Monday, March 23, 2009

Please Send Missionaries… And Lots Of Them… To The United States!

Please Send Missionaries… And Lots Of Them… To The United States!
Socialism Supplanting Christianity in America
By: J. D. Longstreet


Sometime ago I was watching Mr. Bill Bennett on a TV talk show. He uttered a phrase that caused me a sharp intake of breath and a long moment of introspection. He said this: “America has become the kind of country we used to send missionaries to.”

Now, think about that for a moment. Is it not the truth? Of course, it is!

Maybe it is a generational thing, I don’t know. But I CAN tell you this. In the days of my youth funding missionaries was a big thing. Churches and civic organizations did it, practically unceasingly. The idea was to take civilization, along with food and clothing, education, and religion to the folks on this planet who needed civilizing and needed religion in their lives (as well as food and clothing). It worked, to one degree or another, all over the globe.

My childhood church was really BIG on funding missionaries. Several times a year “special” offerings were taken up, from the almost entirely “working class” membership of the church, and used to buy supplies needed by missionaries in remote parts of the planet. Our church even adopted a single missionary and provided her an automobile, and, if I recall correctly, in cooperation with another church (or churches) yet another missionary was provided with a small airplane to help with his/her ministry to the, uh, “heathens”.

I recall once, for a special offering, the church board (the deacons) met and decided to ask each household to give up one week’s paycheck, their entire pay for one week, to a special offering to go to a missionary, if memory serves, somewhere in Africa. They put it to a vote of the membership. It passed... and thousands of dollars was gathered in from folks who really could not afford to give that much money but felt it was necessary to take the gospel to the heathen population of that far away country.

Yes, this was back in the 1940’s and 1950’s. It was a time when America knew who she was and her mission on this earth was clear to all Americans.

Nowadays, America, herself, has sunk so low morally, spiritually, and in practically every other way, that it is time those countries we helped civilize, those countries we made sure were introduced to the christian religion, send missionaries here, to the US, to save us!

The awful truth is… we are worse, in many respects, than those countries to which we sent missionaries. See, before our missionaries arrived, most of those folks had never been exposed to civilization, or the christian faith. They had an excuse for living the way they did then. We don’t have an excuse! We know better… and yet… we still live our lives of depravity.

America is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah! Except, of course, Sodom and Gomorrah were not as bad as we are today.

Even our mainline, so-called, christian churches have given up the fight and joined forces with evil. Those churches flaunt their allegiance to evil by accepting such anti-biblcal practices as homosexual marriages, going so far as to marry two people of the same gender… in the church… with a priest, or pastor, presiding. A sin so heinous the Bible calls for the death sentence for those who practice it is now celebrated in churches which bear the names of Christ and the Saints.

This country, which was, indeed, founded by a bunch of Christian zealots, has sunk so low as to remove prayer from the schools to which we send our children for an education. (Well, we used to send them to school for an education. Now we pray they will teach them to read and write! But, as is so often said, that is a topic for another day.) This country wants to punish men and women of faith for not committing what they believe is a heinous sin by aborting a baby, or filling a prescription for a drug, which will induce an abortion in the mother.

I’m told there is a movement afoot to change the name of “Saint Patrick’s Day” to “Shamrock Day” because the name of Saint Patrick is associated with the christian faith. We all know about the war on Christmas, the Ten Commandments, and all the other attacks, big and small, on the christian faith in America.

And christians are not fighting back!

A friend has produced an excellent article about christians not fighting back. Jefferson Weaver is a man of faith. It doesn’t bother him, in the slightest, that you know that. Jeff is a christian. He is “An Angry Christian,” too. (That makes, at least, two of us! And “The Scriptures” tell us “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I also!” So we are off to a good start! Just Jeff, yours truly, and… God! Some team, huh?!)

In any event, Jeff is a much better writer than this scribe. He sums up my feelings and, I suspect, the feelings of a lot of you reading this humble offering, too. “An Angry Christian” reflects so much of my own thoughts and feelings that I had to share it with you. You’ll find “An Angry Christian”
HERE. Do yourself a favor and slip on over now and read it. I’ll be right here when you finish.

My generation of Americans has seen America rise to the pinnacle of success as a planet-leading nation. We even blazed the trail to the stars. Look carefully at the surface of earth’s only moon and you will see the footprints of Americans beside a flagstaff with an American flag outstretched in all its glory. But things have changed drastically.

It is incredibly difficult to blaze trails when you have lost your way.

A couple of generations of Americans, intent upon elevating the self-esteem of their fellow Americans, felt it necessary to lead America from reliance upon God to reliance upon one’s self… entirely. The christian faith has taken the brunt of the hit from those Americans convinced they need no help from a merciful, benevolent, God. They haven’t gone so far as to feed us to the lions yet, but parading us through the US Judicial System is nearly as bad.

We are witnessing “The Persecution of Christians, Part Two” in America these days. Unlike christians of the first century we do have the means to fight back. But modern Christians are far more frightened of the courts than the lions.

As socialism overtakes America we will find, I’m afraid, that Christianity will have no place in America. Socialism inevitably replaces God with The State. Then comes the end.

Yes, America does need an influx of missionaries. However, missionaries coming to America, these days, will find her less hospitable than those far away lands of wild animals, cannibals, and overgrown jungles. In America, you see, friends of God, intent upon spreading the Gospel, will find left-wing politics, far more ravenous than hungry lions, ready to dismember them and neutralize their message of REAL Hope and REAL Change.

But, not to worry! I read the book… and we WIN!

J. D. Longstreet



TexasFred said...

An old saying goes, "1st, we kill all the lawyers..."

Substitute LAWYERS with LEFT WING LIBERALS and we are on the way to restoring the constitution and turning the USA back into a Republic.

And if we include the damned RINOs, why, we'll be that shining city on the hill!

Len said...

If you really hate our country so much perhaps you should consider moving to another.

Anonymous said...


Is your comment directed to Obama? That would be most appropriate for it.