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America's Crossing of the Rubicon ... by J. D. Longstreet

America’s Crossing of the Rubicon.
By J. D. Longstreet


A few months ago, weeks before the election in November of 2008, I scribbled the following words:

"And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand". (From the Bible, Matthew 12:25.)

”The schism that slices through America today has been widening since the 19th century. Little by little, decade-by-decade, year-by-year it has continued to get ever wider and ever deeper. It has nothing to do with geography. It has nothing to do with slavery… and, yet, it has everything to do with slavery.

What, you say? Didn't we put the slavery issue to rest with a war in the 1860's? The truthful answer is NO. We did not. We put to rest the issue of whether or not a man could hold another man in bondage in this country. What we did not put to rest, however, is the question of whether this country's government could hold its citizens in bondage.

The founders of this country intended to set up a government with very little power. They intended the government to have only the power the citizens allowed it to have. Almost instantly the power struggle began between those who wanted a strong central government and those who wanted strong states and a weak central government. After all, it was The States that created the Federal Government… as a utility of the states. Not the other way around. Look it up.

In 1860 there were 33 states in the so-called United States of America. I do mean "so-called" because they were anything but UNITED. By the spring of 1861 thirteen of those states had had enough of being "dictated-to" by a oligarchic federal government wielding powers the constitution did not grant it, and ... as the US Constitution did not forbid it (as had the Articles of Confederation)... they took their leave of the United States. They created a country of their own with a constitution (mostly copied from the original constitution of the US) and they became a separate country.

A few Americans today actually know what caused that split. A “mere handful” of Americans understand what the ensuing war was fought about.”

Even today, in 2009, a few Americans are uncomfortable with the sting of being forced, at the point of a government bayonet, to be a part of a country their ancestors had forsaken in order to set up a representative republic in the image of the government the Founding Fathers of America had given the United States. Those Americans are not comfortable with the revisionist history taught our young as they pass through the government/public education system, or, at least, what passes for an educational system in America these days.

A few million Americans who either live in, have lived in, or hail from, the only portion of this country to ever be invaded, conquered, and occupied by a foreign power, understand what is happening in America today, not because we learned it in school, no… because we learned it from the stories our families have handed down from generation to generation and from our own research into what happened to a country which had, less than a hundred years before, won it's independence from the Mother Country… Great Britain.

We are scattered all over America today... north, south, east, west, all over. We see where America is headed… and we fear for our fellow Americans because they/we are not ready for the cost to America. None of us are. What America is facing, in the next few years, will make the American Civil War seem like a Sunday School picnic.

The cost?
Freedom is the price we will be compelled to pay for the “security” the current socialist regime in America is demanding.

Even today we see the government swallowing up great gobs of America’s business community. Our naïve, youthful, geographic either was not taught, or did not learn, that
“business is the business of America.”

The business community is an invaluable part of the foundation of this country. Business provides the goods and services needed to trade with our fellowman on this planet. Business provides the jobs Americans need to provide for their families and to keep the capital (the money) roiling through our national economy. Business makes America strong. Profits keep business healthy. When business is healthy… America is healthy. Freedom is necessary, is, in fact, required for business to operate in a healthy and profitable atmosphere.

Today, in America we are flirting with slavery, all over again. Yes, SLAVERY, voluntary slavery, to begin with… then involuntary slavery when it is then too late, after the Rubicon has been crossed. The socially accepted word for it these days is… SOCIALISM.

Back in November of 2008, Americans went to the polls to exercise a right granted them by their states… not the federal government. The issue they were voting for, or against, was slavery... whether America should stay free, or whether America should give up the freedom so many have fought, bled, and died for, and assume the yoke and chains of slavery under socialism.

Make no mistake. SOCIALISM IS SLAVERY. As Americans have just begun to understand, under socialism you will give up all your rights… all your freedom... in exchange for security, which is purportedly guaranteed by the Central Government. Believe me, if you think democracy is expensive; wait 'til you have to pay for all those FREE programs.

All my instincts told me, before last November’s election, that today's crop of Americans were willing to give up everything for that promise of security. Of all things "un-American"… that is the MOST un-American. But, that is what happened on Election Day, as we feared it would.

Do not expect the half of the country who stands solidly against socialism to go along, quietly; into the self-inflicted slavery of this hell-spawned form of government we call socialism.

Had the country voted totally in favor of socialism, last November 4th, all bets would be off. But the country didn’t. The facts are, the MsM would LIKE us to believe that Obama has a “mandate.” He doesn’t. They would like us to believe Obama won in a landslide. He didn’t. He won by a mere 5 percentage points. 5 percentage points is hardly a landslide. 5 percentage points hardly gives Obama a mandate for anything. Even so, as a result of that election, the word "United" can be dropped from the country's name, for all intents and purposes, these days. The country is effectively torn in two.

There can be no compromise. America CAN be healed, BUT… the damage Obama and his socialist cohorts are doing to this country, to this government, to our business community, and to the American people, will leave lasting scars… scars that will never completely heal.

Yes, we are in dangerous times… extremely dangerous. As each day passes the façade of Obama and his socialist allies in the Congress, and the cabinet, slips a little. More and more Americans are coming to understand the immensity of the mistake America made last November. It is becoming clear that our current government is taking America down a path the founders of this country never intended America to take.

The Rubicon HAS been crossed. The bridges are not yet burned, however, and Americans can re-cross to the open arms of freedom. But, if, and (God willing) WHEN we do, we will have to live with the damage done to our constitution. Repairs will be required to that old “God inspired document” to insure that what is happening to our beloved America today can never happen again. It must be made a part of the law of this land that a democratic representative republic is the only form of government allowable… ever… in America.

J. D. Longstreet


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TexasFred said...

I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! ~Patrick Henry~

And for SOME of us, those words still hold true today.