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This, Then, is How STUPID We Have Become!

This, Then, is How STUPID We Have Become!
My jaw dropped in utter astonishment when I read that the government (The US Government… I hope yours isn’t as stupid!) is considering placing the polar bear on some sort of endangered species list because its numbers are decreasing due to Global Warming!

So, what’s wrong with that? Well, in the first place, the polar bears numbers are increasing and have been for decades! The other problem with it is the fact that there is no Global Warming and, if anything, we are on the threshold of another Ice age… beginning almost immediately.

Now, those of you who go “gaga” over the fluffy, squeezable, polar bear need to know something. You’re being foolish! The polar bear is not only a predator; it is one of the most dangerous animals on the face of the earth. You like Grizzly bears? The polar bear is every bit the vicious canivore as the Grizzly, only… with a white coat! If memory serves me, they have no natural enemies… save for man.

Point is… the polar bear is alive and well and multiplying… so leave well enough alone! If not, we are going to have another catastrophe as a result of the” law of unintended consequences”.

Let me give you an example: I live in a Mid-Atlantic state. We’re a southern state but our climate is sort of sub-tropical. We’re located at that demarcation line in weather patterns at which we still have seasons. I am surrounded by wetlands… swamps, marshes, lakes, rivers, streams of all sizes. Dig a hole here, with posthole diggers, and at just over a foot you’ll hit water. (Before the drought, anyway!)

For many, many decades we did not have a problem with alligators. Then, along came the government and they put the gators on an endangered species list, The gators propagated, like crazy, and now, here in Southeastern NC, you have to watch where you put your foot when you leave your house. Gators are everywhere! It is all because the government, and the “greenies”, didn’t allow nature to take its course. (Another Gator was found shot and killed just this week. It was 12 footer.)

Wait ‘til you have polar bears digging through your garbage in Wisconsin and Michigan! Wait ‘til the polar bears, which have virtually no fear of man even now, begin slaughtering your pets, as the gators will do to our canine friends down here.

Look, messing around with the natural course of animals on the planet is akin to going backwards in time and changing things. It will screw up the future to a “fair thee well”.

Nature proclaimed, millennia ago, that animal species come and they go. The vast majority of animal species having lived on this planet are now extinct. Someday, man will be extinct as well. At least on earth.

Do you think I really cared that the red wolf was near extinction? Of course not! Do you think I really cared that the alligator was near extinction? Again…of course not! By the way, the red wolf will be wiped out again before too many decades are past. Farmers and livestock producers, across the nation, are silently shooting them and burying their carcasses as soon as one is sighted. Wolves are seen by most “reasoning” human beings as a menace to human society. Things that are a menace soon are eradicated. Let the polar bear range in populated areas and it too will be shot and killed.

What I am expounding here is what we used to call common sense. But, then, common sense is VERY uncommon these days.

When I hear, read, or see, an attempt at something as utterly stupid as declaring the polar bear endangered, I react in anger. Why? Because I know there is more to it than what we see on the surface. By and large, man, as a rule, is not THAT STUPID! Which means… there is something else going on here! What could it be, huh? Could it be just another way to keep the US from sucking the oil out of the ground in Anwr? Do you suppose? Well, of COURSE, IT IS!

So, this is not about polar bears. No! This is about turning the US into a third world country, by any means possible, and the poor ole polar bear is being used because it plays on the emotions of people who haven’t a clue that it is one of the most dangerous animals on the face of the earth!

Now, don’t think that is far-fetched. I saw men in the army who had never seen a real live cow before the army drafted them out of the asphalt jungle we call a city. I saw men chase a jackrabbit, across the plains of Oklahoma, in an attempt to “pet” it! Now, these were grown men! That was in the 1950s. Do you think we are any closer to nature in nearly sixty years? Not hardly!

The point is, dear reader, you’re being played for a fool… again. And it sure looks as if the ones playing you are going to win… again!


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