Monday, February 18, 2008

Dems Pleading with Terrorist Not to Attack US During the Campaign? Offer instant US Surrender in Iraq and the Persian Gulf in Return???

You have GOT to read this! The American Thinker has a piece by James Lewis that will curl your hair... if you are a conservative. Actually, you don't have to be a conservative. You just have to remember the Carter Adminstration and remember that it was THAT US Presidential Adminstration which is to blame for the mess in Iraq, Iran, and much of the Middle East today.

The piece by Lewis is entitled: "Is an October Surrender in the Making?"

The dems are so sure of themselves they are going right ahead and instead of measuring the Oval Office for drapes, hell, they are making foreign policy for the US! I think there is a federal law against that... somewhere.
As you can plainly see, from these antics, if we elect the dems to the Office of President again, the inmates will be running the asylum. If you don't believe that... look into the eyes of the worshipers at an Obama gathering. That is insanity you see peering out from beneath those eyelids.
Pure evil stalks the earth these days as never before. Worse, the only fortress against it is being laid bare by the Socialist Left in America itself. Their actions, as described in Lewis' article is akin to throwing the gates of the fort wide open. Do the dems care? Of course not. If that is the price of regaining power for them, then so be it! Fling the gates open and let the barbarians in!
Think, people! For God's sake... THINK!

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Frank said...

Believe half of what you see and none of what you read on the internet.... especially if it has a right-wing slant.... Regan is the reason for the mess in the middle east, he gave Iran weapons for releasing the hostages, spineless for negotiating with terrorists... Shoot he had people meet with them and told Iranto keep the hostages until after the election...... God gave Regan got what he deserved, he got to meet new people everyday, and someone to change his diaper, if you ask me it was a fitting end to that piece of garbage.