Monday, February 04, 2008

The Self-Centered, Ungrateful City!

The Self-Centered, Ungrateful City!

Just because the US constitution allows Americans to make fools of themselves, doesn’t mean that Americans have to go out of their way, and make an extra effort to look, act, and in general, be foolish, unless, of course, you are the people of Berkeley, California. It is better known, over here on the right coast at “The People’s Republic of Berkeley”.

Their latest tantrum has led to an action by the city government there to try to run the US Marines out of town. They have been holding idiotic demonstrations on the street outside the recruiting depot. The only thing they have accomplished so far is to embarrass themselves. Well, no, I take that back. I see no embarrassment among them. One must have a sense of decency to be embarrassed and I don’t see anything decent about declaring the US Marine Corp “persona non grata”.

I was wondering, just the other day, as I viewed the line up of old Hippies in Congress, where the remainder of that screwed up generation had gone to. Well, we can stop wondering! We have found them! There they are, in all their empty-headed glory!

What was that word the libbers LOVE to toss about so much??? Let me see. Tolerance! Yep! That’s it! Tolerance! What they fail to tell you when they utter that word is… that it really means others have to be tolerant of THEM! They feel no compunction to be tolerant of anyone, any institution, or any idea that is not in line with their leftist, socialist, ideas. Standing outside that Marine recruiting depot with their ridiculous demonstrations they look for all he world like the crowds outside Jewish places of business before the Second World War. We laughed at them, too… at first.

Moves are afoot to deprive Berkeley of federal funds… millions of dollars in OUR tax money set aside for Berkeley. It hasn’t a prayer of passing Congress where so many of the brethren and sisteren of the Old Hippies in Berkeley now reside.

Tolerance, my Aunt Fanny! It’s pure bovine scatology. Nothing more. I hope you will keep Berkeley in mind next time some “Lefty” starts preaching the message of love, diversity, tolerance, etc, etc, in your presence. What the world is seeing, in Berkeley, is exactly what the Leftists plan for America… another left wing totalitarian government. That’s all they are. That is all they have ever been… down through history.

And the right is sworn to oppose them.


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