPARTSEN proposal! That scares the be-Jesus outta me!

Now, I like Newt. But Newt is not the fireball, bomb thrower, he was back in his glory days in the US House. And yes, I'd like to see the Reagan Revolution continue, but, reality is sometimes a hard thing. And the reality is... Reagan is GONE! He was one of a kind. We are not going to find another. Any candidate dumb enough to assume the mantle of Reagan is doomed to failure. For that candidate cannot live up to, nor into, the expectations the American public would have of him or her. It, simply, is not going to happen. And that is what is being asked of Gingrich. I sincerely hope Newt is smart enough NOT to take the bait!


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