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What IS Truth? ... J. D. Longstreet

What IS Truth?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


There seem to be two events based on the Zimmerman trial unfolding simultaneously.  One:  The judicial system's trial of George Zimmerman -- and two: The media's public lynching of George Zimmerman.

Unless the prosecution pulls a surprise from the woodwork, I am beginning to wonder how the heck they even got this case before a judge.

I am compelled to ask myself if this whole trial of Zimmerman is nothing more than a "sop" thrown to the black community -- a concession, if you will,  given to mollify or placate them in the hope that they won't riot.

It could also explain the state  "over-charging" Mr. Zimmerman.  By over-charging, I mean charging him with an offense worse than the circumstances of the case would seem to dictate. 

Why second degree murder rather than manslaughter?  There's no question the hike in the difficulty of securing a conviction for second degree murder makes a finding of "not guilty" far more likely.    

The Zimmerman trial is destined to join the ranks of the cases tried in the media. There have been many cases in the annals of the  judicial history of the United States openly tried in the media.  This, then, is one more.  

From the liberal use of the words "murder" and "murderer," by the MsM, you'd think Zimmerman had already been tried and convicted of murder.  He has not ... at least not by a jury in a court of law.  One cannot say the same thing for the court presided over by the MsM, however.

I'm not an attorney.  But as a law enforcement officer, many decades ago, I spent a lot of time in courtrooms ... in the witness box and in the gallery ... just listening and observing.  I am hardly ever surprised at what witnesses say in response to questions from attorneys -- especially when the phrase; "Please describe, in your own words, what happened on the night in question."  That's when the "pucker-factor" within the courtroom community increases exponentially. 

Then there are some witnesses who appear for one side yet, in the end, actually assist the opposing side's case. 

That being said, I must tell you it appears to this layman that the prosecution is the best defense Mr. Zimmerman has! 

Look.  The plain truth is -- we will probably never know exactly what transpired the night of the confrontation between Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Martin.  Sadly, the truth of such events almost never sees the light of day -- and -- if and when it does,  it is oft times dismissed as fantasy, the product of an overactive imagination, or out-right lies. Too often, I have to remind myself, trials are not so much about finding the truth as they are about getting the accused found not guilty.

In an age of instant communications anywhere on the face of the globe, almost zero privacy, where everything is known about everyone,  you'd think the truth would be easily found and/or discerned.  Not so!  In fact, along with our digital revolution came the ability to create and/or destroy entire personalities.  We can create a "fact" or a "truth" and -- on a whim -- destroy it completely. 

We even have a name for this electronic mischief.  We call it:  "computer generated."  As a result far from being more trustful of the "truth" we tend to be far more suspicious of that which is presented as "truth."

Pontius Pilate, as he completed his inquisition of Jesus, said sneeringly: "What IS truth?"  I submit to you that ole Pontius would REALLY be confused today!

Truth be told, (no pun intended) the result of the Zimmerman trial will change few people's personal evaluation of what they think happened that night.  Minds were made up long ago.

How people comport themselves after the trial, especially if Mr. Zimmerman is found not guilty, will speak volumes about how well  America's so-called "multicultural society" is working out for Americans.

So far as that goes, as a white man now in his eighth decade of life, I can, from experience, report that race relations are not much, if any, better than they were when I was a lad.  Some, yes.  But not a great deal.  

The difference is (I believe) -- we have learned to create facades much better now than we could then. To do that, we have had to learn to distance ourselves from the truth and quench our collective conscience.  As a result, we have produced at least one generation of psychopaths.  

Multiculturalism is unworkable for a society that is expecting to grow and thrive.
  Even God, Himself, seems to have had problems with it.  I refer you to the story of the "Tower of Babel" in the Bible at: Genesis 11: 1 - 9.

You would think the event between Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Martin was a black and white racial issue.  I remind you -- no white person was involved.  When the MsM was un-ceremonially reminded of this fact, they suddenly invented a new race: a WHITE Hispanic.  Rather than change their "narrative" -- they changed the facts.  That should tell you everything you need to know about the motive of the MsM. What IS Truth?

Something tells me this trial is not going to go the way most expect.  

Dr. Sam Sheppard  once said:  "I therefore believe that our system does not have a word for failed trial, and that is where the American public does not realize that our criminal justice system sometimes makes mistakes."  (Samuel Holmes Sheppard was an American osteopathic physician who was found guilty and later absolved in the murder of his wife.  There was a movie and a TV series said to have been based on the Sheppard case -- "The Fugitive."  Perhaps you've heard of them.)

© J. D. Longstreet

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