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Obama Giveth And Obama Taketh Away!

Obama Giveth And Obama Taketh Away!
J. D. Longstreet


About those tax breaks Obama promises. You might want to prepare, in advance, for your income tax filings the next year because, as I understand it, that tiny increase in your “take home pay”, as a result, will be treated as income the next year and you WILL have to pay taxes on it. In other words… you’ll have to give the money back.

When I heard this explained, I roared in laughter! I actually laughed until my eyes teared up! Every few minutes, when it would came to mind again, I’d break out laughing again. It never fails to amaze and amuse me at how utterly gullible, and even stupid, the American people can be.

Obama is running a shell game on the country and people are actually trying to guess under which walnut shell the pea is located. It never occurred to anyone there was never a pea on the table to begin with. But the rules of the game say you let the suckers win the first round… (The tax break from The Benevolent One…Obama) and then you take it back… and a hell of a lot more… as the suckers try to guess the location of the pea, which isn’t even on the table any more.

I know, I know. You’re ticked off at me, already. (Those of you who have read this far.) I understand. Really, I do! Nobody likes to have his or her stupidity held up for the world to see. I understand that. I’d be embarrassed too, had the messiah taken me in as he did so many of you.

I don’t count myself any “brighter” than the average guy. What I have is experience. I’ve been around for a long time now and I have been interested in politics since the 2nd World War. I have watched national politics, and politicians, and I have observed the games they play and the way they manipulate people. I must tell you Obama is a past master at manipulation. The guy is, as my mother would say: “full of himself.” The guy has an ongoing love affair with himself. He understands the sole reason for your existence, and mine, is to serve him. Plus… he is quite pleased with that arrangement.

During the campaign, someone mentioned that it was interesting to watch Obama’s eyes as Obama watched the crowds watching HIM! He feeds on it. As a gas explosion sucks all the oxygen from a room, Obama will suck all the energy out of a room. He is one of the most frightening men I have ever seen in my long lifetime.

So what’s next? A lot!

I know the folks down in south Texas are not going to want to hear this but as soon as is practicable, the Amnesty Bill will be back… and this time it will pass. Obama and the democrat/socialists want the votes. And they will get them. Of course, if the worldwide recession brings on the full collapse of the Mexican government, as some experts are forecasting, hordes of illegal aliens from Mexico will flood north across the border into the US pushing us to the brink of disaster. Then comes chaos and anarchy. (And the new US Attorney General wants to relieve Americans of those “Scary-Looking" Assault Weapons!)

The Obama Administration has only just begun. Look at what is on the agenda:

The Amnesty Bill (It won’t be called that but that will be what it is.)
Gun Control (This will induce some sort of Ammo Tax and Ammo Tracking program to learn who buys ammo and what kind, etc.)
Universal Healthcare (including lowering reimbursements for Medicare and Medicaid)
The “New” Fairness Doctrine (It won’t be called that… but that is what it will be.)
Massive Tax increases (They say on the wealthy…but, hey, “you know what” rolls downhill… and so do tax increases!)
Another Vietnam (in Afghanistan. Look for a military draft proposal to begin circulating in the not to distant future)
Cap and Trade (This is the CO2 reducing program. Even though CO2 is absolutely necessary for life on this planet, it is now deemed a pollutant! How bright is that, huh?)
End Global Warming (The globe isn’t warming. At least Obama has an easy one here. Ending something that doesn’t exist is imminently easy!)

Well, you get the picture… right? We can only hope!

Someone, somewhere, the other day, referred to Obama’s style of governing as “Command and Control Government.” That pegged it, exactly. Of course, the SOCIALISTS have been doing this for almost a hundred years now. They call it “Central Planning.” Same thing!

When all this gets to the Senate and the House I hope they understand that if they pass all these hits on “Big Business”… you know, the companies that own all those industries in America… all those industries that provide ALL THOSE JOBS FOR AMERICANS… Yeah! THOSE COMPANIES…that those industries will pick up and leave the US.

Look, if I was the CEO of one of the top corporations in America today, I would have teams out scouting the globe looking for suitable places to move my company… lock, stock and barrel. There are countries on this planet drooling at the prospect of getting those jobs and that money injected into their economies and they will bend over backwards to make big business and big industry feel right at home. In fact, if those countries are smart they will have teams of their own scouting the world of big business, in the US, making it known that they would happily welcome the relocation of a business to their climes and they stand ready to reciprocate with what ever concessions that company requires or wishes.

