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If Barack Hussein Obama was an *Odds Maker* ... Texas Fred

If Barack Hussein Obama was an *Odds Maker*

If Barack Hussein Obama was an *Odds Maker*

There’s a few things that I want to talk about today and it all has to do with Amnesty, Egypt, Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Lebanese Hezbollah, Nelson Mandela, the III% crowd and Barack Hussein Obama.

The very first thing that comes to mind is the fact that Obama has been notoriously bad at picking *winners* and choosing the right people to align himself and his beliefs with.

I think we all know; Barack Hussein Obama supports amnesty for ILLEGALS.

Let’s get something straight, if the amnesty bill goes through without a sealed border first, America, as envisioned by the Founding Fathers, is dead. There will be a single party government, with Republicans choosing to be progressive (RINO).

Further; to allow criminals to have more rights than a REAL citizen is criminal and un-Constitutional. And calling an illegal a criminal is NOT hate speech nor is it racist. I am still waiting for anyone to show me proof that ILLEGAL is a race and not an action.
We all know that Obama has supported the *Syrian Rebels* in their effort to oust Syrian President Assad.

So, is supporting these *Syrian Rebels* a good choice? The Vatican confirms Catholic priest beheaded by Syrian rebels. You tell me.

Syrian Rebels aren’t Syrian and they aren’t rebels, they are Lebanese Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and Taliban, jihadists, members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other various sects of radical Islam, these are the people that Barack Hussein Obama is supporting.
The last time I checked those are also the same radical Muslims that have sworn to kill Americans if we don’t submit to their 7th century pedophile moon-god.

It seems to me that Obama is not very good at picking the right people to support.
Think about this; Barack Hussein Obama has supported Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. It has been reported that Obama is ‘deeply concerned’ about the Egyptian military’s ouster of President Morsi.

Let’s just *cut to the chase* shall we?

Barack Hussein Obama isn’t all that concerned about the Egyptian military’s ouster of President Morsi, Barack Hussein Obama is scared SPITLESS that the American people may very well be motivated enough to throw HIM out after seeing the fine example set by the Egyptian people.
CAIRO (AP) – A Health Ministry official says six people have been killed in clashes around the country involving opponents and backers of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, as well as security forces.
In Cairo, a crowd of Islamists surged across a bridge over the Nile River after nightfall and clashed with Morsi opponents near Tahrir Square and outside the state TV building. One witness reports gunfire and stone throwing. SOURCE
I am happy to see the Egyptian people standing up to the Muslim Brotherhood (Morsi) as they try to bring a real working democracy, one free of Islam, to Egypt. I wish them much luck, but remember; Obama supported, or may in fact still support Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama has a lot of love for Nelson Mandela apparently, and just as apparently, so do many Americans.

Some consider him and his wife Winnie to have been freedom fighters when in fact they were hard-core Communists, rabble rousers and murderers. The reports of Mandela opponents being placed inside stacks of tires and then having gasoline poured over them and the tire and then being set on fire and burned alive were not just rumors.

Communists and murderers, so, we have to wonder WHY exactly Obama asserts Mandela’s values are Africa’s future. If Communist murderers are your thing, and I suppose they ARE for Obama, well, Africa is not going to go very far. I just hope the African people can see through Obama for what he truly is.

I am seriously convinced that there a lot of *Nervous Nellies* out there that want to stir things up and keep the pot boiling, and they are trying to turn American Patriots against ALL Law Enforcement. The III% bunch is rapidly becoming notorious for that one.
I sincerely believe that what we have just seen in Egypt, the Military and Police standing with the people, is exactly what we’d see here as well.

Oh sure, there would be a few that stood to support Obama if he were to be overthrown, but it wouldn’t be enough to make a difference.

I have been told that my estimation of 75% of all Law and Military forces standing with US is a low figure, a Police Chief friend says that especially in the South and Texas; it would be closer to 90%. I have to accept his estimation as he is a lot closer to the action than I am these days.

We are in for some interesting times my friends, and as the old saying goes; keep your powder dry!

Texas Fred

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