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Obama: Pants on Fire ... by Alan Caruba

Obama: Pants on Fire!

By Alan Caruba

There is simply no point going forward without acknowledging a simple truth. President Barack Obama is a shameless liar.

One always feels constrained to pass judgment on a President, assuming that he has access to information only his office can possess. Then there’s the long campaign in which, in theory, the candidate was thoroughly vetted by the mainstream media.

In truth the MSM made almost no attempt to investigate the rather thin resume and biography of Obama. If you think about it, he had already written two biographies by the time he ran for office. One assumes he thought himself the only subject worth writing about.

The media, with a few notable exceptions, became a group of swooning teenage girls. They made those of us who had been fulltime journalists cringe.

Several books were published about Obama during the campaign and one of the best was by Dr. Jerome Corsi, a political scientist, and the data he unearthed or was unable to unearth depicts a pathologically deceitful man. The world has yet to have seen Obama’s real birth certificate, nor any evidence of his school and college records. There is no paper trail for Obama and you can be sure that is no accident.

Even when he served as editor of the Harvard Law Review, Obama contributed just one article to it, but where he secured the funds to attend, first Columbia University and then Harvard remains a mystery too. There is some testimony to the effect that it came from Saudi patronage. Why the Saudis would give support to a professing Christian is another mystery, if in fact the story is true.

Obama is a mean-spirited liar. When he announced the withdrawal of troops from Iraq he never once used the word “victory” even though he was addressing an audience of military personnel.

Iraq is unquestionably a victory for our military. It is now a functioning democracy.

Moreover, 50,000 troops will remain in what is called a training or “protective” capacity. That is far less than the 140,000 we had at one time, but it’s hard to call it a full withdrawal. Not once! Not once did Obama make any reference to former President Bush’s achievement.

And some troops, perhaps 14,000, will transfer to Afghanistan. Obama is going to discover that Afghanistan will become his war. Those of us who think it is a very bad war, far worse than the Iraq expedition, will be as vocal as he was about “Bush’s war.”Bush conquered a relatively modern nation, but Afghanistan is the wild lands ruled by tribes. Right beside it is Pakistan, coming apart as this is written, the prey of the Taliban who want to turn this nuclear-armed nation into a 7th century redoubt from which to wage war. Afghanistan is essentially a counterinsurgency operation and they take years to achieve any success and, as often as not, fail. Ask the Russians.

All those billions and trillions being conjured up by the financial wizards that Obama has surrounded himself with are completely disconnected to his claims of millions of new jobs, a quick turnaround of the economy, or any other of his many lies to justify the borrowing, taxing and spending that will leave this nation far worse off than any deficit he faced when taking over the office.

It is for this reason that the Dow plunges every time he speaks in public about the economy. As he begins his third month in office, more and more ordinary, common sense people are beginning to distrust him as much as I have for a very long time.

He is no friend to investors who are thunderstruck by his ineptitude.

He is no friend to the banks that suffered from the toxic assets the Democrats put in motion with their idiotic demand that loans be made to those who everyone knew would never pay them back.

He is no friend to corporate America.

He is no friend to small business owners whose taxes will rise.

He is no friend to the working man whose increasing unemployment can be traced in part to his performance in office and the policies he has announced.

He is no friend to Israel, our most important ally in the Middle East.

He is no one’s friend except Michelle’s and she is his Lady MacBeth.

He is the worst kind of liar; one who does not care if the lie is revealed.

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