Friday, March 20, 2009

Universal Healthcare Making Its Way To The Top Of Obama’s “To Do List”

Universal Healthcare Making Its Way To The Top Of Obama’s “To Do List” By: J. D. Longstreet


NOTE FROM the EDITOR: I penned this piece sometime back. However, as Universal Healthcare continues to wind it’s way to the top of Obama’s “To Do” list , I feel it has become necessary to, once again, speak out against socialized medicine in the US. If the US is to survive we absolutely must stop The Left’s efforts to change this country into another mediocre, “second world”, socialist country. … JDL

Americans are going to be pounded with politicians decrying the state of our healthcare system very soon now. It is on the Obama Socialist Agenda and making it’s way to the top of the list while the country is distracted by the financial meltdown that I am STILL not quite sure wasn’t planned by the “Shadow Government” pulling the strings from behind the curtain. Certainly the Democrats are going to try to breath life into what we used to call “Hillarycare” and revive it. But… Obama is calling for his own sort of national healthcare and, I am afraid, many Republicans, cowed by the voter’s lusting after Obama’s “free” programs, will support this socialist abomination.

I saw figures recently that stated the Universal Healthcare Program Obama is pushing will cost the US taxpayer about 1.5 Trillion dollars just to get it off the ground and running.

Now, let me be clear on something. I intend to lobby against Universal Healthcare in the United States and you would be wise to take the same stand.

We have very few freedoms left in this formerly great country. The quickest way to lose those we have left is to have a National Healthcare Program administered by the Federal Government.

I have quoted “someone” a number of times that said: “If you think healthcare is expensive now… wait ‘til it’s free!” (I still don’t know who said it!)

I have a food bank near me. I watch as folks drive up in fancy, expensive, automobiles and load their trunks up with free food. I watch as lines form to get the “free” food. It occurred to me that what I am seeing is exactly what will happen to our healthcare system if the government pronounces it free! People who haven’t been to a doctor in many years will suddenly have an urge to visit a physician. I mean… it’s FREE! No matter that it is estimated that roughly 40% of all illnesses will eventually run their courses and the patient will be returned to good health, whether or not they see a physician. I mean… damn, it’s FREE!

Soon the hospitals and doctors will be swamped with the tsunami of new patients. The system, not able to handle it, will collapse. It will fall to the government to decide who sees the doctor, which doctor, and when. And that, dear reader, is when things REALLY get screwed-up! A bureaucrat will be making decisions on whether YOU see a doctor, or not, and which doctor you will see… and when. And it goes down hill from there.

I know, I sound like somebody in perfect health and not sensitive to the problems of people with illnesses. Well, if you think that, you are incorrect. I have been hospitalized between 70 and 75 times in my life. I have an incurable disease, which will eventually, directly, or indirectly, cause my death. I am a walking, talking, pharmacy tech who has never had a day of formal training. Thank God, my offspring is a Doctor of Pharmacy.

The long and the short of it is… I know about the healthcare system in America. I have seen it, experienced it, if you will, close up, for my entire life. I have seen it implode in the past 20 years, or so, and I know why. Among my close friends are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and radiologists with whom I am on a first name basis.

One of the reasons we are in such a situation is the illegal immigration in this country, which has put such a tremendous load on our healthcare system.

We have been told that if you don’t have insurance you cannot be treated in America. That, to put it bluntly, is a lie of the first order. If you show up at a public hospital emergency room in America, a hospital, which accepts public money, it is against the law for that hospital to turn you away and not treat you… whether or not you can pay. If you doubt me, I invite you to choose a hospital close to you and drop in on the Emergency Department on any weekend. You will quickly see the truth in what I am telling you here. Many Emergency Departments have had to close down simply because they can no longer afford to care for those without insurance in America.

So far, the hospitals have been passing along the coast of treating those without insurance to those with insurance. That’s why a cotton ball, which you can purchase in any department store, will cost you about a penny, or less, but the same cotton ball will cost you several dollars in an American hospital. SOMEBODY has to pay. Problem is… the hospitals have reached a saturation point with their insured patient’s insurance companies. Insurance companies are, even now, sending their subscribers overseas for surgery. Contrary to what you may have heard, they are not sending them overseas for a better quality of care… but for a lower cost to the insurance company!

If you think our healthcare system is in a mess now, as Al Jolson would say: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

We have all dealt with government bureaucrats at some point in our lives. You know the tedium. You know the frustration. Wait ‘til your doctor is a bureaucrat!

And finally, NOTHING is FREE! Those who are determined to create a "nanny state", here in the USA, will tell you the National Healthcare System will be free. That, dear reader is a crock, a load of bovine scatology! You are going to pay for it. I’m going to pay for it. Taxes will go sky high… and then some.

The politics of Universal Healthcare is pure socialism. You can call it what you want, but the bare fact is… it is socialism!

There has been a movement underway, in this country, which the democrat party adopted, way back in the fifties and sixties, to turn America into a socialist state like unto Europe. They have almost accomplished their goal. Universal Healthcare will be their crowning achievement!

For all intents and purposes, America is no longer a democratic republic. America has already become a socialist state. Those of us old codgers who remember when we were prepared to go to war to fight the spread of socialism cringe when we see how our country, America, has deteriorated into the black hole of socialism. We cringe when we hear today’s politicians, national leaders, as it were, spouting Marxist slogans from the floor of the national legislature. The national nightmare has become the American Dream. It is painful to watch Socialism suffocate the human spirit in Americans as it has done in so many countries around the globe.

This was once, not very long ago, a land of unlimited possibilities…a land of new horizons everyday. No longer. We have chosen security over freedom. That’s all it took.

Freedom is a fragile thing. One blow from the hammer of socialism and freedom shatters… and is no more.

Those of us who remember the REAL America weep for our country.

J. D. Longstreet


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Obama is not going toa single payer plan, he plans on keeping the insurance industry alive and well (a true trvisty). We went to war to stop the spread of fascism, and it is sad how much of it exists in America today.

The picture at teh top tells the whole story, those could be Hitler's Youth....

Everything in the world is either Fascist or Socialist, when the government works against teh workers and for the businesses, that is fascism, when it works for the workers and the people it is called socialism. We may be the last bastion of fascism on the planet. WORKERS UNITE!!!

Anonymous said...

Mussolini, "instituted a program of public works hitherto unrivalled in modern Europe. Bridges, canals and roads were built, hospitals and schools, railway stations and orphanages, swamps were drained and land reclaimed, forest were planted and universities were endowed." Along those same lines FDR promoted many public works projects, such as the Rural Electrification project and the building of many dams through the Tennessee Valley Authority, including the Hoover Dam. As with all of these projects, they were not done by the government, they were done by private companies with funding from the government. This is one crucial difference between fascist economies and socialist economies. In a fascist economy public taxation is used to funnel money to private corporations through the government, whereas in a socialist economy like that of the Soviet Union there is no taxation and industry itself is run by the government for profit.

Wow no taxation!!! What a concept.

Anonymous said...

"Wait ‘til your doctor is a bureaucrat!"

A bigger problem is that we doctors - rather than happily working for ourselves and our patients - will now be working for bureaucrats. Most doctors will stay in medicine but become defacto government employees with a government employee work ethic. The truly gifted and ambitious doctors will simply leave.

Anonymous said...

I know plenty of real doctors who complain about the way it is now because their hands are tied by the insurance industty. They recommend treatments and the insurance companies refuse to pay. Some of these people pay the total premiums themselves. It is the insurance industry that doles out medical care, and it is truly shamefull. The fool the good people of this country, our freedom is not at stake by a Single Payer plan, just the billions that insurance industry makes.