On the other hand, us poor slobs left to pay the taxes, so the government will have the money to pay for Obama’s schemes, are going to get the brunt of the hurt. Joblessness. When the companies leave… so do the jobs. No jobs means no salaries. No salaries means no money to pay taxes. No money to pay taxes means the government will have to make some more money. I mean… they will have to print more money. With each new dollar bill printed the value of the dollars in your wallet goes down. We call that inflation. Your money will be virtually worthless. So, what little money you may have will buy practically nothing.

What is the REAL VALUE of a US one dollar Federal Reserve Note today? Compare it against the “silver spot price.” Some estimates put the real value of a one-dollar note at between five cents and seven cents.

OK, OK. So they tell us the dollar is really ONLY a unit of measurement. (Like an inch, or a pound, or a gallon, or a mile.) I understand that. But, in the real world the value of the dollar is decided when you exchange your dollars for goods and services. I am afraid, in the not too distant future; the goods and services your dollars will purchase will decrease drastically.

Do you see the vicious cycle here? That is where we are headed. But, never fear, the government WILL tax whatever money you manage to make through your labor.

One morning Americans will awake to realize that the government is taking between 80 and 90 percent of the money they make every payroll cycle! When that happens, dear heart, don’t whine, and don’t complain, and don’t moan. Americans asked for it… and Americans brought it on themselves. Americans will be treated like a child with an allowance because that is what Americans said they wanted when they voted for Obama and the democrats/socialists in Congress. When you hire the fiddler, you have to pay the fiddler. Payment time is almost here.

Americans said they wanted the government to take care of them and the government is more than happy to comply. They will suckle you from the cradle to the grave. That is another reason we conservatives call it a “Nanny State.”

The left in America is finally going to realize their dream of a European style socialist state in America. But so many American are “history challenged” they don’t realize that European style socialism has been allowed to exist only because the United States was a capitalist society providing the money and a HUGE market, and, most importantly, the military power for European security. The US became the police force of the world keeping not only The States safe for democracy, but also keeping Europe safe for socialism! Even Canada, our next door neighbor, came to be known as the “kinder, gentler, nation” simply because the United States was their southern neighbor, their “Big Brother”, with all the muscle, and Canada knew the US would never allow anything to happen to them.

Well, that is about to end. When it does, and it will be very soon now, which country will provide the security for the Europeans states? Scarier still, which country will provide security for the United States? If I had my druthers, I’d immediately make a deal with Israel to provide the military security for the United States! Maybe we could get a package deal and lease the IDF and the Mossad from Israel? Do you think?

The bottom line is… I’d rather be broke and free than be rich and a slave! The “Obamanation” will not be a free nation. We are losing our freedom, bit by bit, by bit every day under this Obama administration.

Some of you got your backs bowed at the freedom(s) you lost under The Patriot Act. So did I. So, allow me to inquire: Why haven’t the democrats/socialists in Congress, and our socialist President, revoked, or repealed, the Patriot Act? They have the power. They have the control. For all intents and purposes, they OWN the law making machinery. They don’t need a single republican or conservative vote to get rid of the Patriot Act. But I see no action, not even a whisper about the possibility of repealing the Patriot Act. None! Why? They haven’t, and they won’t, because the Patriot Act can be very helpful, very useful, to the democrats/socialists in power in the US today.

No, dear reader, we’re not JUST writing of the loss of money in all those government bailouts and loans and nationalizations hitting us on an almost weekly basis. No. Read the fine print. You will see the freedom we Americans are losing already tops the three trillion dollar budget Obama sent to the Congress a few days ago.

We Americans owe an apology to all the men and women who, over the years, have given their very lives, who actually fought, bled, and died to secure and to preserve those freedoms for us. We have insulted them. It is the greatest of all insults. It is to say their sacrifice had no meaning. Their lives had no value and their deaths had even less meaning. From Valley Forge to Baghdad they shed their blood to protect and preserve America’s freedom. Now we tell them, and their descendants, it was all in vain.

Free Americans have spoken. They have chosen this pathetic end to the glorious dream that was America.

J. D. Longstreet


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