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Democrat/Socialist Strategy: Lurch From One Crisis To Another

Democrat/Socialist Strategy: Lurch From One Crisis To Another
Crises Manufactured By The Democrats As Distractions From Their Power Grab!
The “Hegelian Dialectic” at Work in America and the World
By J. D. Longstreet

A very long time ago I realized that the US seemed to, somehow, have more crises under Democrat administrations. You ever noticed that? Think back, and I’ll bet you will have an epiphany moment, yourself.

Creating a national or international crisis is a long standing, time proven, way for a politician, or a political group, to gain more power, or solidify it’s hold on the power it already has, while it distracts the attention of “The Great Unwashed” from what it is actually doing. By the time the voter’s attention is once again trained on the politician or political group, they have managed to acquire more power than they had and they will explain that it was necessary to get a handle on the crisis (which did not exist before they created it).

Yes, I am talking about the banking, financial, crisis in America today.

Back in September of 2008, I referred to the sudden banking collapse as the “October Surprise in September.” See, I have never been satisfied that that the banking, financial, crisis that suddenly broke upon us with the surprise of a summertime thunderstorm was for real! The timing was just too pat. Something that large, something that HUGE, doesn’t just happen with no warning bells and no whistles going off long before the bottom falls out. I AM satisfied that the democrats/socialists are using it to acquire more power for themselves and, as we said above, solidify their hold on power so as to forestall any chance the republicans might have of regaining control of the Congress and the White House in 2010 and 2012.

And YES, I am sticking my neck out by saying that here. Well, maybe not. I mean… who is going to believe an ole country boy about such as this, anyway?
You see, part of the plan is to demonize anyone for having the temerity to actually say ”The King Has No Clothes!” That’s all a part of the scheme. That’s how it works.

Still think I am wrong? Well, ask yourself why the president and the democrats are doing absolutely NOTHING to correct the banking situation. But… they ARE ramming the bailouts through, the stimulus bills through, and a slew of new rules and regulations that you and I would be up in arms about… if… we could just tear our attention away for the threat to our money, to our 401K’s, and our stocks, and hell, our personal treasures! But we can’t… and the scam by the democrats/socialists moves forward at blinding speed.

Americans were told the “Big Lie” and we bought it lock, stock, and barrel! It is a Marxist technique and since we have a government filled with Marxists these days you must stay up on your “Rules of Marxism.” Why, this technique even has a name! In Political Science it is referred to as the “Hegelian Dialectic.”

Now, dear reader, as it appears we have reached a point in this commentary that might be construed as a “teaching moment” permit me, please:

As I try to explain the Hegelian Dialectic, please keep, in mind what is happening in America and yes, in the rest of the world, right at this moment:

OK. The Hegelian Dialectic is a process those folks in charge, the folks we call “the elite.” (I refer to them often as “The Shadow Government”) use to actually create a problem. The problem can be on, basically, any scale and the Hegelian Dialectic can be used at any level of government from the small town city hall to the US Congress. The folks who create the crisis have already determined, before the kick off of their manufactured crisis, how the public will react. Believe me, Mr. and Mrs. America; reaction to a given crisis, by us, is easy to anticipate. Why? Because those puppet masters, I mentioned above, “condition” us first. They begin to condition us that CHANGE is NEEDED! Get that word…CHANGE. Have you heard it before, perhaps?

When the conditioning is complete… as in winning an election, the malefactors behind all this then present their agenda for “fixing” the crisis. They assure the public it IS the solution, the ONLY solution. And here is where the second part of the Hegelian Dialectic comes into play: The solution they assure you is the right one, isn’t really the solution at all, but serves as the foundation for yet another crisis, another new problem, or, in the end, it will make the existing problem worse. At this point the cycle begins again. All the while, the elite are gaining more and more power over you and me.

Look, you may choose to call me crazy, if you like. I don’t mind. But what I have just told you is true. You and I see it played out, right in front of our eyes, day after day in our city council meetings, in our county commissioners meetings, in our state legislatures, and in our Congress. It is the way Public Policy is made. Yes, you and I ARE herded as if we were sheep.

So… what is the goal? I have concluded, rightly or wrongly, that here in America it is to assure the Democrats/Socialists continued control of the US government as far into the future as the eye can see. Internationally, it is to eventually bring about “Global Governance”… what you and I would refer to as “One World Government.”

If there is anything worse that having this scheme played on you and not knowing about it… it is having this scheme played on you, and recognize what is happening, sound the warning and your fellow citizens totally ignore you and go right on playing into the hands of those who pull their strings. That is maddening!

We have lost our country to the global governance group, and we are well on the way to losing our entire civilization to them. The only question remaining is what do we do to get our country back and rally enough support to save, at least, a part of the world?

(To read an excellent article entitled “Why We Elect Liars As Leaders”, by David Kupelian, go

J. D. Longstreet

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