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The Scourge Of Obamacare ... J. D. Longstreet

The Scourge Of Obamacare
Survival 101
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


As each day goes by and we see Obamacare unraveling, I become even more convinced that Obamacare was designed, from the very beginning, to fail!

The ultimate goal (I am convinced) of the left in America is to create a single payer socialized medicine program for the citizens of America.

Obamacare is NOT IT!

The individual mandate must be done away with before that can happen.

"A single-payer health care system is one in which a single-entity -- the government -- collects almost all of the revenue for and pays almost all of the bills for the health care system. In most single-payer systems only a small percentage of health care expenses are paid for with private funds. Countries that have a single-payer system include Australia, Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom."   SOURCE: 

But, America's leftists, Marxists, Socialists and Progressives needed a "foot - in - the - door program" upon which they could build, incrementally, until they reach that goal.

It would be necessary for Obamacare to fall short of its stated goals but be just effective enough to lure the unsuspecting American voters toward a more all encompassing socialized approach to delivering healthcare in America.  I am convinced that is happening, even as we write these few words.

Convincing Americans to support a single payer healthcare system will be NO PROBLEM for Obama.

(Recently, I watched a video of a gentleman gathering signatures on a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights. Americans were signing it, right and left, even though he made it clear it was to REPEAL the Bill of Rights!  It seemed the key phrase was: "It will help Obama ... ."  That leads me to believe the "Obama Cult" is alive and well.  In a country as illiterate,  as sick, as America is today -- that is a dangerous thing, -- VERY dangerous, indeed!)
PLEASE understand:  Under a single payer system everyone has health insurance but NOT NECESSARILY HEALTH CARE!  See:  ACCESS  to healthcare is necessarily limited under a single payer system because too many people use it too much ... because it is FREE!  You can see how this would put a humongous strain on government health care budgets, and to contain costs governments must ration care.
The left argues that a single payer system would have lower administrative costs and that would hold the cost of healthcare down.

Er, No.  That's wrong. 

It is not administrative cost that drive the cost of healthcare up.  It is the overuse of the system by the patients.

The private insurance industry in America must be destroyed for single payer "Obamacare II" to be born.  

A government run health Insurance company would be exactly the tool needed to shutter private insurance companies in America and drive currently insured Americans into the arms of the government owned company -- while at the same time demonstrating the “need” for a universal healthcare system even though the “need” was created by the government itself.

(We'd like to recommend an article for you to read to help clarify what a single payer healthcare system is really about and a few things you can expect and NOT expect.  The article is entitled:  "The Myths of Single-Payer Health Care."  It was written by David Hogberg.  You will find it here:  )

And another thing: Where, exactly, does the government expect to get the doctors for Obamacare? Has anyone in Washington thought of a solution for our doctor shortage, yet? I mean - NEW medical students will only decide to enter medical schools if they know that they can make a living once they graduate and set up their practice. It costs a bundle to attend medical school and it takes years for doctors to pay off their loans plus finance their “start-up” business. It is common sense; it seems to me, to ask (as a medical student) if I will be able to make a living as a medical doctor in the United States under Obamacare.

Think about it for a moment. If you take away a doctor’s ability to make a fair and decent living in his chosen profession, then why in the world would he/she want to take on the expense of putting themselves through med school and the added expense of setting up a business, or a “practice; as we call it here in the states. It seems to me that in fairly short order, we will have a host of med schools sitting empty with few, or no students - and very soon after that we can expect to have an even larger shortage of doctors in America.

I understand we already have a shortage of primary care physicians right now. That is somewhere in the range of 40 to 50 thousand primary care physicians we need and do not have even today. Imagine the impact on American society when our youngsters decide they are not going to be doctors, when they grow up, because they cannot make a living at it.

The doctor shortage is REAL!  With all the new patients being dumped onto the rolls of doctor's offices and hospitals across the nation, there is simply no way the America medical community will be able to handle that influx.  NOW we are looking at rationing -- if for no other reason than we cannot handle the load. 

