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What the Hell is a "Carbon Offset??? There's No Such Thing!

What the Hell is a "Carbon Offset??? There's No Such Thing!
Hot Dang! Another way to “Fleece the Flock” has cleared the horizon and it is rising! Its called selling “Carbon Offsets”. If you are blessed with the IQ equivalent to that of a gnat… you HAVE to know there is no such thing… and… it is a con game!

Now, nooooo, I’m not particularly slow on the uptake. I know “Carbon Offsets” have been around for a while. But, honestly, I figured it would be so blatantly obvious to everyone that it was a rip-off that I didn’t feel it worthy of a comment. But, now, well, I STILL have trouble believing that people can be so gullible!

Can you say: “SNAKE OIL”????

First off… there is no CO-2 problem… at all. That is a load of bovine scatology sold to the public by liberal medicine show con artists. They will make a fortune off the poor fools who bought into to Manmade Global Warming (now referred to as “Climate Change”). What could be better? The lefty con artists will gain power over the everyday lives of American and get filthy rich to boot.

Let me take a step backwards for a second. I mentioned that the term Global Warming has been dropped in favor of “Climate Change”, recently. That’s a fact. The question then is… why did the con artists find it prudent to change the name of their chosen disaster? Because it was so ludicrously wrong that it had become a phrase, which evoked laughter from people around the globe. All one had to do was look out the window, check the thermometer, or check the depth of the snow, etc, to see that Global Warming was a lie exposed. So what to do? They needed an ambiguous phrase… a “catch all” phrase that could not be disproved. So they settled on “Climate Change”. See, the climate changes every second of every minute of every hour of every day. The climate is in constant change. Plus, the fact that we are in the beginning phase of the next ice age has the “Greenies” a little worried, too. Ice ages have a way of coming on extremely fast. So, the global warming movement, oh, I mean the “Climate Change” movement, must speed up their plans before Northern Europe and Northern America are frozen again. Trying to sell a lie such as “the globe is warming up” while standing in snow drifts up to one’s… uh… posterior regions is a little difficult to do! They know that! So there is a certain amount of panic among the Climate Change crowd.

Now, about that CO-2 problem: As I said… there ain’t one! Every green thing on this earth must have CO-2 to live. Those green things breathe that CO-2 in and… in turn… they exhale oxygen, which we humans breathe in and, in turn, we exhale CO-2. See the cycle of life here? The total amount of CO-2 content in the earth’s atmosphere is something like 0.038%. I am reliable informed of this by my friend columnist, and author, Alan Caruba. CO-2 as a “greenhouse gas” is another load of barnyard carpeting!

Back to the Carbon Offset rip off. The way we are told it works is… you pay somebody, some companies, large portions of money to allow you to continue your consumption of energy at your current levels. Those companies are supposed to invest those dollars in research to find ways to conserve energy, etc. Yeah, right! I was born at night… but not LAST night! Now, I know you’re not going to believe this… but people have already fallen for this! Yep! Supposedly intelligent human beings have allowed themselves to be duped, hoodwinked, conned!

As we have said before “smart people” are the most easily conned. That is a fact. Once they become aware they have been conned it is durn near impossible to get them to publicly admit it and “un-entangle” themselves from the con! Sad… but true. As a result we have brilliant people caught up in a world wide scam called Global Warming, whoops, I mean, “Climate Change”, who are aware it is a scam, yet unwilling to embarrass themselves by admitting their gullibility.

The point is: those of us who know the truth have an uphill battle as we continually attempt to point out: (as did the child in the fairy tale who cried out…) “The King Has NO Clothes!” The human animal simply does not want notice drawn to his or her stupidity!

Problem is… it is unavoidable now. This thing has gone too far. It will take a while. But it has all begun to unravel and it will be slow, but unravel it will.

Look, this is a con game as old as the “rainmakers” with their drums and cannon shooting off up into the sky to produce rain. Some folks have always found ways to use the weather to scare the bejeebers out of their fellow man… and secure something for themselves, money, power, prestige… something. But sooner, or later, their house of cards comes crashing down. And so it will be with the current Global Warming movement… er… “Climate Change” movement.


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Frank said...

Why is everything "lefty" to you, this is wanted by big corporations who can sell these "offsets" to companies who can't make the lower required levels... It is not a group that will make money, say GE cuts it's carbon emmissions by 70% and is under it's allowably level, say GM is over it's allowable level. ge can sell or trade these credits to GM or on an "open market" for CASH.... It is B.S. I agree, if a company can't make the required emmision levels then the E.P.A.or Energy Dept. should come in and replace the board of directors with it's own people and make the necessary adjustments. Just like the Pentagon should take over Blackwater and draft all their soliders and use all their equipment, and the DOE could take over the oil companies and our resources would belong to the us and gasoline could be $1.00 per gallon.

Longstreet said...

Why is everything "lefty" to you,
Well, I sorta zero in on wacky lefties... like Al Gore, for instance.

Yakki.Psd said...

Actually,it wasn't a "lefty" who changed the terms Longstreet. It was Frank Luntz,pollster extroidinaire and regular Fox News polls contributor.

It was a "Righty" who changed the term,not a lefty.

For clarity.

Longstreet said...

Actually,it wasn't a "lefty" who changed the terms Longstreet.
Thank you, yakki,psd. I appreciate it. Correction is welcome. I DO make mistakes!

Thanks, again!

Beat regards!


Yakki.Psd said...

No problem sir.

I feel that the carbon offsets do serve a wider purpose though. It makes industry more aware of their pollution count,for one. That awareness can only make things better IMO.

Knowing what you're pumping out gives you the option of controlling it. And for our wildlife and forests,that's a good thing. And that's besides the better health of the general populace.