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The Greatest Generation Shows The Way -- AGAIN! ... J. D. Longstreet

The Greatest Generation Shows The Way -- AGAIN!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


The government had not been shut down for an entire day and already I was enjoying the feeling of, shall we say, a certain lightness in the yoke around my neck.

Allow me to ask, please, why do we have non-essential workers and non-essential departments within the federal government in the first place?  I mean, with the national economy in the godawful shape it is in, and with the knowledge that every dollar the US government spends since last week is borrowed from some other country, not necessarily friendly to the US,  why the dickens does the government have ANYTHING that is non-essential?

Come on folks, this NOT a shutdown.  As someone has rightly noted it is only a slowdown -- if that. 

The "government shutdown" terror has been invented by the democrats and the Mainstream Media (But I repeat myself!)  We have had almost 20 "shutdowns" since the late 1970's.  What?  You didn't know that?  Well then.  There must not have been much to them, huh?

It's all Bovine Scatology!  Horse hockey! Malarkey! Baloney! 

Stop moaning and groaning for a moment and think back, and/or ask yourself what we Americans did before all these government departments and government programs. 


The answer is:  we did pretty durn good, that's what.  (Forgive the grammar!) Heck, we actually became a world superpower without them.  WITH all that government our world superpower status is, as they say, "ebbing away."

We have become conditioned to believe all that government is necessary, when, in fact, IT ISN'T.

Heck, I'm so old I can remember that ancient time when there was no air conditioning.  Here in the Southland, where the humidity was 95% at 7 o'clock this morning, I must tell you -- it was a different world back then.  In summer, even sundown brought little relief.  Trying to sleep in a bed upon which the bed linens were damp with moisture wicked from the air around you was uncomfortable in the extreme.  But -- we managed. 

These days we can't imagine living without air conditioning. Consider the number of generations who have never known a time in their lives when there WAS no air conditioning.

Now apply this little journey down Memory Lane to our bloated government today.  The moral of the story is -- we have become conditioned to both.  Air conditioning is very nice, indeed.  But -- if we had to live without it we could.  Heck.  We DID!  
The same applies to big government.  We can live, and some say -- live better, without it.  Heck!  We DID!

Look around you.  Are YOU better off today than you were , oh, say -- five years ago?  If so, then you must be a federal employee!

We've been suckered.  We've been had.  And we did it to ourselves.  I actually don't know if there is such a psychological disorder as "self-delusional." If there is, there is an epidemic of it in America.

You know, I believe you could take a couple of kids from a 1950's high school "Economics" class, give them the task of balancing the federal budget -- and they could do it. 

That's the easy part.  What's hard is mollifying the public, which has been conditioned to believe they cannot get along without a particular government program(s) and/or government department(s).

The point of all this rambling is simply this:  We have a chance, during this so-called government shutdown, to reevaluate our enormous, bloated, over-reaching, meddling, near tyrannical government.  If we are smart we'll take advantage of this opportunity.
In the meantime, be prepared for all the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth by millions of Americans who are simply unable to take care of themselves, or take responsibility for themselves and have, for all intents and purposes, become "wards" of the federal government.  Much like bond servants they have sold themselves into voluntary servant-hood -- or -- slavery to the state for a check once a month and an Obamaphone.  Many, if not most, of them could not care less about the welfare of the country.

But take heart!  The Greatest Generation is, once again, showing the way.  Earlier this week eighty and ninety year old veterans of World War Two crashed through the barricades around the World War Two Memorial in Washington.  They had been fenced out by the Obama Administration.

As it turned out, the Nazis couldn't stop them, the Japanese couldn't stop them and Obama, sure as hell, was not going to stop them!

Do you think for one moment that if THAT generation was in their 30's, 40's, and 50's this country would be in the shape it is in today?  Uh-uh!  Nope! Nosiree!

In the 1940's those men were at the point of Freedom's Spear.  Now, in the 21st century, in the winter, and deep winter, of their lives they volunteered for the van guard of freedom again as they show the way to take back our country.

We have to take America back from the Atlantic to the Blue Ridge, from the Blue Ridge to the Mississippi, from the Mississippi to the Rockies, and from the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean.   It CAN be done -- but -- it CANNOT be done sitting at our keyboards.  It will be done in the streets, in the highways, and in the by ways of every crossroads community, every small town, every city, every state, all the way to the Congress and the White House.

Taking America back will require the guts and determination of the men and women of the Greatest Generation. 

What say you?  The jackboots are marching again.  This time they are trampling freedom's soil.  The Greatest Generation just stepped forward AGAIN!  What about us?

As Hillel 'the Elder' (a Jewish sage from the 1st century B.C.) said:  If not us -- WHO?  If not now -- WHEN?

© J. D. Longstreet

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