Thursday, February 28, 2008


This is a CROCK!!!!!

See the story at:


THIS is the fence we wanted!

It is in Israel!!! Maybe the US government can contract with the Israeli's to build a fence for us, huh?

The Congress and the President have been playing us for fools on securing the US/Mexican border. Let’s face it, folks! Both the Democrat Party, and the Republican Party, want that border kept open and it WILL be kept open, by force, if necessary. THEY WANT those illegals inside the US. There is absolutely no other explanation!

The border will be open until the American people rise up, in righteous anger, and clean the Globalists and “one-world government” types out and install some “honest-to-God-Americans” where all the internationalists reside now.

Time is growing short. The US is about to be blended into Mexico and Canada as the North American Union. They are working at a fever pitch to have it a fait accompli before the majority of Americans understand what is happening. Heck, Canada and the US have already formed a separate Army made up of troops from the two countries! Think I’m making this stuff up? Google it. See for yourself! Or, go here:

All three of the candidates for President are open borders supporters. Tell you anything??? It OUGHT to tell you WHO is in CHARGE of THIS GOVERNMENT and WHAT THEY INTEND doing to the United States!
When I look at the candidates running for president, I shake my head and mutter: “What a mess! What an unmitigated mess! We don’t have a chance of survival!”


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Frank said...

The fance stops at a Texas billionaires property line and at golf courses along the border. The billionare is a Texas oilman and Bush contributor and has access to cllassified intelligence information, I wish I could remember his name... But anyway he is building a bridge from his property across the Rio Grande for his own little "Business Coorridor". Hey I think a fence is a waste of money, but I understand my opinion is in the minority, and in a Democracy if I were in running the asylum I would atleast a real honest attempt at honoring the wishes of those I work for.....