Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is a Mainstream Media Controlled Election Cycle!

This is a Mainstream Media Controlled Election Cycle!


Has anyone noticed how skillfully the Mainstream Media has chosen the Republican and Democrat candidates for President this election cycle? Certainly you don’t believe you actually had anything to do with McCain winning so many delegates that he is already the nominee to be for the GOP? Surely you don’t believe you chose to support Obama over Hillary and, as a result, Obama is well ahead of Hillary in delegates. Surely you are smarter than that! Well, of COURSE, you are!

From the git-go this has been a primary season run by the left leaning liberal media. I mean from day one! They set up McCain, as the GOP nominee, because they know he can be easily beaten by the democrat contender… IF that contender is Obama. Then they began to prop up Obama… and have succeeded in pushing a man, with no message, way ahead of a former first lady who preaches her experience.

Now the second phase begins. It will begin slowly at first then build up to a crescendo. McCain must be torn down and as nearly destroyed as is possible. It has already begun. In the next few weeks you will see, read, and hear a host of derogatory stories on McCain. On the other hand, they will begin to play down the “messianic virtues” of Obama and much of what he says, and does, will not be reported. Certainly nothing derogatory unless it is a minor infraction that will not, in the long run, hurt his campaign,

The big Eastern Papers have already begun to unload on McCain. Just watch, as it gets worse. When McCain loses that infamous temper of his, and creates a front-page story it will be played as a man “out of control” and we must not allow a man with “anger control issues” near “The Button”.

Don’t you, Mr. and Mrs. American Voter, ever get tired of being used??? I know I do! I am sick to death of being a pawn in the hands of the media and the government. Our election cycles, these days, resemble more closely those of a third world country. Maybe we DO need outside observers.

An election, in a republic, is the means by which a nation beats back civil wars. Instead of fighting we peacefully go to the polls and register our complaints. But, more and more there is a sense among the voters of America that it simply doesn’t matter, anymore, that the candidate has been chosen for us LONG before any election is ever held. It is only a baby step from that realization to fighting in the streets.

Some of us already see this election for what it is. Most of us are residents of 6 decades, or more, and we have seen the change, up close and personal, and we know what we are looking at from experience. The youngsters do not… and it is they who must become aware that they are being “shafted” and if they want to save their country as a democratic republic they will have to take matters into their own hands.

Sad to say I am seeing nothing from the generation immediately behind mine… the so-called “baby boomers”, that would lead me to have any confidence In America’s future. The generation behind them shows me even less. The “Geezer” generation, myself included, is losing the energy to keep the continual pressure on a reluctant government and the there seems to be no motivation from the “youngsters” to do so. Without that “oversight” by the citizens the government will run wild… as it has already begun to do. Freedom is something to be trodden underfoot and forgotten.

Americans have grown tired of leading the world. We have grown tired of setting the standards. We have, instead, begun to look enviously at European Socialism with its hollow promises of “cradle to the grave care” by the government. It’s the lazy man’s way of life. It’s the way of life a simpleton yearns for. Yet that is what those who would be the leaders of this nation are promising and Americans are flocking to them.

In my youth Americans who would find acceptable that which Obama and Hillary are offering would be ostracized in their communities as some kind of “communists”. Back in those days we understood what socialism was and is. It is a soul rotting social disease. We fought Hitler and his Nationalist Socialist Party in a hot war to keep it out of America… and we fought the Soviet Socialist Republics in a cold war, for 40 years, to keep it out of America. But today we open the door wide and invite it in.

This election is a fraud, a sham, and a joke but, unfortunately, the joke is on America. And THIS time, he who laughs last, will, indeed, laugh LAST!


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