When one thinks about it, Obamacare begins to look very much like all the many pieces of knee-jerk legislation created in Washington over the years that ends up causing far more problems than it solves.

But, then, again, we have come to expect this type of "thrown together legislation" under the Obama Regime as they rush to try to take advantage of the crisis du jour while the attention of Americans is diverted towards some problem that has been blown all out of proportion by the media and the government. It is a con job - and not a very good con job at that.

All of this prompts me to ask the obvious question: Just how dumb does Obama and his cohort in Washington think we are, anyway? Pretty dumb, I suspect. (I honestly have to agree with Obama and his henchman about the intelligence of the average American voter today.) After all, Americans DID elect Obama (TWICE!) and the other socialist in Congress to the offices they hold. That fact, alone, convinced this scribe of the extremely high ignorance factor amongst Americans -- in so far as politics is concerned.

Obama’s election was a huge; I MEAN HUGE, victory for ignorance in America. There is simply no other way to explain the man’s election.

Much damage to America has been done in the four and a half, or so, years Obama has been thrashing about bludgeoning democracy with his socialist ideas and plans. He has trashed the American economic system, raped and pillaged the US treasury, and given immeasurable hope to this nation’s enemies. He has set up a government within the government, which is answerable only to him. His aspiration to some form of dictatorship for himself has become so evident that it is troublesome even to some on the political left.

Look.  America is still reeling from the near collapse of it's monetary and financial system. And those of us who actually pay attention to our country -- and the world we live in -- understand that we are a long way from recovery, from healing.
Many Americans are beginning to understand that inflation will be raising its ugly head very soon, as well.   In fact, inflation is already on the rise.

Even if one were weak enough to believe all the "improving numbers" from Washington, one would have to be a fool to believe that America is anywhere near a recovery and a turn around.

At some point, this house of cards Obama has crafted, is going to come crashing down. It is SOCIALISM and the record of socialism is one of total failure, 100% failure, every time it is tried. When it does come crashing down, there will be much weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Believe me, it will not be pretty.

The internal strife that has riven America in twain will become ever so much more evident and more pronounced than it is at the moment.  To say ONLY that it will do a lot of damage to America - damage that will take generations to repair, will become an oh, so, obvious understatement.

Newt Gingrich once said:  "We're at the crossroads. Down one road is a European centralized bureaucratic socialist welfare system in which politicians and bureaucrats define the future. Down the other road is a proud, solid, reaffirmation of American exceptionalism."

As Mr. Gingrich points out, America's choices are extremely clear.  Understand: If we make the wrong choice -- we cannot come back decades from now claiming that we were confused.  Look, dear reader -- this is "Survival 101."

 © J. D. Longstreet

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sdkar said...

At one time I believe that only property owners could vote. I realize now that this was not to give power to landowners only, but to insure that a person was sophisticated enough to vote. After all, if he owned land, then he had a decent grasp on politics and society as a whole.

I think there must absolutely be some sort of minimum test before one can vote. Nothing too difficult...just something to insure that the voter understands our political system and the candidates positions, etc. After all, there are test for everything else...all required by the govt. Tests to drive, tests to work in most professions, tests for all sorts of things.

I think that if you do NOT have a high school education and can pass a basic civil service type test, you do NOT get to vote. Of course, the yells of disenfranchisement will be insane...well screw them.

There has to be a certain level of expected knowledge by the voter. After all, this is OUR VERY WAY OF LIFE AT STAKE. If it is required for millions of stupid reasons, then surely the maintaining of AMERICA could endure a basic test as well.

But our politicians are counting on low information voters and more importantly, voters that have short memories. And with todays crop of Americans, these types of voters are plentiful indeed. Once the country gets 50% plus one these low info voters, the rest of us are screwed, and we will be forced to go watch our beloved country disinengrate and will be unable to do a damn sad.